Keefe comforts Sophie by saying that being. ", Keefe has dubbed their team as "Team Foster-Keefe.". 'Absolutely nothing. that's just because it's easier, you know? Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! Keefe and Sophie Sophie almost starts to smile when she and Keefe held hands after Sophie turned off her enhancing. Sophie didn't really realize what exactly she was doing until they were in front of the store. . Sophie grabs Keefe's hand and put it on her collarbone so he would know what happened with her and Fitz. His mouth curves with one word until it changes. Sophie Foster as an adult elf, married to the one and only- Keefe Sencen. He whispers and asks if she's okay, and Sophie is reluctant to let go of his hand. ', "'Fine, I'll wait until dawn.' Even when Keefe flashes a smug smirk, Sophie can sense his sadness behind it and pulls him back into a hug. Keefe explains that he noticed when Sophie was losing it in. The previous book isLegacy, which released on November 5, 2019. Shannon Messenger finished writing Unlocked on September 12. When Sophie asks Keefe to stay after everyone else leaves he says, "Don't worry Foster, I'm not going anywhere. Sophie runs as fast as she can to get Keefe to, Because Sophie promised Keefe she would get him through this, she tells Keefe about her new teleporting, her conversation with. Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. '", "'Whoa, are you crying?' Status After explaining Tam’s warning to Keefe, Sophie supports Keefe by taking his hand, which he tightly hangs onto. I agree with this lol #kotlc #shannonmessenger #keeperofthelostcities #funny #teamfoster-keefe Keefe knows that Sophie is distressed and blocks Sophie from walking away as he wipes a tear flowing down her cheeks. this is weird. Fitz and Keefe make a bet about which stair Sophie will trip on. Keefe Sencen, another one of Sophie's elf friends, called out, pushing through the crowded hallway towards Sophie. Keefe wraps his free arm around Sophie while his mom is talking about her kidnapping and her parent's kidnapping. ” It was to you … ", "From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. Please help grow this article by editing and adding useful information. Sophie complimented Keefe’s change in hair, admitting that, “the beachy look. ... the prom queen by miss keefe sencen. ", "'No, Foster. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. First Met Keefe hooks his arm through Sophie's and tries to keep her calm while they are walking around her human family's house. He motioned for her to lean closer, and '-so close she could feel his breath on her cheek, and a fresh wave of goosebumps streaked across her skin.'. Some theories arise that Shannon introduced the Cassius Sencen Head Vs. Heart theory to foreshadow Sophie liking Fitz in her head and Keefe in her heart, but this has not been confirmed. Sophie and Keefe stared at each other, and there was an intensity in his stare that made Sophie's heart change rhythm. Sophie tells Keefe that she and he could work together to save his mom. So they're going to have to deal with the fact that you have a mind of your own- and a pretty darn smart one too. Not the hero. “Keefe leaned closer to her. Keefe brings Sophie to the secret Mentor's cafeteria. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. It really helped.". Ro calls Keefe's and Sophie's fight a "lovers' quarrel,” and Sophie tries to deny it, while Keefe whispers that Sophie isn't ready to face her feelings. . Sophie and Keefe, Foster-Keefe, Keephie, Seefe or Sokeefe, is a common pairing for both Keefe and Sophie. Keefe was constantly and relentlessly teasing Sophie. 'Um, I don't know if you realize this, but you're the bravest person I know--by. Keefe Sencen Is Mine (account may include extreme fangirling please be aware) Posts; Archive; Yer a elf Sophie. Sophie makes Keefe promise that if things got too tough, he'll walk away no matter what. Tell your boyfriends not to be jealous. 'I can handle him. Keefe reaches for Sophie's shaking hand when she worries about her parents and promises her, “We’ll get them back safe. ", "'Thanks,' He whispered back, so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie to keep her steady. Keefe smirked. ." '", "'I don't care about that,' Sophie jumped in. Keefe whimpers and says "Someone hold me." Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie saying that Sophie gets worked when she's trying to protect him, but Sophie shoves him away and says he might get killed if he does whatever he wants. She lashes out, unlike her usual self. ", Keefe gives his cape to Sophie insisting that they can't have her freeze and reminds Sophie that she didn't refuse, Sophie worries about the fact that she could have lost, Keefe almost face plants onto the deck of. Keefe has ice blue eyes, while Sophie has brown ones with golden flecks. Book 8: Sophie and Keefe are often with each other, and that is why Keefe is the first person to know that she is unmatchable. A lot. Keefe says that Sophie has a cute crease in-between her eyebrows and then points out that her feelings seem fluttery around him. Keefe tells Sophie that he gave her the necklace to remember him by. But you can't fix me.’", "‘I know. Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her. Instead of branding her, he uses a small crystal he placed on her necklace to send her safely back to, Sophie believes that she and Keefe can beat the. Keeper of the Lost Cities:Unlocked is book 8.5 in theKeeper of the Lost Cities series. Then his arms wrapped around her and she sank into the hug not realizing she was crying until she felt her tears soak into his tunic. They are standing really close again and Sophie realizes how dark and long Keefe's eyelashes are. His eyes found hers as he whispered, "For you." Fitz), Dex ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Sophie ♥ Marella♥ Keefe and Sophie, Sophie ♥ Dex ♥ Tam ♥ Marella ♥ Jensi ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Linh and Sophie, Pairings with Dexter Alvin Dizznee (a.k.a Dex), Sophie ♥ Biana ♥ Tam ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Fitz ♥ Marella ♥ Stina, Sophie ♥ Tam ♥ Biana ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Dex ♥ Jensi ♥ Fitz ♥ Stina, Sophie ♥ Tam ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Fitz ♥ Linh♥ Sophie and Fitz, Sophie ♥ Keefe ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Glimmer, Sophie ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Fitz ♥ Sophie and Biana ♥ Wylie ♥ Linh, Alden and Alina ♥ Alden and Della ♥ Brant and Jolie ♥ Elwin and Physic ♥ Grady and Edaline ♥ Cassius and Gisela ♥ Oralie and Kenric ♥ Quinlin and Physic ♥ Tiergan and Prentice ♥ Tam and Glimmer, Bo and Ro ♥ Cad and Ro ♥ Lur and Mitya ♥ Sandor and Grizel ♥ Silveny and Greyfell, Sokeefe, Keefoster, Team Foster-Keefe, Keephie, Seefe. . Sophie filled herself with darkness when she hears that the experimented humans died causing Keefe to scoot closer to her and send more soft glowing breezes to push the darkness away and reminds Sophie to once again breathe from the information she has taken in. He enjoys teasing people, especially Sophie and has a crush on her. Sophie Elizabeth Foster was in love, in the beginning. Sophie admits that she wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t have him, and Keefe reassures her that she’d be fine. Nothing worked. ", "He stepped closer then, so close she could count the snowflakes in his eyelashes, which were much longer and darker than she realized. ", "'Is this the best time to reach out to you each night?' 'Yeah?' . When Keefe gets very upset about having to wait until the next morning to go to. … During that time Keefe took off Sophie's glove and crush cuffs and twined his fingers with hers where he helped calm her down by channeling her emotions. Sophie and Keefe's minds were still connected, and it was like their minds were holding hands, which she said might have been the goofiest, sappiest thought she'd ever had, but it helped her feel happier. Sophie shrieked, her hair like a rat's nest on her head. 'It is.' 101. In the Keefe Short Story, Keefe admits his feelings and says he will tell Sophie soon, that he is waiting for Sophie to trust him first. PLEASE, NO HATE GUYS!!! Sophie seems cares about Keefe a lot. Sophie reassures Keefe that his family problems would never deter her away from being friends with him. Keefe traces his hand across her braid. Keefe joked with Sophie after she was crying about not getting anything done to help her parents, which she said made her feel better. pretty rough if you hadn't stopped by.' Look at him! (SPOILER: it's Keefe ;)) All characters belong to Shannon Messenger. Books 2 and 3: They started to stay together more often, and more trust was build between them. Keefe jumps in front of Sophie to protect her once. Keefe showed that he really cared about Sophie. His eyes found hers as he whispered, 'For, "'I can't pretend I'm who you want me to be anymore. 'Why would I hate you?' 4 likes. 'Just promise, okay?' During these times, his mother attempted to … Keefe guides her over and sets her down on the bed and brings her a bottle of, Keefe reassures her while she's worried about her, "Without caring that it might be awkward or what anyone would think, Sophie, pulled Keefe into the tightest hug possible, and whispered, 'Thank you.' Still not so sure on the whole letting-you-boss-me-around thing. Keefe yelled back, his eyes wide as he felt his torso. Keefe Sencen and Sophie Foster (Sokeefe)- Kotlc. Sophie feels bad when she realizes that Keefe can get lost in others’ emotions, and hers are even worse. Book 2: ExileBook 4: NeverseenBook 6: NightfallBook 8: Legacy. Sophie comes out wearing a red dress that compliments her eyes and catches both Keefe and Fitz staring at her. #kotlc #shannonmessenger #keeperofthelostcities #funny Saved by Emma. Keefe Sencen Is Mine — Yer a elf Sophie. He adds that if she's trying to impress him it's working, even if he's always impressed by her. 