I’ve hunted on nearby islands to both the big islands with grand success. Many bucks have missing or broken tines. Deer Hunting Details: This will be our 30 th season hosting deer hunts on Kodiak! Boone and Crockett’s minimum is 100 inches for their three-year awards book and 108 for the all-time book. If hunting with a rifle, a .243 win, .270 cartridges and .30 caliber cartridges will do the trick with 130grain -180 grain bullets. Twice I stopped to pour rainwater out of my boots. SITKA BLACKTAIL DEER COUNT’EM!SEVEN 4X4s. Pellet shape is directly related to the moisture content in the food. Coat color is reddish brown in summer camouflaging it in the fields and forests and turns thick gray brown in winters. On the other hand, I’ve had great October Sitka hunts in the open tundra of Kodiak Island. I had been sitting just below the crest of the low ridge with my back against a tree for more than 2 1/2 hours, and the close of the day’s legal shooting hours was approaching. General Description. The Sitka Black Tail is found only in Alaska, and some parts of Canada’s pacific coast. https://themediocrealaskan.com/hunting-notes/alaska-sitka-blacktail-2020 However, Sitkas start dropping their antlers by Dec. 10. Like all deer specie only the males grow antlers. A few years ago I had a bust of a hunt on Prince of Wales during October. During the rut, Sitkas are as vulnerable to calling and rattling or more so than all other deer species. I’ve even had a few blacktails walk closer after catching my scent. Yet, as a non-resident, you don’t have to hire a guide. Deer population is stable in. They inhabit the higher and lower altitudes forests in summer and come down to the beaches in winter, as the snow cover is less. It’s very slight though because none of my dinner guests have mentioned it. To hunt the elusive blacktail deer buck is typically a battle of wits, with the buck often coming out the reigning champion. To explore Uyak Bay and Spiridon and their environs, we would go ashore in an inflatable skiff motivated by a small outboard. I missed him, too! Go light on the rattling and adjust your whitetail grunt call so it’s not as deep and raspy. To hunt the elusive blacktail deer buck is typically a battle of wits, with the buck often coming out the reigning champion. This will prevent the deer from detecting you via olfactory receptors, ultimately resulting in getting the deer trapped in your net. One reason for larger antler potential is the winters usually aren’t as deadly for the deer in southeast Alaska as they are in the Kodiak Archipelago. The Best Options Hunts begin on Saturday mornings with chartered flights directly to the boat. It’s a high mountain, spot-and-stalk affair. The hunt starts in Larsen Bay, after a half-hour morning flight from Kodiak City. deer hunting season usually begins at the end of September and continues up to middle of December. And, be prepared for all weather scenarios. My most bittersweet Sitka deer hunt occurred on Prince of Wales (POW) Island during a mid-August adventure. Alaska but were transplanted to the lighter rainfall area of the Kodiak & Afognak Islands circa 1930. Hunting Sitka Blacktail deer in the Alpine 2014 - Duration: 9:03. Shortly, I intercepted a doe-chasing buck and zipped an arrow over his back. Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting in Southeast Alaska Hunting the secretive Sitka Black-tail Deer in the rainforests of southeastern Alaska is a relaxing, yet rather stimulating hunt. I shot a couple photos as night swallowed the rain-soaked canyon. If you’d like to see more, check out the video below… Don’t miss out on all the adventure! Kodiak has world-class Sitka Blacktail hunting, most all of the record book bucks come off Kodiak Island. They usually begin rutting by the first of November. These factors can rapidly squelch enthusiasm. Upon recovery, I found a 210-pound buck that gross scored 100 7/8 inches. Normally, both have good to excellent deer populations. When the buck dropped his head below the grass line, I drew and shot. Sitkas are Olympic-class swimmers. So, planning an early-season blacktail hunt may not compete with higher priority species. Predators include bears, wolves, and humans. Realize Sitkas don’t get big antlers like whitetails or mule deer. Finally, my perseverance paid off. Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting Reviews . BLACKTAIL DEER; BISON; DUCK; PHOTOS; BROCHURE; CONTACT; Home > Sitka Blacktailed Deer Hunting. CAST & BLAST . Sitka blacktail deer are excellent swimmers and have occupied most all islands throughout the inside passage in Alaska. The Sitka black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis) is smaller, stockier, and has a shorter face than other members of the black-tailed group.Sitka black-tailed deer are closely related to the larger Columbia black-tailed deer of the Pacific Northwest, and both are considered subspecies of the (even larger) mule deer of the American West. The weather is milder, yet far from ideal. He was a dandy 4×4. This keeps enthusiasm high. There have been a few deer sightings as far north as the Kenai Peninsula. Welcome to Takeena Adventures! It’s been a long, hot summer in the Pacific Northwest and I’ll go on record to say I’m glad to see cooler temps and the first leaves of fall floating off the trees. Sweat poured off our heads as South Cox and I thrashed through near-vertical rainforest all day. Alpine hunts usually required an arduous ascent to get