I'll do some more sharing, it's well deserved. Jump to. A Chicago-area player Bob Agra also has an interesting take on the archetype: But Dominic Dotterer may have the most interesting of the pre-Ice Age versions: Dominic’s list uses Land Tax and Ivory Tower to fuel the Sylvan Library draw engine, which gives the deck a little more ‘oomph,’ translating one form of card advantage into a life buffer and card quality and advantage. Time Vault doesn't untap during your untap step. The New Reality Thanks to Science and Technology we now have a path to the Stars. By the end of it’s run, perhaps the most famous use of Mirror Universe was in the hands of a Control pilot tapping their City of Brass in their upkeep and exchanging life totals with Mirror Universe to win the game. According to Zak, the goal with this list is to “get to the point where you have Island Sanctuary, two Stone Calendars (or one and a Copy Artifact), a Fastbond, and a creature with Spirit Link and Unstable Mutation in play, and just Time Walk, Berserk, Timetwister, Regrowth, Disenchant, Power Sink Black Lotus, Swords to Plowshares and Strip Mine in your hand, graveyard, and library.” From that point, you can build infinite mana with Regrowth for Timetwister and Lotus in each loop (because of the two Stone Calendars). And although Black Vise was later restricted in Type I because of it’s abuse in a combo deck (a rare case of restricting the win condition instead of the engine), neither card has really been a prominent part of any Old School combo deck. Another fantastic Old School Magic article by Steve. Also, instead of relying entirely on Instill Energy, you can Transmute up Jandor’s Saddlebags to untap the Animated Time Vault. From there, you can cast Berserk an absurd number of times and take infinite Time Walks. Pros-Bloom, not only one of the most infamous combo decks of all time, but perhaps the first to truly elevate that appellation, was a complicated combo deck that used multiple cards to generate large amounts of mana to generate a large Prosperity, which, in turn, would fuel a lethal Drain Life. Each of these win conditions is supported, in most cases, by a specific set of engines that generates a particular synergy (such as the interactions between Lich and Mirror Universe, Land Tax and Land’s Edge, or Basalt Monolith and Power Artifact, all discussed herein). I also really like the technology of Drop of Honey perhaps instead of some of the 4cc Enchantments I ran, although perhaps a mixture is best. I can’t understand why more Old School players don’t maindeck Red Elemental Blast, the original Weissman tech. I started my testing with Enchantress, following Mark’s lead, but quickly realized I didn’t need it. But is there a way to build a Time Vault combo deck that uses the original combo? Land (35) Enchantment (2) Artifact (13) Sorcery (18) Instant (15) Creature (16) View Combos. Product information Item Weight 0.06 ounces ASIN B005OVI1B0 Manufacturer recommended age 16 years and up Beta Time Vault + Alpha Instill Energy + Alpha Animate Artifact = Infinite Turns. Buying and selling genuine authentic Rolex, cartier, panerai, bregeut for affordable discounted prices. Compounding matters is that the Swedish 93/94 group restricted Power Artifact until May, 2015. And I’d probably add at least 1-2 more Sylvan Library, probably over one of the creature defense cards. Underworld Dreams may seem, at first glance, like a rather slow way to win games, not totally dissimilar to Black Vise. It is not for a want of interest, I trust, but rather ineluctable ignorance. Alpha Black Vise and Antiquities The Rack | That poor stuffy doll! For an overview, I recommend Stephen Menendian’s excellent combo primer at Vintage Magic. Instead of generating an inordinate amount of mana, now the combo pilot must generate storm instead. Even with all of the unrestricted cards permitted in that format, a Tax Edge combo deck managed to go 5-2 at Eternal Central’s 2016 Eternal Weekend Old School event, good enough for 22nd place in the hands of Tim Winter: This approach translates Land Tax’s card advantage into quality via Winds of Change, which, in a Scroll Rack type maneuver, transforms lands into fresh cards. However, there are a few broad cases of cards that tend to appear across multiple archetypes because they serve as general engines. It therefore generates as much colorless mana as you want. The deck also uses several cards such as Force of Will and Ancient Grudge to efficiently deal with Null Rod , the most effective answer to the Vault-Key combo. Welcome to Infinity! Final thoughts. Stephen is the 2007 Vintage Champion and the Season 1 Vintage Super... Steve Menendian is one of the most famous Vintage players in the world. And it's all held together by his highly engaging writing style. Combo decks, however, rarely win by creature attack. If your opponent isn’t playing blue, you likely aren’t losing. The most effective versions of this strategy that I have seen use Ice Age cards, because both Brainstorm and Zuran Orb are tremendous enhancements. Close enough that once you are looping, you have almost no chance of losing control over the game. Consider adding Time Vault + Voltaic Key All it cared about was that little oddity in the errata I pointed out earlier. Thereby giving a little more ammo to the UG deck running artifacts. The problem, however, is that all of the Draw7 in Old School (Wheel of Fortune and Timetwister) are restricted. Here’s what he presented: This deck illustrates the core concept of the recursion loop. MTG Combo: Time Vault + Voltaic Key Latest Decks. I know I have rambled on a lot, but I have tested this deck a fair bit on X-Mage with decent results. The One Who Mentored Them All by H e r … With this deck, you can put an Instill Energy on a Birds of Paradise to pay for Stasis indefinitely. Steel City Vault, which uses "Draw 7" spells such as Timetwister to rapidly assemble the Time Vault-Voltaic Key combo for infinite turns. Unlimited Edition. Cheers! To this date, it is only one of three cards ever banned for power level reasons (the other two being Mind Twist and Channel). Time Vault card info, combos, and decks involving the Time Vault magic the gathering card. As we shall see, even in 93/94, there are excellent combo enablers, powerful engines, and capable finishers. Old School Magic: Chapter 6 – Banning and Restricting in Old School – Vintage Magic says: Old School Magic: Chapter 12 – Building a Stronger Prison – Vintage Magic says: Hi Steve, as a newbie to the game (started playing in Journey to Nyx) I'm loving this articles and I'm learning a ton about the game.

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