Need help fixing your Elkay drinking fountain? Elkay EZS8LF2JO Wall Mount Single ADA Cooler (PV) REQUEST A QUOTE. Sinks & Faucets (Commercial & Residential) Questions? Sleek oval basin ada compliant. This article contains some of the most common Q&A’s pertaining to Elkay ezH2O troubleshooting and maintaining commercial water cooler and bottle filler units. Contact 1-800-260-6640. Have a great week!!! Elkay Drinking Fountain, Model EZFS8_1B, Part Number EZS8L. Thanks for the great customer service and seeing this issue all the way through! Home; My Account / Hi Guest; PA Tax Exempt. Elkay parts diagram, elkay, free engine image for user manual download laughing waters fountain. Elkay ezh2o offers cleaner, heahier water. Find the solution to your problem and parts with the following guide. Karaley I knew it was only a matter of time with her ability to treat people someone would see that. Worked beautifully. I appreciate the customer service… that’s why I keep coming back! We did it! Just a little background for this testimonial. Identified your issue and need parts? I'll always call Kully Supply. Elkay cooler floor mount fiered 14 gph stainless. £1649.00 (ex VAT) Read More. Find Elkay Drinking Fountain Parts you need quickly and easily. Contact 1-800-476-4106. ... Installation/Care/Use Manual. Just wanted to give a pat on the back to Jessica (unfortunately I don't know her last name) who helped me through your online chat function today. Compressor is warm or hot & fan will not shut off, Compressor is room temperature. Identified your issue and need parts? Elkay 98731c regulator kit w/spring for push button models. Floor mounted drinking fountains or water coolers model number typically located. She took the time help us understand what we needed, her responses were quick and informed, and she always had a courteous attitude. Elkay ezs8 push bar replacement You are truly helpful. Find the repair parts you need to fix your elkay quickly. Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that all items that I have ordered from you have arrived, once again an outstanding customer service and just a great person to work with. Enable and reload. Elkay lk4420bf1u tubular free standing ada drinking fountain. She did what she said she would do in a timely fashion. Industry Experts Since 1950. I would not hesitate to deal with Kully in the future. All of you were super helpful, thorough and knowledgeable. We will choose Kully for all of our future needs because of our 5-star experience! Thank you Mallory!! (Really, tell her that a customer was very pleased and wanted to take time to say so. ERROR CODE ERROR DESCRIPTION CORRECTIVE ACTION; E001 : Evaporator Thermistor Open Circuit: Verify cable connector is plugged into control board (10 pin connector on Elkay lzs8wslk single bottle filling station, fiered. You are great! 3.) I would like to give a big "thank you" to Mallory. Drinking Water Products . Elkay ezh20 lzstlddwslk filtered non elkay lzwsm82k filtered ezh2o in wall elkay ezh2o bottle filling station with bottle filling station user manual bottle filling station user manualEzwsna Drinking Fountain And Or Bottle Filling Station User Manual Model 2 Elkay ManufacturingLzwsna Read more… Elkay Ezh2o Manual Pdf Elkay Water Fountains Filter Reset Elkay Ezh2o Filter Elkay Ezh2o Filter Replacement Articles & Shopping. Elkay lzstl8wssp elkay lzstl8wssp elkay lzstl8wssp elkay lzstl8wssp. Really appreciate your providing the parts breakdown, this is a big help. Thanks for your help! Thank you Mallory! The Elkay EZS8L is a very popular Elkay wall mount water cooler. Again, thank you for updates and accuracy of your delivery time for this order. Elkay Pressure-Type Water Coolers are designed to operate on 20psi to 105 psi supply line pressure. A big thanks to you and your company for the help, also the videos were a help. Have a question about this product?. Good Afternoon, all service to be performed by an authorized service person. ⏰ CYBER MONDAY SALE begins 11/30 @ 12:00 AM (CST)! Thank you! 2.) Elkay LZS8WSLP instruction manual and user guide Filtered 8 GPH EZH2O ADA Light Gray Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filling Station LZS8WSLP300641570 Device Category: Appliances Or, view the most commonly replaced parts page. I called back on 2/22/2018 and spoke to another gracious young lady. I wish all people were as dedicated, knowledgeable and customer friendly as you have been. This Elkay Drinking Fountain Troubleshooting Guide can help determine the problem