If we hadn't had granite, they would have.) i'm thinking of not to buy a ge product again, because of this poor after sale point of view. they fixed the machine and charged me 40 TL. I am not a happy camper. I will NEVER buy another Chevy again. Three weeks ago I purchased a GE blender. Shirley @ GE consumer services aknowledges a manufacturing defect in the stress cracked supply line to the water dispenser of 2003 GE refrigerator that they will not repair at their cost. GE Appliances offers troubleshooting, repair, product registration, and appliance information. Blah blah blah" I would advise every one to carefully think before purchasing any GE appliance or the extended warranty from them since they give it to third party to do their work. Go to the sites where people buy this type of thing and review it and see if they talk about the same problem. informing me that they received the repair status form the Dial Appliance and decided it is not cost effective to invest any further in repair cost towards the old microwave, instead they offered me the new replacement at 50% of the cost since it was 10 years old. D.R. Very disapointed. They are inefficient, non-technical, non-cooperative, non-professional, rude and working on hit and trial basis. We purposely bought an Energy Star model to reduce our electric bill. If you have a receipt proving that you purchased the oven and it was still in warranty when the defect was found, they must cover it! Initial General Electric complaints should be directed to their team directly. My parents bought a refrigerator when I was a kid that lasted for almost 20 years, and my grandmother had the same refrigerator for over 40. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. Learn more about the company’s history. Please provide as much information as possible in-order for us to better assist you. Before I start, I want to let everyone know that I THOUGHT I had done my research, but apparently not well enough. They gave me the run around. i refused it and asked them why they didnt inform me of the fee, before the service took place. General Electric, Contact General Motors customer service. Then I told her and not politely that it was my number she was calling and I wanted them to stop calling it!! I wonder if this is something some ambitious young attorney would like to get into and pursue? c'mon ge...i'm obviously a brilliant person to use all those medical devices and my opinion counts bigtime. It has a freezer drawer in the bottom with an ice maker. Find high quality General Motors Customer Service Suppliers on Alibaba. I called GE. Total trash with absolutely no customer service. I will never buy another product from them again. Best Regards GE is insensitive to my problem, and refuses to pay for the labor cost. This is the second ge appliance that I have been burned on. The customer service people was probably laughing so hard that they couldn't take you seriously! ttf604332q, explosion/arcing, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. but as a customer, it bothers me so badly. Kindly do let me know what am I supposed to do now??? I have had this ge dryer less than 2 years, and the circuit board is defective. In my opinion, I was bindsighted. GE claims that the new doors are heavier and they can't guarantee that they close the same way as the old doors. I aked GE to come out a check my oven. What's up with that? I got 2... December 2, 2020 Started the refinance process in latter August. We did not buy the extended warranty, because who needs that for a refrigerator that should last at least 10 years for a cheap model. GE as a brand, has lost a great amount of credibility in my mind. They make suggestions that do not work. Yes I was rude! ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with General Electric Customer Service. About 6 months ago I discovered why they push the warranty so hard. general motors licensing department General Motors inspires passion and loyalty for generations of drivers, passengers, and employees around the world. ft. french-door refrigerator with hot water dispenser, ge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. I guess this was a $1, 000.00 learning experience. Now I'm 50% of the way to having doors that work, but yet, I still have no ice/water on the door! Let us know about your inquiry and we will either get you to the right page or connect you to the right person to follow-up. The fridge began rusting on the exterior finish right away(least than six months) I complained. I would not recommend anyone out there to go spend their hard earned money on any of their products. they said it was the corporate policy, not to tell the price before the service took place. I am returning it today for fear of shock or fire. GE sent out a service man, who stated they do not warantee exterior finishes. I decided to take the replacement option at 50% of the cost and the new microwave was delivered with in couple of weeks. Want to get in touch? the sad part is that both trays probably come from the same chinese factory; the ones with the ge logo on the box costing twice as much. They said we have to check, and finally they came up with a Burnt Magnetic Coil. Just contact our Customer Service team who will try and get back to you within 24 hours. amazing. Follow GE Aviation on Twitter and YouTube. Collect all that information and when you call GE get names, numbers, times and any department title or extension number. WorldWide Electric’s exceptional customer service team is here to help! I also called my telephone operator and confirmed whether the feature was activated. Get the support and service you need. For example, growth is accelerating in the synchronous electric motors market, which can expect an increase of several billion dollars by 2021. UPDATE: I am the original poster. It is dusty and dirty and people naturally sweat when doing physical labor, that normally causes fingerprints to linger. Immediately I began receiving almost daily emails from GE urging me to purchase the extended warranty. Reviews For General Motors Customer Service (6) Worst