Check the salinity of the mixed seawater with a refractometer specifically designed for measuring sea water salinity (such as. These creatures promote a successful aquarium, aiding the biological filtration processes of nitrification, denitrification and the consumption/decomposition of uneaten food. Using ABC+ reduces the number of supplements that need to be added on a daily basis but it is still necessary to do a weekly adjustment with all of the individual supplements to keep all of the Foundation Elements at optimal levels. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up, and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system. 4522 views, Started by zollybosher Try raising or lowering the water level by approximately 12mm (1/2”). In such case the dosage should be reduced by 25%. For more advanced product support please send us your question through the Technical support form. Please contact your local distributor for details of replacement fan availability and installation instructions. At this point in time we cannot make any comments about the performance or long term effects in freshwater systems. This step-by-step flow chart will help you to accurately diagnose the source of your microbubbles and find the correct remedy. There are dark particles in my KH/Alkalinity supplement (Reef foundation B). Aquarium, Cabinet and sump concept by Red Sea for use in the keeping of Ornamental Marine Fish and Reef Systems. Reef Energy AB+ is a comprehensive coral diet in a single formula, designed for easy consumption of its vital carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. Yes, there are a number of wave control devices available on the market, ensure the total wattage is not excessive, you can use a single pump switch or one of the accessory switches to power the devise. Salinity: MyBatch analysis relates to salt mixed to a salinity of exactly 35 ppt (mg/L) for Coral Pro salt and 35.5 ppt (mg/L) for Red Sea salt. The cloudiness / sludge are caused by excessive bacterial flocks that are caused either due to a lack of protein skimming or an excessive dose of NO3P04-X. After extensive long-term testing, we found the circulation rate to be more than sufficient. MyBatch™ is available for all batch codes where the 5th number from the right is 5 or larger. The difference in colors is due to changes in the actual location of the zooxanthellae within inside the soft tissue during the transition from feeding to food transport and also related enzymatic activity during these processes. Reef Energy A&B should be kept refrigerated, to prevent spoilage of the nutritional components (e.g. My Phosphate has gone up since taking my phosphate remover out of the system; should I put it back until the NO3P04-X starts working? Can/should I use a refugium/DSB/BP reactor with NO₃:PO₄-X? I have not had a sump based aquarium before how do I perform a water change? My Nitrate has reduced to 1 ppm in 10 days using NO3P04-X but my Phosphate has not gone down at all, why is that? Check that the water outlet on the bottom of the skimmer has not become blocked. Beginners Questions, Started by baekhsong Once the skimmer is consistently producing gunk, leave it running all the time – but check it regularly to keep it in tune with changing aquarium conditions. Which size Skimmer is right for My Red Sea tank? Besides the air silencer perhaps my favorite detail fo the Reefer Skimmer is how flawlessly it functions in the sump of the Red Sea Reefers series. Since its inception over 20 years ago, Red Sea’s vision has been to create a world in which marine and reef aquariums are the aquariums of choice for all hobbyists. ABC+ is not formulated for mixing with water and therefore it cannot be used as a stock solution. A, Red Sea’s NO3 pro test kit is highly sensitive and very accurate. Have we helped you? My Reef Energy has gone mouldy as it has not been refrigerated, has it gone off ? The fully-featured REEF-SPEC MAX E system provides everything necessary in order to enable you to enjoy the beauty and diversity of your own piece of thriving coral reef, rather than worrying about component selection, suitability and compatibility. This passion has guided the company throughout its product development and design. I have tested for Iron using the Colors test kit but I always get a zero reading, is my test kit faulty? This “soup” of chemicals increases the probability of spontaneous reactions, causing elements to spontaneously switch between phases. No. Why do you recommend different salinities and levels of Foundation Elements for different types of aquariums? Can I use chemical absorbers whilst using NO3P04-X? Add additional DI water to reach a total volume of 14 liters of mixed seawater at 25C. Firstly, remember that your skimmer will work only if the water contains proteins, as these proteins bind to the surface of the air bubbles and give the bubbles the structural rigidity they need to ascend the neck of the skimmer and settle in the collection cup. After a while, you should see the top of the bubble column rise about half way up the neck of the collection cup. Once you turn the power back on, the return section will reduce down, and that's the height you need to mark so you know where to top off with RODI as water evaporates. No. I have noticed a drop in pH since using NO3P04-X is this normal? Are the concentrations the same? Shake the Reef Energy and allow it to settle. If you intend to use it, however, DO NOT add conditioners/de-chlorinators. Red Sea’s