quickly and easily so you . Thank You again. I will not hesitate to order parts from Kully Supply next time. 98129c 3/05 . Touchless Water Delivery Sell Sheet. You made life easy! I needed to order several random parts for an obscure Kohler/Sloan pressure tank system. I will definitely continue to work with you and I look forward to placing my next order coming up soon. Swirlflo ada drinking fountains. Have a great day! SPECIFICATIONS Elkay Soft Sides Heavy Duty Bi-Level Fountain Non-Filtered Non-Refrigerated Stainless Model EHWM217C In keeping with our policy of continuing product improvement, Elkay reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. The customer service reps that I spoke with were polite and went above and beyond to track down the information I was looking. Retrofit Bottle Filler Reference Chart How to Bypass the Bubbler on a Bottle Filling Station How to Replace an Elkay … Choose from a wide array of indoor and outdoor Elkay water drinking fountains in a variety of styles and finishes, including many ADA compliant... Elkay User Manuals Download - ManualsLib ... Care & Use Manual. Drinking Fountain and/or Bottle Filling Station Manual Models 1 and 2 Image for elkay versatile cooler wall mount bi level ada non fiered, 8. Elkay mui station fountain non fiered non refrigerated, stainless. 1.) You have been successfully registered. Just made me a lifetime customer!". Elkay / halsey taylor 40575c drain assembly. Need help fixing your Elkay drinking fountain? Am very impressed with your professionalism and efficiency. If you have a drinking fountain that keeps running even though the buttons are not pushed, you probably have a bad solenoid. Thank you for taking the time to contact the manufacturer about the exact replacement part, Mallory. Fan runs continuously. Mallory, spout was received today and looked great. She was very helpful in helping me find a replacement cleanout cover for our facility here in Alaska. Elkay drinking fountain manual. Amazon doesn’t have similar Elkay drinking fountains for sale but you can get a comparable drinking fountain here . It still wouldn't stop running. Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it … Even though I had to pay customs charges, I still ordered from you as you really went above and beyond. Promoted articles. Unfortunately, good customer service like that has become difficult to find. She truly is a great person and I have enjoyed getting to know her. REQUEST A QUOTE. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter, and get new tips every two weeks. Items (0) Your Water Cooler and Drinking Fountain Super Store. Outdoor Offerings Murdock to Elkay (F-4841) Elkay and Halsey Taylor Drinking Water Service Part Kits; Foodservice Products for Plumbing Wholesale Model Numbers; Commercial Food Service Products Elkay SSP to Tabco and Eagle Commercial Sinks Elkay to Advance Tabco and Eagle Group (F-4306) Competitive Model Elkay to T&S Brass (F-4223) Elkay / halsey taylor 98531c green spring cartridge housing kit. Replace regulator. Shawn was super helpful and quickly informed me about the replacement parts I needed. Elkay lk4420db tubular ada drinking fountain with dog bowl. Bingo it did as promised. Elkay lzs8l ada fiered 8 gph water cooler refrigerated drinking fountain . Replace power cord. Sloan regal 186 xl exposed water saver 1.5 gpf/5.7 lpf urinal flushometer. Blubar countertop water dispenser. Elkay outdoor fountain bi level pedestal non fiered, non refrigerated. If the flow does not stop immediately, replace the solenoid), Press bar is sticking & holding micro-switch down, Replace push bar, or repair the cause of the sticking press bar - such as the basin hanging on the mounting bracket for EZ model, or the press bar screw too tight on the HTV model, Press bar adjustment screw has not been adjusted properly, Refer to manual & adjust press bar screw clockwise until flow stops, Replace regulator, could be caused by sand or similar residue - consider adding filter, Sensing wire on the cold control has vibrated out of the bulbwell partially, Bulbwell has detached from the evaporator coils, Evaporator needs to be replaced - contact service agent, Remove debris with compressed air or vacuum (may have caused overload, relay, or compression defect), Install used plumbers putty or other sealant when connecting water supply, Installer used a commercial grade stainless steel braided flex line to connect water supply to water cooler, Remove sealant & use Teflon tape or compression fitting, Remove