customer service ever. Local Customer Service For local Customer Service you can contact your local GE Distributor or Sales Contact Industrial Services. She was not at all helpful or in any way an asssett to their customer service. Three months ago, I asked you to fix my water/ice on the door. GE rises to the challenge of building a world that works. General Electric Credit Union has contracted with CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services available to credit union members. General Motors, American corporation that was the world’s largest motor-vehicle manufacturer for much of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Find the evidence that this has also happened to others who own this model of GE oven. I understand this is not uncommon and ge will not repair it since the warranty has expired. I had an extended warranty on my GE Profile Over the Range Microwave Oven. January 21st 2009 GE Appliances Contact Us: Call us on the phone for friendly customer support and assistance. I brought a $2, 000.00 GE refrigerator. The CS person in the Chairman's Office also told me to quit interrupting her when she was explaining the procedure. Someone else will not be so lucky – there’s almost sure to be a serious injury from this problem. It is going to cost us over $ 300.00 to fix it. General Motors has promised that the Chevrolet Bolt, its affordable, long-range electric car, would deliver at least 200 miles on a charge and cost no more than $30,000. If you need a new quote, have a general question, or just need assistance logging into our online store, simply use this form to contact us today. When I closed the freezer drawer some ice cubes had been dragged onto the floor in front of the refrigerator (without my knowledge). Stove : We order ordered a GE cook top from Sears...it arrived dirty finger print all over the stove...we re-ordere the stove a total of 3 times and had simillar problems everytime...we canceled the order. Week later I called from GE extended service dept. We asume that we lost the water pump. ge currently cannot repair problems on my cardiac equipment at a major hospital for one year now. We saved to buy the ones we have now for a year! (What about the items around it that got so hot they could start on fire? I got this call about 30 minutes ago and when I asked the lady why she was calling on my sunday, she said she had the right. They offered to waive the tech fee to come look at it, but if it is not repairable (and, really, could it be? Based on 130 years of experience in building motors and generators, ABB provides services that maximize performance, uptime and efficiency throughout the lifetime of the equipment. This is sunday! When My Microwave was not working properly I called GE for service. Waiting for your prompt reply I said well I guess your company is the only one then because no one else does! I explained my concerns and he said they were normal functions of the oven (ie. it was stuck and i think it was my fault. part of the bigger problem is us. So let me get this straight. i have problems with your distributor in turkey, enkay group. From maintenance and repairs to reliability and process improvements. We can This is Megan from GE. Bought a top of the line GE profile dryer - 10 months of use and it blew up - after 2 months of weekly phone calls emails I got warranty repair - new motor and electronics - lasted 2 days - then they replaced the unit - I insisted I did not want the same model - but there was no other option from them - so I took it - this unit has now lasted 13 months - and it blew up - I was in basement and my husband & daughter upstairs and they thought someone shot a gun - after I started screaming they found me downstairs with a smoking dryer - JUNK - do NOT buy GE. I connected my old cordless and it was working on that. We took out an extra 2 year warranty. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, I bought a GE Blender from Wal Mart ; it's only been used to mix smoothies and make bread crumbs. they fixed the machine and charged me 40 TL. We moved into a new house last year November, 2008 and the house was furnished by Motors and Generators Services With a network that spans the world, we are dedicated to addressing your service needs. General Motor’s headquarters are in Detroit. General electric items include GE yoke assay, GE carbon brush, GE motor rigging, GE AC motor brush holder, GE MD800 insulator block, GE 46A slip ring brush holder, GE 46 slip ring brush holder, GE brush holder, yoke rocker, GE pinion nut, GE stud post, and GE motor rigging assy. This is regarding a GE refrigerator purchased from Lowe's. Shop the top 25 most popular Ranking Keywords at the best prices! To make matters even worse, those delivery trucks don't have showers! in 30 sec. I have been trying so long, to no avail, that my fridge is now out of warranty which GE loves and uses to their advantage. It is necessary to get down on the floor, reach way back into the base of the freezer and sweep out the cubes for disposal - then you face the job of trying to get up off the floor - not easy for an 85 year old. I purchased a GE Side by Side refridgerator about five years ago. They readily understood their problem with the model # & serial # and still refused to help. There are 192 OEM, 102 ODM, 90 Self Patent. (Mind you, I still have no water/ice on the door, which was my original request!) Then we went to Home Depot and purchased the side-by-side model with clean steel and ice maker. I thought I was getting a quality product. pyrex glass bowls (same thing) cost $5.87 at walmart, and they use more glass. General Motors is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. My husband and I purchased a brand new GE side-by-side refrigerator in July 2007. A two year old refrigerator is on its last leg. 99 Alibaba offers 1,149 General Motors Customer Service Suppliers, and General Motors Customer Service Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. Water actually dripped inside the refrigerator (behind a panel) and ran underneath the large bottom meat drawer. We