KHALKALINITY PRO Reef Test Kit is an advanced titration test, measuring the level of buffers in your reef aquarium to an exceptionally high accuracy of 0.05 meq/l (0.14 dKH). Mixing Foundation powders in slightly warmer water (30° C) will improve the solubility. Check that the skimmer is has been assembled correctly and that there is no damage to pump or impellor. It is common to think that the water coming out of a R.O. Regular water changes are part of the overall water maintenance program even when all water parameters are at the optimal levels. However, if you think that there are too many microbubbles in your MAX, click here to download the new MAX microbubble diagnostic tool (PDF file). What is the difference between Reef Energy A&B and Reef Energy AB+? I can hear water falling in to the sump is this correct? The manuals give a simple explanation of some of the biology/chemistry of what is going on in a reef aquarium and how the various products and programs work together to maintain a vibrant reef. What is the maximum water level in the sump? View and Download Red Sea REEFER Series operation manual online. If you find the cup filling with bubbles or very watery waste, close the air valve slightly and refer to the skimmer section of the manual to see exactly how to fine-tune the foam production by using the adjustable neck on the skimmer. Why should Reef Energy AB+ be refrigerated if it can be auto-dosed? Regular power compact lighting has a tube diameter of 6/8”, which is known as T6. Defines and maintains the correctly balanced levels of calcium, Accurately replenishes the 31 minor and trace elements that enable corals to display their natural colors, Iodine | Pottasium | Iron |  Bromine | Flurine, Controlled reduction of nitrates and phosphates, prevents nuisance algae & enhances coral coloration, Ensures complete biological maturation and algae management, Highly activated carbon for marine & reef aquariums, A range of high quality, reusable aquarium filter bags, The complete Plug & Play® Open Top Reef System, The complete Plug & Play Open Top Reef System, Red Sea MAX true REEF-SPEC for a successful reef. Shake it gently to release the airlock. I have been dosing NO₃:PO₄-X for three weeks and have seen a change in color of the skimate being produced. Every single component of Reef Energy AB+ is utilized by the corals for their metabolic processes (e.g., protein production and soft tissue regeneration), thereby leaving no unnecessary organic material that can raise the NO₃ & PO₄ levels. Reef Foundation ABC+ is formulated according to the expected Foundation Element uptake of an “average” reef aquarium. I am dosing with NO₃:PO₄-X and waiting for my nitrate level to decrease. • Ensure that the dosage is accurate, based on the true volume of the aquarium (and sump if used), taking into consideration displacement caused by rock and substrate. Deluxe Reefer 170 includes 1x Red Sea ReefLED 90 Light Over the past few years Red Sea has a lot of time dedicated to testing and researching LED lighting, and the culmination of those efforts led them to the ReefLED 90. In order to provide the most concentrated stock solution, we recommend a mixing dosage closest to the saturation limits of the components. We recommend maintaining minimum levels of 0.25ppm Nitrate and 0.02ppm of Phosphate. The exact amount will vary with the type of rock you choose. To find the right skimmer for your Red Sea aquarium check out our compatibility chart. water with TDS meter and it reads 0 ppm, but I still detect NO3 in the water. When dosing Foundation B liquid to the aquarium I experience solids forming. Such methods will interfere with the natural proliferation of de-nitrifying bacteria and PAB communities. If livestock starts to show any signs of distress, perform an immediate water change of 25%, and monitor livestock behaviour closely. Recalculate your aquarium volume and dosage and check that your skimmer is sufficiently aerating the water. Apart from Reef Energy A&B, all supplements can be diluted. The substrate also provides a natural habitat for small worms and crustaceans that help clean the tank from detritus and play a major role in the delicate ecosystem’s food chain. For more advanced hobbyists who follow the naturalist “Berlin” style, which relies on live rock, live sand and efficient protein skimming and circulation, the MAX allows you the option to exchange or reduce some of the filtration media, such as replacing the bio media with crushed live rock or reducing the height or density of the sponge filter material. It is easy to dose Coral Colors based on the calcium uptake. Be sure to take these points into account when selecting a replacement heater. The Characteristics of Tank Stability - REEFER 170 Specifications. Can I use NO3PO4-X in freshwater systems? Mixed reef, SPS frags – 4 ml per 100 l (25 Gal). I have used NO3 Pro Test Kit for high range readings by dilution and I am getting higher results than anticipated, is my test kit faulty? Reef-Ready systems for advanced hobbyists. Coral/Water chemistry question for beginner! As a rule, you should add 1 kg / 2.2lb of live rock per 10 liters / 2.6 gallons of tank volume and it should occupy at least forty percent of the tank volume. Once you’ve added live rock or fish to your MAX, it can take about an hour before the skimmer starts foaming. This can lead to the growth of undesirable algae, and is detrimental to the health and vitality of corals. If possible try to reduce the ambient temperature by