‘In Reykjavik, the dark auditorium of the theatre glows with candles.’ ‘A feature of the theatre is that all the foyer areas and the auditorium are accessible to wheelchairs.’ ‘For example, the projection of film in the darkened auditorium and its public reception are important elements of the cultural experience of film.’ Let’s see which are the basic parts that comprise a theater and the most common types of today’s theater design. Have you ever wondered what a limelight actually is? Taking you from Aisle to Wings, our parts of a theatre glossary is a helpful explanation of words you might hear bandied around on your next trip to the theatre. The stage area is usually rectangular, more like a sports arena, with tiered seating. auditorium meaning: 1. the part of a theatre, or similar building, where the people who are watching and listening sit…. An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances. For movie theatres, the number of auditoria (or auditoriums) is expressed as the number of screens.Auditoria can be found in entertainment venues, community halls, and theaters, and may be used for rehearsal, presentation, performing arts productions, or as a learning space. It is the part of the theater accommodating the audience during the performance, sometimes known as the “house”. Image showing the in-the-round auditorium at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. Auditorium definition, the space set apart for the audience in a theater, school, or other public building. Auditorium Seat Specifications The definition of the auditorium chair is a result of decisions on standard values of … Black-box or studio theatres Another word for auditorium. Border: Definition. A theatre without fixed seating in the main part of the auditorium—this allows the standing audience to intermingle with the performance and to follow the focal point of the action to different parts of the room. Design a functioning Auditorium according to the type of performance and the number of the audience. Arena theatres are large scale auditoria and have a central stage area with audiences on all sides, similar to theatres in-the-round. Do you know your box office from your backdrop? auditorium (noun) the seating area or audience chamber of a performance space; the house back of house (BOH), backstage (noun) the area of a theatre not open to the public, where the performance is prepared (adjective) in or relating to the areas of a theatre where the performance is prepared balcony, circle, mezzanine, tier 3. The Auditorium Theatre is the result of collaboration between civic leaders who envisioned a building that might make opera and the arts accessible to people in every income bracket. See more. Theatre seating from 19th century forward is a mass - produced commercial product supplied by manufacturers following certain specifications. Definition. Find more ways to say auditorium, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In PROSCENIUM theatres, the part of the stage in front of the HOUSE CURTAIN, or in front of the PROSCENIUM ARCH ... Room at the rear of the auditorium (in a proscenium theatre) where lighting and sometimes sound is operated from. Learn more. Term. Arena theatres. This building helped to bring fine arts to the citizens of Chicago and establish the city as a … Multiple-focus action and a moving audience are the primary characteristics of the promenade theatre. Section of the STAGE floor which projects towards or into the AUDITORIUM. in the auditorium. 1.

auditorium theatre definition

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