Residency Program / Training: St. Anthony Hospital - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Residency program type: Control-click to make multiple selections. Ip to Location Many applications need to get information about the geographical location of the user/visitor on their websites. FNP Residency Information Acclaim Physician Group and the JPS Department of Family Medicine aspire to foster the education of new graduate FNPs resulting in increased proficiency, confidence, and understanding of the unique population within the community health setting as they transition into their new roles as providers. C123 General Hospital (GH) JavaScript has been disabled within your browser, the content or the functionality of this web page can be Acclaim Physician Group and the JPS Department of Family Medicine aspire to foster the education of new graduate FNPs resulting in increased proficiency, confidence, and understanding of the unique population within the community health setting as they transition into their new roles as providers. JPS Health Network is a $950 million, tax-supported health care system for Tarrant County in North Texas. JPS trains more family medicine physicians than any other program in the U.S. JPS residents care for the medically underserved across the globe and locally through our innovative street medicine track. John Peter Smith Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program 1500 S. Main Street Fort Worth, Texas 76104 817-702-1204 (p) Clinical Preceptors (2 responses required). Our programs attract residents who are prepared to maximize their clinical and research training in a high-energy and supportive learning environment. 2020 Oct 1;102(7):392-393. Program will combine multiple didactic components ranging from presentations to hands-on specialized training to allow for all educational needs to be met. 2. The JPS Family Medicine Residency prepares physicians for ministry through full-scope family medicine. limited or unavailable. One of the many reasons why I chose JPS for residency is because of its location. This can be done in many ways. I completed my Family Medicine residency at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, Go Thunder! JPS trains future family medicine specialists to be not only competent but confident in whatever style of practice they decide to pursue. FNP Residents are contracted for 12 months with Acclaim. As Acclaim’s family medicine chairman and primary care service line chief, Dr. Fowler will be responsible for leading primary care service lines at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, which includes family medicine, communi… Find out more about our residency programs. 1. Process/quality improvement project required for completion of program. The Department of Family Medicine at MUSC was established in 1970 as one of the first university-based departments in the country and our residency program was established that time. tarrant county, on behalf of the tarrant county hospital district, adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate. Control-click again to de-select. If not currently working, most recent supervisor will be accepted. All Rights Reserved Our residency is a university-based training program and we recruit for 10 positions per year. A four week orientation will be provided by an experienced Mentor at first clinical site. Middletown, CT. Kimberly Miller. For the first six months, Residents will dedicate one day per week to educational sessions designed to further develop and guide critical thinking skills and decision making as a provider. Author information: (1)JPS Family Medicine Residency Program, Fort Worth, TX. 200 Hawkins Drive A major employer in Tarrant County, JPS has been recognized for many years as a teaching hospital which offers medical residencies in family practice, orthopedic surgery, psychiatry, podiatry, emergency medicine and obstetrics and gynecology. RICHARD A. ... To pursue postgraduate training and trained in Family Medicine at Saint Anthony hospital in Oklahoma City. If you are not selected to move forward, you will be notified through email. JPS supports nine residency programs: Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Podiatry, Psychiatry, Sports Medicine, Transitional Internship. (2)AtlantiCare Family Medicine Residency Program, Atlantic City, NJ. Graduate of a Master of Science in Nursing from an accredited program by May 31 of the program year. If you have submitted all of the required documentation, your references will receive a link to complete a reference online within 48 business hours. Questions? Team Acclaim200 W. Magnolia Ave, Suite 201Fort Worth, TX 76104817-702-2450. © 2020 Acclaim Physician Group. Valid and unencumbered Texas RN licensure. Why JPS: It is a pilot program for the four year FM Residency with special interest to train rural and international family physicians to achieve advanced skills in these settings. Remaining clinic sites will allow for one work week of orientation to become accustomed to clinic specific protocols, expectation, work flow, etc. Please read the information below carefully to ensure that your application is submitted correctly. JPS is the integrated tax-supported county health care system for Tarrant County, Tex, and sponsors the nation’s largest family medicine residency program. Residents will perform clinical duties in four different JPS clinics for a period of three months each. By offering an exceptional educational experience, Acclaim, a partner with JPS Health Network will expand the mission to "transform healthcare delivery for the communities we serve" while ensuring a culture of accountability, transparency, quality, and performance improvement. Throughout the clinic rotations, Residents will have their schedule blocked to allow for specialty clinic rotation. Go to the JPS intranet, Human Resources, Internal Career Opportunities, and then search for the Acclaim FNP Residency position. Once your application is complete and required references have been collected, we will notify you. After one week orientation Residents will resume independent patient panels with extended times slots. Residents will rotate through four of our JPS community health clinics throughout Tarrant County for ongoing training and exposure to a diverse patient population with a wide variety of healthcare needs. JPS residents receive training in a wide variety of skills, receive lectures from nationally recognized leaders, and actively participate in research and scholarly activity. Ten academic residency programs exist at JPS to meet the health care needs of Tarrant County. Fort Worth is a city larger than Detroit, Seattle, and Las Vegas and is located in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Undergrad: St. Olaf College - Biological Sciences UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program Hobbies: Trail running, surfing, road biking and bike commuting, hiking and backpacking, playing bluegrass music with my family, ice hockey, practicing yoga, cooking healthy meals Unlike some other specialties, there is no “Top Ten Family Medicine Residency Programs” list that tells you the best and most competitive residencies. 