above timberline. While butchering this deer, I stood to stretch my aching back when I noticed another buck. Stick to the call I suggested and you'll do ok if they are in the Love mood. Sitka blacktail season opens in August. Given their preference for tangled cover, blacktails are among the hardest of all deer to hunt, and a trophy blacktail or Sitka deer is one of the great prizes of North American deer hunters. For our Sitka blacktail deer hunt, we arranged transport with Ninilchik Charters aboard the 53-foot Sundy. Typical bucks range from 120# to 220#. An average day on POW during an early alpine hunt should net 20-30 deer sightings. Sitka deer hunting season usually begins at the end of September and continues up to middle of December. I use 100 grain broadheads but I am sure 85 grain broadheads would do the trick. The most important and interesting feature of this animal is that it does not have upper teeth and food has to be mashed with their tongue to the roof of the mouth. If you are wondering where Blacktail deer are found in Alaska, Kodiak Island has a good population of blacktail deer. They are smaller & stockier with a shorter face than other members of the black-tail group. If you charted the estimated deer numbers from Kodiak on a graph, it would look like a mountain range. Regardless, whenever I admire that buck’s fuzzy, velvet-covered rack, I flinch with painful memories followed by sweet visions of alpine hunting. He and three other bucks were hounding a doe in heat. Weather in Alaska during September and October can vary dramatically. Breeding usually peaks by mid-month. Let WBL show you Alaska hunting from the luxury of our all-inclusive lodge. Trophy Potential By then it was too late. As for bears I also use the same call to stop and or call Brown bears. Thirty of those were bucks! For some avid deer hunters it is an opportunity to take a different species of deer. Check out the current deer numbers in the exact hunting spot or you might be disappointed. Sitka Blacktailed Deer Hunting. Investigate islands surrounding Kodiak and POW. With these factors in mind, here is a complete guide to hunting Sitka blacktails. The weather did not cooperate at all, but you and your crew still made sure our entire party had a successful hunt. If motion sickness concerns you don’t go this route. Arrow weights of 300 to 500 grains are recommended along with razor sharp broadheads. Click here to sign up for the Wild Revelation Outdoors Newsletter! The weather is generally milder in August, too. Access strategy & tips to help you apply & spend more time in the field. Alaska Blacktail Deer Hunting Hunt Sitka from a Remote Hunting Lodge on Kodiak Island. Adult Sitka deer bucks can weigh up to 200 pounds while ‘does’ are around 100 pounds. I finally nailed a 90-inch trophy just before dark. We have our own floatplane and can fly you to a remote mountain lake in the morning and transport your record buck back to the lodge that afternoon, allowing us to hunt earlier in the season than any other lodge. Hastily donning fleece slippers, I dropped into a fold in the tundra and scurried his way. Shortly, he lost interest and fed over a hill. On any Sitka hunt, thoroughly research where the deer are during that exact timeframe. Sitka deer are found in the coastal rainforests of Alaska and northern British Columbia. I haven’t hunted everything but I have a good basis for comparisons. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar. The point is, “traditionally good” hunting spotsmay be lousy at any given time. Tips for hunting Sitka blacktail deer in the rut: – Put in time. Please enter your e-mail address. At about 100 yards I stopped. Snow and rain proof binoculars in the 8X-10X class recommended. One option you shouldn’t overlook is hiring a fishing vessel to access remote bays. Sitka deer are good swimmers and have been spotted crossing deep channels between islands in Alaska. Also, I’ve made successful rafting trips down small rivers into untouched deer country. Here’s why. So there you have it, my friends, that’s an overview of Sitka blacktail deer hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Our tent poles broke and we nearly ran out of food before a plane arrived. Moments later he was tagging his first Pope and Young Sitka blacktail. We offer Kodiak Islands finest deer hunting experience. First, you must put antler size into perspective when defining a “trophy” Sitka blacktail. The days are short, but dress warm and bring a headlamp just in case. However, I’ve noticed a slight rutty scent/taste to the meat from these deer. South lugged both his pack and then mine down the mountain for a floatplane rescue. In winter, pellets are hard and dry. Keegan, I would like to thank you and your crew for the best hunt I have ever been on, From the monument we stepped on the Sikumi your attention to detail was evident. Late Season Hunting There are a few spots where you can drive a vehicle to access Sitka habitat. If you’re looking for something a little different, blacktail deer hunting might be for you. It is a smart choice to wear scent eliminator prior to hunting these deer. First, this hypothetical situation has consumed countless hours of debate while enduring “marathon weather days” on wilderness hunts. Allowed 3 Deer per Year; Success rate for … If you have been thinking about hunting Sitka Blacktail on Kodiak, now is the time for great hunting, a large deer population, and great success rate. Sitka deer