stainless steel braided flex line & replace with appropriate supply line, Contact your local water department & have water tested & add appropriate filter. I nominate her for employee of the month! Most parts are model-specific so visit our complete Elkay Breakdowns page to find the correct part for your drinking fountain. You have been an excellent help. Managers always here when things go wrong but rarely do they when they go right. Compressor is room temperature & fan will not run. Thanks so much for everything. That's great thanks so much. Elkay lk4410 free standing tubular ada drinking fountain. Image for elkay ezh2o bottle filling station with integral swirlflo fountain, refrigerated fiered stainless from. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. thank you for the good service and kindness to help in such a kind way. The Halsey Taylor water fountain at the church was streaming the water to fast and to long and when I Chatted with Mallory she was very helpful by downloading the owners manual for me and telling me how to adjust the pressure from the outside. Elkay ewca8 compact water cooler. Shop for Elkay in Drinking Fountains at Ferguson. You were very helpful in getting the correct part ordered and I should probably check with you in the future if I have any questions about what to order. All joints are brazed using silver solder only. I am very happy to deal with you. Restore power to outlet. Elkay edf310c water dispenser user manual. I then discovered Flushmate had DIY videos so I checked it out. That is why we chose to feature the Elkay EZS8L water cooler as our first photographic water cooler parts breakdown. Fan is not running, Compressor is making a loud knocking or grinding noise, Water cooler is an EZ, HTV, or electric eye series water cooler and water runs even when the power cord is not plugged in, Water cooler is an EZ, HTV series water cooler and water stops immediately every time when you unplug the power cord from the outlet, Water cooler is an EHF, WC, HAC, or EMABF series water cooler, Water cooler or fountain model other than previous listed, Water cooler was manufactured prior to 2001 & water is very cold, Stream is too low after initial installation of the product, Water cooler is an EZ, HTV, or electric eye operated model, No water flow on all other water coolers/fountains, Condenser fins in front of the fan are covered with debris, Remove debris with compressed air or vacuum (may have caused overload, relay or compressor defect), Compressor needs to be replaced, contact service agent, Remove debris with compressed air or vacuum (may have caused overload, relay, or compressor defect), Wire terminal not plugged into cold control, Locate correct terminal & plug into cold control, Compressor needs to be replaced. Or, view the most commonly replaced parts page. Please let me know if there is someone at your company who I can contact to compliment the excellent service you have provided us. I will definitely keep your contact information handy for future use. ), "Thank you for checking my price and adjusting. Drinking Fountain and/or Bottle Filling Station Users Manual Model 2 details for FCC ID 2AC8R-EZWSNA made by Elkay Manufacturing Co.. Ideal to place in public buildings, water fountains produce safe drinking water, and the units come in various sizes to provide handicap accessibility options. She really hung in there, found what I needed, and posted links for me to click on and ensure that the parts were likely correct. Find correct wire & place on to solenoid. Mallory was great, she helped search for hydrant keys even when I was sure what we needed ... outstanding customer service. Thanks so much, have a good weekend. Learn how to repair common elkay drinking fountain. Download. Elkay / halsey taylor 98731c red spring cartridge regulator kit. I am looking forward to working with you and your company in the future. Clean or replace bubbler or orifice. Water fiers for drinking solutions. Elkay ada fiered cooler drinking fountain. Resources. Elkay’s sensor-activated, hands-free water coolers and drinking fountains provide cleaner, healthier hydration. I will use your company again! Water cooler may need to be flushed with food grade sanitizer, Water pressure is lower than factor test conditions, Press bar adjustment screw has not been adjusted for EHF, WC, HAC, or EMABF series water coolers, Solenoid will not open up all the way on EZ, HTV, or electronic eye models, Water cooler has an added filter that is restricted, Refer to manual