1995 – 1998. For the last six months, Residents will attend didactic sessions every fourth week for ongoing assessment of professional development, evaluations, QI project development, etc. We care for an underserved population that includes many refugees, offer a variety of overseas electives, healthcare for the homeless and people living with HIV, and an optional fourth year of training in obstetrics or surgical procedures. The John Peter Smith Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program was chosen to be one of 14 programs to participate in the Preparing the Personal Physician Practice (P4) experiment, which was conducted from 2007 to 2012. About the Program Our People How to Apply Related Fellowships Contact. What attributes do you possess that will aid in your successful completion of the residency program and ongoing practice as an APP at Acclaim? Residency & Fellowship: JPS Family Medicine Residency and Maternal-Child Health Fellowship Dr. Mariel Bryden joined Sea Mar in 2020 after two years as residency faculty in Lesotho, southern Africa. Peter Clements, MD- UC San Diego. If you are a current JPS Health Network Employee you must not be under any disciplinary action or on a performance improvement plan. If you do not submit everything before the deadline, you will NOT be considered for the program. Work history must include dates (month and year), status (full time, part time, etc) and unit or clinic details (ICU Med-Surg, CHC, etc.). Our large, diverse patient population allows training in complex and multiple disease processes. Each clinical FNP residency can have up to 4 residents. Web Privacy Policy The JPS Family Medicine Residency program is a leader in innovation and collaboration in the realm of family medicine training. Please limit your letter to 1 page. Nondiscrimination Statement, 200 Hawkins Drive, 01110 PFP | Iowa UI Hospitals & Clinics Current Nursing Supervisor (1 response required). Iowa City, IA 52242 Students frequently ask about how to assess residency programs, including how to figure out how competitive a program is. Valid APRN and FNP license in the state of TX or successful completion of FNP boards by June 30 of the program year. I knew that I would be training at a high volume, high acuity trauma center. If you are selected to move forward in the process, we will reach out to you regarding next steps. 1. She is originally from Iowa, and attended the University of Iowa for undergraduate and medical school. Clinical Rotations must include the Location, Dates, # of hours completed, and your preceptors name and title. External candidates should submit an online application on the JPS Careers Page here: and then search for the Acclaim FNP Residency position. CV/Resume with professional work history (RN experience), education, and all FNP clinical rotations. Residents who train here are bright, capable, and self-motivated which makes them enjoyable to teach. Please email [email protected] (3)University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Department of Family Medicine, Dallas, TX. John Peter Smith Family Medicine Residency. I moved to Tulsa and did an OB Fellowship there and stayed as faculty for 6 years, then I came to Texas to the biggest family medicine program with … Licensed for 578 beds, the network includes an … Official or unofficial transcript from an accredited Master of Science in Nursing degree program, the transcript must reflect degree awarded. (4)University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Department of Family and Community Medicine. Its family practice residency program, which opened in 1973, is the largest of nine residencies at JPS and trains more family medicine physicians annually than any other U.S. program. Report an issue with this page We’ll help you tailor your program to your interests, with the diverse patients, rich clinical and research resources, and expert mentors you would expect from an academic medical center. Services like Maxmind geoip provide free... Read More » When submitting your online application, you will also need to attach all of the following documentation for your application to be considered: 1. Residency: JPS Family Medicine Residency Program, Texas Special Interests: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Tropical Medicine, HIV Medicine, Global Health Scholarly Works: Evaluation of a diabetes education video among the Tz'utujil Maya in Guatemala, Nagata JM, Cassidy LC et al, 15 Diabetes Technol Ther 606 (2013). | In addition to didactic and … [email protected], Copyright © 2020 The University of Iowa. The AAFP offers the only comprehensive residency directory that allows you to search family medicine residency programs by location, community setting, residency program type, program size, and more., Supplemental training in basic and advanced family practice care topics, Experience working in community health center settings. Associate Director, Middlesex Health Family Medicine Residency Program. Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a registered nurse. Family Medicine Residency. Current JPS RN’s MUST submit the online application from the JPS intranet. City, IA | 52242. A cover letter addressed to “FNP Residency Director” with the integration of the two (2) topics below. At the completion of the program, full time positions may be offered depending on staffing needs and Resident performance. To be considered for the Acclaim FNP Residency program, you must submit an application along with all required documentation during the acceptance time frame. Clinic rotations may include: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Podiatry, Psychiatry, Surgery, Surgical Optimization Clinic. In what areas do you want to increase mastery/competence over the course of the residency program? Family Medicine Residency. Applications and additional documents will not be accepted outside of the open application period. Completed references must be received by end of the business day on May 20th or your application will be considered incomplete. The Ohio State University Family and Community Medicine Residency Program strives to: Create a diversified and nurturing learning environment that adapts to the needs of each learner Develop an educational structure that fosters wellness and life-long learning This position will only be listed during the open application time frame. There are online services like ipinfodb and geoio that provide web based api to get the geolocation information about a given ip address. YOUNG, MD, JPS Family Medicine Residency Program, Fort Worth, Texas. A 12-month post-masters training program for licensed nurse practitioners to transition from bedside nurses to advanced practice providers. Kimberly Miller A Word document with a minimum of three (3) references. Grant C. Fowler, M.D., is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine as well as family medicine chairman and primary care service line chief for Acclaim Physician Group. Specific areas of the residency will share educational programs with the Family Medicine Residents to allow for collaboration and unity with our advanced practice providers. All rights reserved. You must include their name, location and email address. Cox Family Medicine Residency is an unopposed program combining intellectual, academic excellence with the real-world experience of a community hospital - in the heart of the Ozarks. Since 1987, we've provided our graduates with a unique, exciting and engaging family medicine education. Additional resources include 27 community health centers and 10 pharmacies.

jps family medicine residency program

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