are hunted with both firearms and bows. At 3,588 square miles, Kodiak Island is the largest in the group. Sitka black-tailed deer are also called Sitka deer and are the subspecies of Columbia black-tailed deer.They are smaller than the black tailed deer of the pacific north coast. Pregnancy rates are typically high, even in populations with less high-quality forage available, but twinning rates are lowered when food is scarce. On another November trip, I hunted during a torrential downpour. Arguably the most beautiful of the deer species, coupled with Kodiaks breathtaking scenery, turns this bucket list hunt into an annual event. After thoroughly judging their undersized mahogany colored racks, I walked away. So, if a record-book buck is important, hunt before the second week of December. For most hunters, pursuing the blacktail deer can feel like searching for the Holy Grail. It’s almost like clockwork. November can be an excellent time to hunt Sitka blacktailed deer. I'd like to do SE or POW, but we are pretty open to anyplace. These blacktails were scattered throughout the dense rainforest and nearly impossible to find. A bow with a draw weight of 60 pounds is ideal. A small lightweight range finder will prove handy while spotting. Sitka Black-tailed deer can weigh in at over 200lbs. If you are wondering where Blacktail deer are found in Alaska, Kodiak Island has a good population of blacktail deer. When I peeked over the rise the deer was only 20 yards away. I loathe the rainforest. Just four years later, in places where there was 30-percent survival, the deer have bounced back quite well. He sauntered by at a mere nine paces. You probably won’t have to do a true backpack hunt for rutting Sitkas. Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting on Kodiak Island is one of the best hunts Alaska has to offer. For others it is the opportunity to just hunt in Alaska! Adult Sitka deer bucks can weigh up to 200 pounds while ‘does’ are around 100 pounds. Sitka black-tailed deer are closely related to the larger Columbia black-tailed deer of the Pacific Northwest, and both are considered subspecies of the (even larger) mule deer of the American West. During these timeframes, the deer are concentrated, active and easier to find. The joy of deer hunting in Kodiak Island comes knowing that big buck is looking at you. The weather at this time of year can literally be lethal, if you are not ready. Sitka blacktail range expands from mid-British Columbia, up the coast, including most near-shore islands and north to the Kodiak Archipelago. Everywhere else, Sitkas live with brown and/or black bears. My leg buckled like snapping the leg off a grouse. THESE HUNTS ARE SELF GUIDED. But many shoot them in the middle of the day too. My gut sense is you stand a better chance of killing a true whopper on Prince of Wales Island. On a solo hunt top quality tents that can take high velocity winds are recommended. Regardless of when and where you hunt, be thoroughly prepared, physically, mentally and with the right gear. Prudently, we had a handheld aircraft radio and called for help. Migratory herds of Sitka move up to higher altitudes in summer and come down to lower altitudes in winter to forage and protect them from heavy snowfall. By late afternoon, I was at least five miles from camp. Both the shell-less mollusk and the forest deer occupy the same soggy, slant-lighted domain of dripping alders, spongy moss, and stinging nettle and both seem allergic to sunlight and open skies. I spent five hours sneaking, crawling, and climbing cliffs to remain undetected. Sitka deer have a healthy reproductive rate, with does giving birth to twin fawns in late spring every year. will enable you to experience the true meaning of high quality adventure. I’ve only seen four 5x5s and I killed two of them. Blacktail deer stand-out like fresh carrot shavings resting on a bed of lettuce. Hunting Early Perhaps this combination is why the bucks get bigger “down south.” One advantage to POW is that only black bears live there. This is probably the least physically demanding time to hunt northern blacktails. However, they have been transported to several other islands. I’ve killed most of my Pope and Young Sitkas duringthe rut. BE PREPARED! The population of Sitka blacktails in any specific location is volatile. So, bear encounters could be more likely during midseason. Hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer: A Complete Guide. Sitka Blacktail Deer are native to the wet, coastal rain forests of S.E. Krimson Trail is her online series about her lifestyle hunting and fishing on Kodiak. On the above-mentioned hunt, I spent 8 1/2 out of 12 days tent-bound due to bad weather. However, they have been transported to several other islands. Then, you can have a wonderful hunt for a very special deer species. Keeping a Pulse on the Population I almost tossed my bow down the mountain in disgust. Location: Full Articles: Big Game Hunting Tactics and Strategies: Deer Hunting: Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting. Deer population is stable in Alaska and is monitored by Alaska fish and game to prevent decline due to over harvest and predations. I just know I see more deer while hunting on Kodiak. The stronger deer knocked the other buck off his feet and jousted his foe while he tumbled downhill and frantically skedaddled. Curiosity doesn’t kill just cats. Hunts are taken in November, during the peak of the rut, or December, post-rut. Third, the