'What about Dex?' Keefe Sencen (22) Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities) (20) Fitz Vacker (16) Biana Vacker (11) Edaline Ruewen (11) Dex Dizznee (10) Grady Ruewen (10) Tam Song (5) Sophie Foster (4) Linh Song (4) Include Relationships Sophie Foster & Keefe Sencen (24) Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen (6) Sophie Foster & Fitz Vacker (6) Sophie Foster/Fitz Vacker (5) It is revealed to us that Keefe has had a long-lasting crush on Sophie in the Nightfall Exclusive Addition, yet she knows nothing of this. '", "Sophie wasn't sure why her voice sounded so thick when she said, 'It's good to have backup.' Until she was ready for more. Tormentor of principals. Sophie admits that she cried more than any of her friends about him leaving, but that she is furious with him as well because he stole the cache. This reminds me of buzzfeed Unsolved! Team Foster-Keefe, remember? They both have stuffed animals (Sophie has. Keefe has entered Sophie's bedroom, oblivious to her current state of affairs. Keefe moves to Sophie's side, whispering that he understands what she's saying. Oh. The crystal castle-like structure gleamed and sparkled in the sky with various colors reflecting across it's surface. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him. Keefe said that Sophie could never look bad. You even fixed Exillium. In Neverseen, Sophie mentions that Keefe's father is verbally abusive. Sophie, Dex, and Keefe stood in front of the huge mansion that belonged to the Vacker family. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and carefully pinned Krakie to the back of her hand, right in the center. Sophie and Keefe hold hands as they watch. Then Keefe whistles and says it's ridiculous how hard she is on herself after she says she's glad she didn't ruin anything else. Her stomach gets all fluttery when she realizes how their boots are almost touching and how she can feel his warm breath on her cheeks. tags: keefe, keefequotes, keefesencen, kotlc, sokeefe, sophiefoster, teamfoster-keefe. 'I know,' he told her. ", Keefe becomes emotional when he learns that Sophie used her one question to ask about his memory and says, '"Thank you for thinking about me,' he whispered. Keefe tells her she looks perfect, making her blush. Sophie tells Keefe she's here and that she won't let him lose himself. Keefe asks Sophie why he got a 'crazy rush' whenever he held her hand. Then Keefe helped Sophie carry her books, while "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as he'd never seen him before in his life." Then Sophie lowers her voice so. Sophie and Keefe, without speaking, have another window slumber party, although this one is much more somber, and Sophie assures Keefe that she is always there for him. 'What about him?' Keefe's voice is “soft, timid even,” when he asks her if she hates him. Sophie thanks Keefe for being there for her. She is the leader of the Neverseen, as stated in Everblaze. And yet, the teasing words made Sophie wish she'd turn and find a different boy. '", "Grady rubbed his temples. 'So . Sophie says Keefe is one of the best guys she knows. But the last one's easy. When they are talking about how they were flying over the ocean on, Sophie holds Keefe's arms and says she has a bad feeling, but Keefe covers her hand with his and promises that he won't lose against. '", Keefe tells Sophie (again) that no one will care if she is. 'I'm not the best?' Shannon Messenger announced the release of the book on February 19, 2020. 696. (Keefe Sencen to Sophie Foster)” ― Shannon Messenger, Nightfall. ", "Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head.". " Sophie has had "fluttery moments" with Keefe where she says her heart goes into "hummingbird mode." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And one of the best guys I know.' Sophie Foster thought moving to a new city across the country was going to be the worst of it. Keefe tells Sophie he is happy for them and thinks they are "perfect for each other", although seems upset. ... Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. She blushed at the slightest catch in his voice – and then wished she hadn't when he flashed his trademark smirk. ” @sophie-yes was this to me? Fix me, Foster. And she said, "Thanks for listening, Keefe. "Definitely not what I'm worried about. Sophie wants to hug Keefe goodbye but didn't. Sophie didn't know what to make of the last part, but her heart flipped into hummingbird mode.”, Biana ♥ Linh and Biana ♥ Linh ♥ Dex ♥ Fitz ♥ Tam ♥ Keefe and Fitz ♥ Jensi ♥ Keefe ♥ Marella ♥ Valin, Pairings with Fitzroy Avery Vacker (a.k.a. But that doesn't mean I don't care. I don't know what's wrong with me.' Sophie Sencen | complete Fanfiction. Then she pulls him close and down onto the deck, leaning against each other and wrapping her cape around him, warning him if he has to throw up, do NOT turn around. When Keefe traces the crease between Sophie's eyebrows, she finds it incredibly hard to come up with an answer. ‘Yep--it's a date. and Sophie blushes. Keefe grabs on to Sophie when Fitz says they should stay in groups. '", "I don't know if I'm going to make it, Foster. 