and adjust press bar adjustment screw, Water pressure is higher than factory test conditions, Shut off valve is not open all the way causing a back pressure, Bubbler or orifice is partially restricted with mineral deposits, causing back pressure (similar to placing your thumb partially over the end of a garden hose), Refer to manual & adjust regulator screw counter clockwise to desired height, Power cord to water cooler is open (compressor & fan will not run), Find correct wire & replace on to solenoid, Refer to freeze up section of "water won't flow intermittently", Refer to freeze up section of "Water won't flow intermittently". Read More. I inquired with a couple different vendors for this part, and only Mallory actually followed up with me. Elkay SwirlFlo Drinking Fountain. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual Model 2. She was courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and represented your company very well. All seems to be working and I'm about to try and get a few winks. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. These Water Coolers are certified to be lead-free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Elkay countertop fountain non fiered non refrigerated, stainless. I took a lot of her time for parts that are not all that valuable, but important to me. It would have been easy for her to become inpatient, but she hung in there, found what I needed, and checked things which were a little picky in terms of exactly what was included. Sleek oval basin ada compliant. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help !!!!! Search for Elkay water fountain parts in our Elkay parts breakdowns. Elkay is the brand you can trust. Thank you for reaching out with the follow up. Sleek oval basin ada compliant. Elkay cooler floor mount fiered 14 gph stainless. Repair Parts in Stock and Ready to Ship. Elkay lvrc8wsk fiered water cooler with ezh2o bottle filling station. Another successful hassle free order with Kully! Thanks Shealynn, have a great weekend! Contact service agent, Solenoid or solenoid diaphragm is defective, Replace solenoid. Alyssa helped me out today with great customer service! Find elkay water cooler trouble shooting guide and manuals. Read More. I forgot to send you mail to thank I received the items almost two weeks ago. Have a terrific day and I look forward to contacting you again. ALL SERVICE TO BE PERFORMED BY AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE PERSON. The install was fairly simple with the exception of having to change the P trap location in order to fit the new foot control ... but it works great! I am guessing they are fortunate to have you working for them. In closing let me thank everyone I dealt with for going above and beyond in customer service.. I am shocked that the order went through as promised without any problems. Have a question about this product?. I'm so thankful for this sight and If I need any parts in the future I will come to this sight first. Katrina helped me in the live chat. I appreciate all of your help this is exactly what I needed. Seamless interaction, absolutely phenomenal. Oasis drinking water cooler manual website of jafuagio. Water fountain parts 2 water coolers drinking fountains parts. View and Download Elkay EDF210C instruction manual online. JavaScript isn't enabled in your browser, so this file can't be opened. User manual instruction guide for Drinking Fountain and/or Bottle Filling Station LZWSNA Elkay Manufacturing Co.. page 1 lzwsr*1a installation, care & use manual lzwsrk -ezh2o etro ottle illing important this is an indoor application only. I know where I will go for any plumbing issues I may run in to!! Elkay Drinking Fountains, Water Coolers and Bottle Filling Stations With Elkay you can choose from a wide array of indoor and outdoor water coolers and drinking fountains in a variety of styles and finishes, including many ADA compliant models and the new bottleless water cooler EZH2O series. Thank you so much for your help! Excellent Job! Products as described and fast shipping. We have emailed you a verification link to to complete your registration. Parts Breakdowns and Troubleshooting Guides available. I speak English with difficulty and I have a lot of spelling. I received it on 2/27/2018. Take he to lunch on me! Thank you so much for the information from Haws Corp. That was exactly what I needed to know. 3.) edf210c / edf310c fountain.

elkay drinking fountain manual

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