Sitka’s beautiful habitat, the ever-changing climate and varied hunting tactics make this species a joy to hunt. On early hunts, meat spoilage can become a huge issue. This 5×5 gross scored 104 7/8 inches. In my opinion the last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of November are the best times to bowhunt Sitka blacktails. The deer aren’t as spooky because they haven’t been hunted since the previous fall. He seemed curious about our activity. HUNTING KODIAK ISLAND. At night you sleep in a warm bunk onboard the SS Big Buck and eat crab and halibut for dinner. Krimson was born & raised hunting on the great Kodiak Island. Using quality wilderness gear, and being physically and mentally prepared, is critical to enjoying this type of hunt. A fight broke out. Mid-September to late October can be hit or miss while hunting Sitkas. Kodiak Brown Bear Mountain Goat – Sitka Blacktail Deer – Roosevelt Elk. People always go out and get a buck just after sunrise. Branch antlered bucks and snow capped peaks fill the minds of deer hunters obsessed with monster mule deer across the country. These had been slam-dunk shots and there was no excuse for missing other than being human. Regardless of where you hunt there’s one axiom that has worked for me: The more costly and physically challenging the spot, the more likely you’ll find fewer hunters and bigger bucks. Sitka black-tailed deer are also called Sitka deer and are the subspecies of Columbia black-tailed deer. It is the smallest amongst the three types of deer native to Alaska. The good thing about a late-season hunt is most bruins are snoozing. At 16 yards he turned broadside and hesitated, ears perked and eyes wide. I hobbled down through the jungle for six hours. August is “down time” for many other species. My knee collapsed five more times. A .30 caliber rifle  can easily take care of a Sitka black-tail deer, Mountain Goat, Moose, Caribou, and Dall sheep if on a combination hunt. Kodiak has high numbers of deer with possibly spotting hundreds of deer daily during October, November and December. This is my best Sitka buck to date. The Sitka Blacktail deer herd on Prince of Wales is at an all time high and the hunting pressure is low. Success is almost eminent if you have a viable plan. Sitka black-tailed deer are also called Sitka deer and are the subspecies of Columbia black-tailed deer.They are smaller than the black tailed deer of the pacific north coast. I’ve never gotten into or out of the field without delay during any of my late-season Sitka hunts. We were happy until I slipped and hyper-extended my knee in the slick, steep rainforest. My friend and I are considering a DIY Sitka Blacktail hunt in either SE, Montague, or Kodiak. Waterfowl and Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunts. This vessel based hunt on the extreme southern end of the island puts you in the most productive hunting grounds in the state. Bumping into meat-thieving bruins is less likely. He was not rutting and extremely wary. During the rut, you might only see one or two deer, perhaps a handful at best due to the thick forest environment. Other Hunting Locales There are two subspecies of black-tailed deer, the Sitka blacktail located in parts of the Alaskan and British Columbia coast, and the Columbia blacktail found from central California north through coastal British Columbia. So, keep your trophy goals in perspective. Sitka black-tailed deer hunt with a Master Guide Mike Horstman. However, I’ve killed rutting bucks after Thanksgiving. Location: Full Articles: Big Game Hunting Tactics and Strategies: Deer Hunting: Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting. A blacktail deer’s greatest defense strategy is its own home. Allowed 3 Deer per Year ; Success rate for a decent buck is approximately 95% *Self Guided. Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting. Also, they’re so distracted pursuing does, they can be somewhat easier to approach. Our operating area includes some of the best Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting in the world with tremendous population density as well as world-class wingshooting of both puddle and sea ducks. Sitka Black-tailed deer from the Kodiak Islands is a wonderful animal to pursue. Meat Processing: Preventing Spoilage in the Back Country. I’d jumped this big buck on two previous days. However you might also want to carry a higher caliber rifle because you may encounter large Black bear or Brown bear. ... What follows is my gear list for a boat style hunt for Sitka blacktail deer on Kodiak Alaska. The meat is excellent early on. Just a few years ago, the very healthy herd on Kodiak experienced a 70- to 90-percent die off (depending on specific locations). Average life span is 15 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity, however few deer live that long, they are either hunted or fall prey to predators. One day in early November I saw 75 different deer, 38 were bucks and I passed up eight shots at less than 30 yards on Pope and Young-class bucks. For most hunters, pursuing the blacktail deer can feel like searching for the Holy Grail. Later, I had anterior cruciate ligament replacement surgery. The Sitka blacktail deer often has a distinct advantage over the hunter in … The two biggest bucks attacked each other with vicious thrusts. There are many reasons to consider coming to Alaska to hunt Sitka Blacktail Deer.
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