'Don't make me beg, Sophie. "'I know.' Keefe Sencen (95) Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities) (73) Fitz Vacker (55) Biana Vacker (42) Dex Dizznee (37) Tam Song (29) Linh Song (27) Sophie Foster (25) Edaline Ruewen (22) Grady Ruewen (21) Include Relationships Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen (104) Sophie Foster/Fitz Vacker (17) Tam Song/Biana Vacker (10) Dex Dizznee/Fitz Vacker (8) Lodestar! she asked, surprised he was using her first name. Keefe sends Sophie blue mental breezes while reminding her to breathe and tells her, "You've got this". Soon enough, Keefe's prediction came true, and Sophie tells him "Not a word. ", "'You're Keefe Sencen. Keefe starts to say, "Speechless again? Sophie really appreciates the gift and wears it immediately. Keefe leans closer and tells Sophie he's sorry, really, and he'll do whatever it takes to make it up to her. . '", "'Thanks. Keefe tickles Sophie's neck and when he tries to do it again, she grabs his wrist to stop him. keefe-sencen-yo: “ sophie-yes: “ keefe-sencen-yo: “ sophie-yes: “ stinaheks: “ sophie-yes: “ so apparently im nobility now. What I can't handle is any more of the Sophie Shell who's been wandering around for the last few weeks, scaring the snot out of all of us. when Sophie plunges her hand into a bucket of ice water to learn body temperature regulation. Keefe moves closer to Sophie and her throat goes dry as he touches her braid again. ” *blushes* me? '... And I know you're going to tell me it won't be that simple -- and it probably won't be. "Keefe gave her another reassuring shoulder pat- but when she flung the pillow aside and buried her face in her hands she heard him growl something like, 'screw it.' Sophie accidentally says to Keefe that she likes him (not meaning it in a crush way) and is worried about him; he reassures her that she doesn't have to take care of him, and then says that is what he likes about Sophie. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes her eyes because they are much warmer than blue eyes. Sophie Foster as an adult elf, married to the one and only- Keefe Sencen. '", "'I know I crack a lot of jokes, Sophie, but . The thought of going into Keefe’s room for the first time makes Sophie’s cheeks warm. High quality Sophie Foster gifts and merchandise. He raised one eyebrow as he turned to study her. Keefe brushes a fallen eyelash off of Sophie's cheek, and Sophie admits that the past few weeks have been really rough. Sophie states that the intensity of Keefe's stare turned everything floaty and fluttery. Fitz often finds Sophie with Keefe through out the book. Book 7: Sophie and Fitz get together, but Sophie is with Keefe very often, which Fitz is not happy about. Keefe rushed over to Sophie trying to get her to wake up. Oct 28, 2018 - Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! (Pg. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and. Keefe drags Sophie back before she went overboard off of their piece of the, Sophie clings to Keefe when they dive under the water for. It was ginormous, and it towered into the sky. . Keefe calls Sophie, “awfully cute in a crown,” and even though Sophie knows he’s teasing her, she blushes from head to toe. . Maybe even a sweetness. Unlocked was released on November 17th, 2020 (USA). She begs him to be careful and she tells him that she trusts him. Sophie Sencen | complete Fanfiction. Sophie doesn't respond. when Lady Cadence says they have three more river changes. Keefe whispered to Sophie, telling her to breathe when he saw her holding her breath. No matter how all this stuff [crushes] goes down,' there was a softness to his voice. Keefe tells Sophie not to worry about him and begs for her not to hate him, but trust him. Keefe takes both her hands and helps her sit down, holding her together. Close friends/Possible love interests IF YOU LIKE IT YOU LIKE IT IF YOU DONT YOU DONT!!! . Sophie tells him that they can figure out a plan together, and offers him her hand. They both have some sort of genetic experimentation on them. Adventure Fanfiction Romance Keefe Sencen Sophie ... Foster Keeper Kotlc Keeper Of The Lost Cities Ro Sokeefe Team Foster Keefe Foster Keefe Sokeefe Fanfic The title basically tells you everything you need to know, but here are some short and sweet SoKeefe stories! But whatever it takes, it's going to happen. Every time Keefe gets hurt she gets worried and does her best to keep him safe and as far away from danger as possible; yet, Keefe always comes back for Sophie. 'I'm glad you're back,' Sophie told him, keeping her voice low--just for the two of them. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Rivals " When she didn't answer, he took both of her hands, and she couldn't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes. Keefe tells her "Aw, the little shrieking sounds you're making are adorable." '", "She waited for Keefe to tease her, but he just scooted closer, lifting her head so it rested on his knee instead of the rocky ground. ", "She threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him as tight as she could. ", Sophie had to make sure Keefe was okay before she left. #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #teamfosterkeefe #sophiefoster #keefesencen. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes his and Sophie's group better, and he saves her from nearly being impaled by a rock. Keefe assures her that it's “worth it” and walks closer to her. Sophie Foster: Flashers: Can create and control light with different effects. The name “Gisela” is from the Old High German1 word gīsal, which means "pledge. '", "'Keefe--' He took her hand, waiting for her to meet his eyes. It's not the beginning anymore. Sophie leans her head on Keefe's shoulder, and they both get embarrassed when, Sophie goes over to sit by Keefe and holds his hand when he tells her that, Keefe and Sophie hold hands when they hear that. Sophie asks if he's okay. Sophie and Fitz, Sophie and Biana, Keefe and Biana, Sophie and Dex, Keefe and Dex, Sophie and Marella, Keefe and Marella, Sophie and Tam, Keefe and Tam, Sophie and Linh, Keefe and Linh Keefe says the thing he missed most about Sophie is her whole adorable-when-angry thing and she replies by saying she misses him too. Keefe tells her it helped a lot, and he stopped shaking. '", "'Not as long as I have you. She questions it, … . 'You're supposed to cry when bad things happen, Foster, not good things.' Book Cover Keefe dubbed them 'Team Foster-Keefe' in Exile. Sophie felt like he wasn't kidding because of how soaked and shaky and pale he was, and because she couldn't stop shivering, she moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. A friend. 'Uh, that one's a no-brainer. Sophie hooks her arm through his and gently treats the wound on his hand when he cut it open to get his blood to call. I promise.” She squeezes his hand, twining their fingers together when she knows Keefe has been working hard. 12.3K 296 19. 'It's a three-way tie. 'I care about Keefe. Are you sure? ", "And Keefe was right where she'd left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled. You'll never lose me. He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Book 1: Sophie and Keefe first met after a slight accident in Sophie's alchemy class. 'Sorry', she mumbled when the crying fit finally passed. '", "The deep, crisp accent was instantly recognizable. "Ya" Biana said. (Meaning Keefe). Keefe asked, and she blushed as she tried to smear away her tears. And now she's handed her life to a boy whose idea of love is far from what it should be. Keefe's smile "softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. Or, Fitz is an evil, abusive prick, I'm evil, life sucks, and I am mad that no one's punched Cassius Sencen yet. Maybe if she never let go, she could hold the broken pieces together. "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as if he'd never seen him before in his life. Keefe always wants to join Sophie on her adventures and is there for her various times throughout the series. . Keefe considers himself to be the "President of the Foster Fan Club. When he leans in Sophie's stomach flutters as his breath tickles her skin. Keefe gently lifted her by the shoulders to ease her into a sitting position and propped her up with extra pillows in her bed after her ability reset. Keefe says that she must have someone else in mind if she's trying to impress someone (by dressing up) because she always impresses him. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Sophie feels a rush of "tangled emotions" at Keefe's upset face too, making fans wonder if she's feeling regret about her relationship with Fitz or simply sympathy for Keefe. The store was filled with mannequins wearing various swimsuits, and Sophie thought that it closely resembled a Victoria's Secret. Sophie says she is glad she met him too. Pairing Name City Drawing Drawing Stuff The Best Series Ever Pokemon Fan Art Book Memes Lost City City Art Book Fandoms. However, in Flashback, Fitz and Sophie confront their feelings for each other, which makes them start a relationship, causing the relationship between Sophie and Keefe to possibly be lowered slightly. Do you know why?' Sophie thought that Keefe deserved so much better than his father's ways of love. Sophie and Keefe trust each other and try to be there for the other. Keefe had been beside her for nearly the whole 3 days Sophie was recovering from the ability reset.

sophie foster and keefe sencen

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