increasing the ventilation in the room. How often do I need to clean the sump filter sponges? The Max 130 & 130D both weigh around 200kg (440lbs), The Max 250 weighs approximately 350kg (770lbs) when filled with water, reef base and live rock. What is the correct way to prepare saltwater for accurate analysis? We recommended that you keep the ambient room temperature a comfortable and stable 22°C / 72°F. No, your test kit is not faulty. as used by professional laboratories can result in measuring differences. For the MAX 130 & 130D this means approximately 11kg / 24lb of average density live rock For the Max 250 you should aim for around 21kg / 46lbsThe exact amount will vary with the type of rock you choose. Why does my tank keep filling with thousands of tiny bubbles? Currently its 20cm/8inches ish. After a few weeks of using NO3P04-X my aquarium has become cloudy / I have sludge appearing on my rock work, is this normal? An easy-clean alternative to the 4”/10cm micron filter bag. If your tank is clean, your skimmer cannot produce foam no matter how much you open the air inlet. Does dosing with Reef Energy AB+ affect HLLE in fish? For optimum conditions a reef aquarium should be maintained at a stable water temperature in the range of 24-27°C / 76-81°F – the stability of the temperature being more important than the exact value. I have tested my salt and the parameters do not exactly match the MyBatch™ analysis? Ensure you monitor the=nitrate content closely, and adjust the NO₃:PO₄-X dosage accordingly. No. I should add as well its a read sea skimmer on a red sea tank and according to their website I shouldn't need to raise it up. No. I also purchase some marine balls and some bio balls that I placed in my sump. Ensure that the area surrounding the aquarium is waterproof and consider moving away anything that water might damage. At the first sign of cloudiness reduce your NO3P04-X dosage by 50 % until the water returns to normal clarity. • Ensure your skimmer is turned on and adjusted to produce wet foam. I have a biologically mature aquarium, how do I start implementing the Reef Care Program? The following are our recommended starting quantities for averagely stock tanks however the actual dose should be adjusted over time according to your visual observations of the corals and NO₃ and PO4 levels as described in the product instructions. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system including a professional refugium ready sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system. Is it normal to see a lot of solids when mixing Foundation B and C powders? from detritus and play a major role in the delicate ecosystem’s food chain. • Restart the flow pumps and restart the chiller. When all of the salt is dissolved raise the temperature of the saltwater to 25C. ** If only a 5% water change is performed you do not need to switch off the flow pumps as these are still subsurface. Red Sea MAX E-Series 170 Rimless Aquarium 45 Gallons with ReefLED 90 The MAX® E-series combines a contemporary, rimless design with state of the art technology. I have started dosing NO₃:PO₄-X and the aquarium has gone a little cloudy, is this normal? Rimless reef-ready systems for advanced hobbyists. I have been dosing NO₃:PO₄-X for some weeks now, my NO₃ has dropped to zero but I still have a high level of PO₄-. The Red Sea MAX has been designed to cater for different reef aquarium filtration methodologies. During the initial weeks of dosing NO₃:PO₄-X you will see a lot of bacterial activity due to the increase in populations of many different species of bacteria, growth of algae can be due to nutrient release, this is normal, this is a transition period for your aquarium and this algae growth will quickly subside. All amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins that are prepared in a liquid form and open to the air will lose their efficacy if not properly refrigerated, unless the solution contains preservatives that will harm microbial fauna in the aquarium and increase PO₄ levels. With the new additions, the Reefer XL can now be purchased in four size models (200, 300, 425, and 525) to give you the freedom to create more expansive, intricate, … Can I make changes/additions to the standard equipment? Insufficient skimming will not strip enough bacteria out of the water and PO₄ may be released back to the system. In a closed room without ventilation, the ambient temperature can slowly rise. It is important that the Foundation Elements are dosed at least 10 minutes apart, in order to prevent any precipitation issues. Do not aerate the water during the mixing. Cloudiness should dissipate after 1-2 days. I want to use dosing pumps to dose Coral Colors can I mix them to reduce the amount of dosing pumps I need? Ensure that you are using the skimmer in saltwater at the correct specific gravity. Check that the water level in the skimmer chamber of your sump is as recommended. It is important to consider the ventilation in the room where the MAX is to be kept as the hood is fan cooled and expels the heat generated from the light tubes into the room. No. The skimmer pump inlet is located underneath the skimmer, so it’s constantly sucking in a mixture of new water flowing through the complete filter section and recycled water that has just exited the skimmer. Tank weight and support For the sake of comparison, the Prizm Pro is designed as a hang-on skimmer with a single pump that must perform the dual functions of pushing water through the skimmer