No sewing machine required, and no thread color combination is needed. Here are … Hugs, sweet friend! And, if you use a little bit of ingenuity in the form of some Velcro tape, you'll save some time, energy and fabric in the process. 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Completed Bed Skirts. Then slowly sew the ruffle to the sheet using a regular stitch. Measure from the top of the box springs to the ground to find the drop length. Add this measurement to 4 inches for the hem plus 3 to 5 inches to tuck under the mattress. The only bed skirt designed to work with our FlexFit™ adjustable bases. It also uses a lot less fabric. Iron fabric so seams are straight when sewing. Put the right sides of the skirt to the right side of the sheet and attached them with pins. With basic sewing skills, inexpensive white cotton can be transformed into beautiful, designer look-alike shams at a fraction of the cost. 14.5" fabric drop. Necessity is the mother of all invention, right? I spent $12.50 per no-sew bed skirt. If you have a full-style bed skirt, place it on the frame like a bed cover. Give a favorite thin quilt or coverlet new life by turning it into a custom duvet cover. OK, who am I kidding … I really just wanted to hide the ugly space underneath our bed where we keep clothes, keepsakes, a scale, the tissue box from … Knowing the size of your flat sheet and the size of … Beautifully done and fabulous tutorial! This is your bed skirt drop length. Your email address will not be published. To determine the length of... 3. Easy DIY: How to Make a Bed Skirt From a Sheet 1. Sew hems and seams using a sewing machine. Cut Fabric. Here goes! Cut fabric to needed dimensions; add 6 inches to each panel's length for seams. (I just held it up to the bed and put a mark at each end so I would know where to cut). Then, pull the measuring tape down to the ground and write down the measurement. Hem the bottom of each section of the bed skirt and iron BEFORE creating your pleats. I just put them on normal wash and dry. Bryan started off by making a very basic bed frame out of plywood and 2×6’s. How to make a gathered bed skirt is a short tutorial on how to use dental floss to speed up the process of gathering fabric on an upholstered bed skirt. Instructions Drape the sheet over your box spring or bed platform. Adjust the sheet so that the edges just brush the floor. Fold over approximately 4 inches on long side of each piece for the hem and iron this fold. If you want to make a bed skirt for another size just measure the length and width of your bed. I wanted to make a bed skirt for our bedroom to give it some rustic style and finished simplicity. Use two pins to secure the fabric in place and one pin to secure the top of the corner. You can either attach the new ruffled fabric over the previous skirt or cut the skirt fabric and sew the new bed skirt to the panel. Record the length and width of the box spring, and also... 2. Nice bedskirt! 100% Polyester I was planning on using it with the new bed.” I called the salesperson and he said basically the same thing you suggested. The pack may come with a dozen pins -- use them all. A modern, flat-panel, pleated bed skirt adds the finishing touch to a well-dressed bed. My box springs measured 79″ long, 59″ wide and 15″ high. The first step in creating this tailored bed skirt was to measure the length, width and height of my box springs mattress. It … Adjust the sheet so that the edges just brush the floor. Take measurements for the width and length of your box spring as well as the height from the floor to the top of your box spring. Brillant idea to make a quick bed skirt without all that sewing. Then, sew in a hem on each side. Iron Fabric. Cut two identical pieces of a lightweight decorative fabric for the bed skirt’s sides. Other than that, making a bed skirt was super easy and enjoyable, even with making the ruffles (hoping to find some time and show you the best way I found to make ruffles!) Select a skirting fabric … Drape the sheet over your box spring or bed platform. I added an inch top and bottom and ends to hem and about 2 inches to fold across the top of the box springs and attach it. Wash, Dry, & Iron the Sheet You’re Going to Use. I was able to make two bed skirts in just one day (if you don’t count the day it took me to bleach the drop cloth. ) Cut the necessary number of pieces across equaling the circumference plus four inches These four extra inches will give you some extra sewing fabric. and attaching them to the linen. [email protected] says. Learn how to make a bed skirt quickly, easily, and in any size! © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Cut away the flat part of the bed skirt that normally lays in between the mattress and box spring. Refresh your home with stylish products handpicked by HGTV editors. To determine the length of each fabric panel (the bed skirt will consist of three panels: two sides plus the foot of the bed), measure the mattress itself. On average, a queen is approximately 60x80 inches and a king is approximately 76x80 inches. Cut fabric to needed dimensions; add 6 inches to each panel's length for seams. Pinned 🙂 Plus, browse more top-rated options on sale at lower price points. Sew along the newly ruffled edge of the tape to secure your ruffles. Measure and mark your fabric with a pencil every 5" on every section. Cut your fabric into sections to be sewn together at the end. A great project for beginning sewers, a custom bed skirt will boost your bedroom's style. Add a one-of-a-kind decoration to your bedroom: Hang an interesting, salvaged object on the wall as art in just a few simple steps. When we mentioned that we made the bed skirt ourselves out of painter’s drop cloths, and no sewing was involved, many of you asked for a tutorial. Measure the bed’s box spring with a metal tape measure. Remember to add 4"-6" for the top and bottom hems. Fold over approximately 1/2-inch on short side of each piece for the hem and iron this fold. It never made sense to me why standard bed frames are only like 6 inches off the ground. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. It cost us about $50 and … Supplies Needed for DIY Bed Skirt. All rights reserved. 2 1/4 yard of very inexpensive cotton fabric (for the main rectangle piece of fabric, that sandwiches between the... 4 1/2 yards cotton fabric (for the pleated skirt section) matching thread This bed skirt does not have a deck (the big flat piece of fabric that usually goes between the box springs and mattress.
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