bougt it April 26 of 2008. here is my my email : And another apparent victim speaks: I, too, ordered Car Crawlers. She then again was rude and snotty and said, "you know what, have a nice day maam. I just purchased the Laser Lens Cleaner, Model No. I paid GE for the the repair and separately paid for the pick and drop service... And the new issue was, that there was a permanent leakage from the water inlet and when i checked my machine it was full with water. This is an out and out lie since there are many web sites where consumers have registered complaints including this one. After several phone calls to GE, the final "offer" was that they would replace the entire refridgerator if I paid them $700.00! As expensive as these machines are. They sent 2 technician from Dial Appliance to check the Microwave, and they discovered that Magnetron Tube on the Microwave was defective and they ordered new one. Find the latest news about GM automotive innovations, investor relations and more. Well, about a month later, I get one door delivered. We have water flooding to our walls and yet the have refused to replace it. hmmmmm. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings. 24-Commercial Plaza Lahore Cantt. Glass microwave tray broke in two while heating food! $50 was bad enough for a product that was probably made in a sweatshop, in some smog-filled chinese city without safety or qc. The supply line is defective due to a manufacturing error at the GE plant, defective tubing, or using a tubing incorrect for the application. I next emailed to customer service - this evoked a phone call telling me that the solution to the problem is to turn off the ice maker when the drawer is full and turn it back on when I need more ice - this necessitates removing frozen food from the shelf in front of the ice maker, removing the shelf, turning off the ice maker, install the shelf and replace the food - a rather stupid solution to the problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvs4v1gk1ak At this point I figure if nothing is wrong with my oven maybe I should have its internal temparature checked to make sure its holding its heat. A day where I don't even bother people!! [protected] cell Its major products include automobiles and trucks, automotive components, and engines. You can call General Motors at (800) 458-8006 toll free number, fill out a contact form on their website www.gm.com, or write a letter to General Motors, P.O. we've been programmed to expect less, after years of using chinese-infused products. Lowes says it is GE's problem and GE says there is no problem. Search our open positions to fulfill your career aspirations with purpose. I believe GE trains its techs. Stop calling my number! I checked reviews for the product online and looked for just the right model. The Microwave is loose due to only two screws installed instead of three and is not very secured and I am afraid due to his heavy weight (68 lbs) it may fall on my gas range any time. GE installed a new refrig/freezer last summer. due to that the microwave screws could not go in straight from the cabinet, therefore leaves about more than 1/4 inch of gap from the cabinet. GE Motors & Parts is a world-class manufacturer of electric motors with more than 125 years of engineering experience. The tech then draws out a diagram on a piece of paper showing me how the oven's temperature fluctuates. Phones : The phone model number GE 28300EE2 is advertized as expandable with up to 6 handset but you can't purchase or find the acessorie handset anywhere...no one has them in stock.. USA or Canada. We were getting ready to call 911 when we felt immense heat from the dishwasher and noticed that items on top of the counter had melted. We were awakened by our dog and smelled smoke, but we couldn't find the source of the smoke/smell. $100 for something which should have been manufactured to withstand heat of a microwave oven. it was stuck and i think it was my fault. What a shame to have to do this on a new refridgerator that cost around $1, 000.00. still paid $50 from third-party. Have you ever set foot in a warehouse? I had to get the step down this time. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. Customer Service : It is very difficult to find a phone number that will get you someone nice and helpful at the other end of the phone...when you call a number ...you get a message to call another number..when you call the other number you get a message to call this other number and it goes on and on. The model is # GSH25SGPC SS. I to have had a washer for 18 months and the curcuit board went out. i wanted to inform you and wanted to see how important is customer satisfaction for you. 72598. You can find contact details for General Electric above. as a consumer, every company out there makes junk. Not to mention the fact that you left the old doors and the packaging for the new doors in my driveway for me to somehow get rid of? With GE nothing is urgent when it comes to fixing a broken washer they make. At GE, we rise to the challenge of building a world that works. Yes, you read that correctly!!! If your warranty says the labor should be covered, sue them. An example of Mediocre Service : Send me something that WORKS!!! I drew the conclusion that the phone was probably not equipped to recognize the Indian number format. Again I called GE Customer Service and asked them to fix my machine, they came to my palace and checked the pipes, removed and fixed them again. Amerisave Mortgage - Inability to contact co denied need for appraisal then after months have gone by they want one. Dr. Shazia Lone The dented door. Competition among electric motor companies is fierce, and … is free online! Surely we can all band together and force GE to do something. This has culminated in a distinctive brand identity that represents our history of innovation, integrity, ingenuity, and determination. Serving industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and minerals, and water and wastewater. When such an injury occurs I hope the injured person sues GE for millions of dollars – and I