Looking over the rock-covered surface of the Castner Glacier in the Eastern Alaska Range. Herbert Glacier Trail is a 9.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Juneau, Alaska that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The Gulkana Glacier Trail is a great afternoon hike–about X MILES long—complete with two swinging drawbridges to cross before you reach the glacier. Castner glacier is rapidly receding and as it melts has created many stunning and several exceptional ice caves. I had heard numerous reports of weak layers and unstable snowpack in January. ... Just up the road we found a camp site at the Castner Glacier across from the wild and scenic Delta River. Castner Glacier 04/14/14. Buy. Get it on Amazon: Outside in the Interior: An Adventure Guide for Central Alaska, Second Edition, If you like what I do please support me on Ko-fi. Do the photos really look like what you see in social media? My article on honesty in... A basic, yet comprehensive explanation of what causes the aurora. 12 miles long. This particular visit, there was a few good inches of fresh show so the trail was actually pretty hard to find. There is a parking area at the pack trail head that is located at Mile 1388.4 Alaska Highway and leads south towards the mountains and the Johnson River. View on Map Coordinates Latitude: 63.184179 Longitude: -145.541555. Mostly in the Fairbanks and interior region of Alaska, but always expanding to new areas! Trailhead. During her summer visit, it rained for nearly two weeks, and the clouds never broke. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Hiking and travel guide to Alaska. . The off-trail route climbs Castner to the Silvertip Icefield and, despite being almost entirely on the glacier, does not require crampons, ice axes, or ropes. This unimproved road is located at mile 217.3 on the north side of Castner Creek. NW of Paxson, Alaska Range. The hike to the Castner Glacier is roughly 2.2 miles round trip and includes stunning mountain views. Snow came very late this year, and the snow conditions have been pretty poor. I’ve added my parents for reference size Extreme melting and degradation of the ice cave have occurred! I’d read that the “trail” to Castner Glacier can be dodgy in the winter. Castner Glacier – 14 May 2017. We left home at around 8 am under cloudy skies with a temperature of 20 F. The national weather forecast for the area around Castner glacier was calling for sunny skies but I had my doubts. We plowed and trudged our way southward on the glacier. Castner Glacier a glacier in Alaska. It makes for an epic trip before you even get started. Absolutely the best guidebook to hiking in the Fairbanks area. This trail is not maintained and not marked. Pushing our way out of the drainage to stay dry, we followed a gentle moraine to the top of the northern terminus of the Castner. Suggested hikes in the Delta Mountains, Kesugi Ridge near Denali, White Mountain National Recreation Area, Chena River State Recreation Area and more! This trail is not maintained and not marked. Maybe a firmer snowpack would have been nice. I spend quite a bit of time hiking in the backcountry of Alaska to find gorgeous sights that few people ever see. ... used as a trail head for hikes into the adjacent mountains for climbers and hikers wishing to view the glaciers and valleys. The closest major city to the glacier is Fairbanks, roughly 2.5 hours away. Follow this road and you will find the trailhead. We then had to bushwhack up a 300-foot hill to access the ridge line. The Trail: After four years of not doing this hike I came back again to do it in fall 2016. I don’t usually start venturing into the Alaska Range until March. If you want to experience a fun glacier hike, the Gulkana Glacier trail near Paxson, Alaska, will take you across a cool suspension bridge. The temperature becomes a bit warmer, the snow is deeper and more supportive, and we have much longer days. Most of the tongue of the Castner is debris-covered, very bumpy, and partially vegetated. I may earn commissions if you shop through the affiliate links on this page. Upon reaching the Delta's mouth, they followed the Tanana River northwest to Fairbanks. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. From trailhead to summit, the route is a grueling 25 miles each way, making it one of the longest standard routes, if not the longest standard route, for a State Highpoint. There were live bands and fair booths to enjoy before we headed to the Carter Lake trail head nearby. Log In. This is another trailhead in the Bear Lake area offering access to more of the excellent trails in this part of the park. What makes this one special, even borderline famous is it’s massive ice caves; some of which runs 500 miles deep into the heart of the ice. Travel upon the glacier is not recommended. Create New Account. How to shoot the northern lights, how to edit photos in post-processing with a focus on FOSS software programs. The road ends after 1/2 mile, turning into an unimproved foot path heading up the side of Castner Creek. The Castner glacier starts up the East side of the road. The outcrop is a natural destination, plus it’s got a name on the map—Devils Thumbs. Mountains, glaciers, and moraines. Details. Our decision to stay off and away from the slopes was probably a good one. A collapsed wall or cave at the terminus. Keep an eye out for summertime ice-climbers at this most impressive roadside glacier. Once our feet warmed up. Posted on May 14, 2017 November 21, 2018 by CryoPhotos. Castner Glacier . Recommended: View this map in full screen National Trail System Act 50th Anniversary Map. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. This trip was different, nearly endless clear skies the whole time. West Coast Trail More information Delta Mountains- Castner Glacier Hike There’s more to the Alaska Range than Denali National Park and its heavily regulated backcountry: Discover equally impressive sections of Alaska’s namesake range east of the park’s main entrance. Thank you for your support! If you go to the BLM link for Castner Glacier, they say it’s only a 1/2 mile hike to the glacier – this is not correct. Popular Charitable Galleries Abstract Landscapes Wildlife Glaciers Aurora Forest Water, All material Copyright Lee Petersen 2010-2020 For usage please contact me at [email protected] 603-748-1057, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. These links help support this website and keeps the content free. Powered by Imagely, Castner Glacier & the road there and back, Ravens, A woodpecker, Chickadees, and the Fox that got away. How many active glaciers are left in Glacier National Park? Essentially, we had to forge our own, which would have definitely been difficult for someone who had never been before. My trip to the Castner Glacier was unexpected and short, but provided an interesting perspective on something I had yet to witness in person. The new trail quickly attracted its first common carrier. The Castner Glacier Trail begins at Castner Creek near Paxson, Alaska. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. Nearing the glacier, we saw some overflow on the surface. She never got the chance to see the range without fog and clouds. « PREV NEXT » climbingnarc. By late 1903, this Fairbanks branch had become the dominant interior route. Drive Time: 3 hours. We had a great day hiking out on the Canwell Glacier, but the low cloud ceiling kept us from seeing much of the mountains. Directions: Head north from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway. About heads on White Princess, trends NW and SW to its 1934 terminus at head of Castner Creek, 27 mi. We hiked down to the entrance. What a change in 4 months! One of them lies at mile 218 and a hike up Castner Creek brings you to its end (the terminal moraine). The western approach via Titcomb Basin and Bonney Pass is a slightly shorter route, at 20 miles from trailhead to summit.

castner glacier trail head

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