hope I hear about it because I have a complete file of everything I have done to try to get GE to remedy this problem and I will be happy to give that data to the injured party. When cubes are on that floor the freezer drawer will not close. will not repair and a manufacturing defect, calling on sunday & wouldn't let me tell her new number. Besides, I would never pay for someone to come to my home to tell me the ins and outs of any appliance; all that info. If you have a motor part number, please search for it using the Search box at the top of your screen. On May 22 of 2011 the washer stoped pumping the water out of the machine. When you Pull out the ice drawer, to get some ice, the cubes piled up at the back are knocked off onto the freezer floor. the washer was a G.E. I think this has been the worst experience with customer feedback i have ever had. Georgia. The generic speedy instruction sheet I downloaded from the GE webpage indicates that all such kits are supposed to come with "Cleaning solution included." [protected] office LEARN MORE, Having trouble logging in?  Email us today. Customer Service, FAQ & Product Information Customer Assistance, Technical Support, and Online Help Please Contact Us for further assistance or use our Branch Locator to … to take a trip to his van(laborious)and stick a wire in oven(back braking)and wait. We installed a new circuit board which cost us 109.00 with tax. What recourse do we the consumer have when criminals like this will not stand behind their product once they get our money? Now I have a door that doesn't close, still have no ice/water, and you want $700? All of this cost me $120. A couple hours later I went to the refrigerator to get an apple and slipped on one of the ice cubes that was on the floor – the only reason I didn’t have a bad fall, and injury, is because I had a good grip on the handle of the refrigerator. waah! (by the way, the retail price of ge disposer gfc501 is approximately 500 turkish liras. It sends a lot of water through the front door during 2020 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Tools, Home Improvement, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Home Appliances with general electric motors and Ranking Keywords. Sorry to hear about the issues with your appliances. The last 2 times, I can smell ' wires burning ' almost immediately. The sound has now progressed to include an interment grinding noise. I will NEVER pirchase another GE appliance and will do everything I can to discourage others from buying GE! Sourceline Available 24 hours by phone: 513.243.3333 / … ROFLMFAO!!! After my first call to GE customer service they sent a technician who determined that the ice maker needed to be replaced - which he did - accomplished nothing. General Electric Company (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York City and headquartered in Boston.As of 2018, the company operates through the following segments: aviation, healthcare, power, renewable energy, digital industry, additive manufacturing and venture capital and finance.. Beaumont Hospital - discriminatory hiring practices, Careem - my captain id has been blocked; I want to reactivate my captain id, ge café™ series energy star® 27.8 cu. Apparently, GE makes the refrigerators to last only as long as the warranty, because we believe the compressor is going out! I will no longer purchase GE appliance and hope to communicate their poor customer service to all who will listen. Needed new crank shaft sensor, drive and timing chain. ... Now when they turned the machine on to check the water supply, something got burned and some smoke came out of the machine... We asked them, now what happened? The repairman acknowledged that he had seen this same problem before. i am joey monton. He shut off the water and said the doors have been recalled by GE and he would order them for me. What crappy craftmanship. i had a problem with my disposer. Box 33170, 300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI, 48232-5170, USA. I have contacted GE about 5 times and Lowes twice about this problem since it was new. GE did say they will be glad to come out and replace my faulty door at a cost of over $500.00 to fix their manufacturing defect! washing Machine. GE offers a full range of reliable high performance rotating machines and parts for highly demanding industrial applications in the range of one horsepower and up. smell of gas and heat ventelation out back of oven). This is Megan from GE. Thank you, a GE representative will contact you shortly, Learn more about our supplier tools and services. GE refrigerators catch on fire too! The water dispenser in the freezer door keeps freezing up and will not dispense water, I keep a hair dryer in the cabinet next to the fridge and thaw it out every two days. We have had trouble with our washer and dishwasher too, and these appliances are only 4 years old. My 2 year old refrigerator began making a horrible alien sound. unit is about 4 years new. The helpline number was not Indian based and I am unable to call it. I am a working mom with two kids and I don't have the time to be running to the store to exchange your products. I had a Dr. appointment on the 2nd floor of the medical building on Little Mack... Dear careem . Or you can call us between 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. They stated that moisture from the hot water shorted out the board. Check "GE GE refrigerator water supply". ordering one from ge is about $100! Check some of the web sites, I suspect there are probably hundreds of us with the same problem and even more that don't know where to turn. Our 2-year-old GE Profile dishwasher malfunctioned in the middle of the night and it wasn't even turned on when we went to bed. We have called and three of Ge's technicians and they have not been able to fix it. There is some slight activity coming from this company when it comes down to resolving complaints, but so far it's neither timely, nor relevant. I also experience a problem with the water dispenser in my GE refrigerator.

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