and injecting the air into the system. After a few minutes from the time you add the iron (Coral Colors C) to the aquarium you will probably measure levels around 0.05 ppm. A little later, you should see dirt starting to collect around the top of the skimmer neck and around the outside of it. Rotating the regulator in the “Minus” direction lowers the foaming point in the neck to produce a drier foam. We do not recommend freezing Reef Energy, as it will damage some of the active ingredients in the formula. Thats what I did in the end before I read the post! Multiple doses of 10ppm can be added to an aquarium during a day provided a few hours are given between doses to allow the supplement to dissolve properly. Make sure you can reach the power center switches located at the rear right side of the MAX and that the power center can be removed from its niche. It should be dosed dry into a rapid water flow area. These creatures promote a successful aquarium, aiding the biological filtration processes of nitrification, denitrification and the consumption/decomposition of uneaten food. However, corals need to obtain their remaining nutritional demands (such as vitamins and other nutritional compounds) from other sources. When I dose Reef Energy, some of the LPS corals close up and when they reopen, they are a different color? The dosing instructions assume that your aquarium is fully stocked with corals. The Red Sea REEFER 170 is truly among the best reef aquariums on the market, especially for its price. We advise a reduction of the NO₃:PO₄-X dosage by 50% and regular monitoring of NO₃ levels.If after 7 days you still have a zero reading, reduce the NO₃:PO₄-X dosage by a further 50% and dose Reef Energy A & B at the low-nutrient rate to prevent your corals from starving. The chip is slight and does not extend beyond the area of the front glass piece that is bonded to the base and LHS glass plates. The dark particles you see are simply small quantities of raw material (insoluble CaCO3 and MgCO3). If livestock starts to show any signs of distress, perform an immediate water change of 25%, and monitor livestock behaviour closely, providing further partial water changes if necessary. It is essential to use an efficient protein skimmer in order to remove bacterial matter from the water column, as failing to do so may cause turbidity. Check that the skimmer is not touching a wall of the sump or other equipment. A small amount of mould will cause no harm and it comes from active bacterial flocks. Always use clean non-toxic utensils for the mixing. Remember to close the valve once foam production is stabilized. Add the salt sample to the water slowly and continue mixing for no more than 2 hours. Why can’t I just use Foundation ABC+ without using the individual Foundation A, B & C supplements? This definition is useless to most hobbyists so we do not use it. The pump cycles the complete volume of aquarium water 3.8 times per hour through the skimmer. Both the Reef Foundation A & C powders mix to the same concentration as the liquid equivalents. The rating of the Prizm Pro is for cycling the aquarium water once every 2 hours, which in reality is no longer in line with our current awareness and philosophy on the role of skimming in a reef aquarium. Sample size for mixing must be at least 500g. Once it's all settled, you can fill the sump as far up as you like. The manuals also give a clear recipe for dosing the supplements. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We recommend using substrate, ideally an Aragonite-based substrate as it helps keep the water chemistry balanced. • If changing a 10% system volume turn off the chiller if one is fitted (S 400 & 500 only) The correct order to dose in is: Magnesium (Foundation C) then Carbonate (Foundation B) and Calcium (Foundation A). Any suggestion on what I should be getting in the future? In general, the other RCP supplements should not be mixed together before use as this will cause undesirable reactions between the chemicals. To enable automated dosing, Energy AB+ contains a small quantity of carefully selected preservatives that will maintain the efficacy of the active ingredients unrefrigerated for a limited time period of 1 week, without having a negative effect on the reef aquarium’s eco-system. Under normal conditions, surface detritus is drawn into the filtration system. When the MAX is run-in, in an environment with a steady ambient temperature of 22°C / 72°F or below, no cooling is necessary. For example, a calcium titration kit may have a scale indicating a measurement to a resolution of 5 ppm but have a built in accuracy due to the chemistry of 10 ppm. Tip: You might be getting micro bubbles if you are using tap water with water conditioners or natural seawater. There are many reasons which can create an outbreak of cyanobacteria or “Red Slime”, even in systems with very low nitrate and phosphate levels. Red Sea REEFER 170 Complete System 21 Gallon Going from the top of the Reefer system down to the bottom, the first thing you will notice is the crystal clear glass and elegant beveled edges. These are inert and harmless particles, and the product is completely safe for use. Is this caused by NO₃:PO₄-X? v. Is there an average dosing regime for the Foundation Supplements? I am testing the R.O. Is there anything wrong? This knowledge, gained over 25 years, forms the basis for the specification of all Red Sea MAX ® Aquarium systems designs. I am having problems adjusting/fine tuning the skimmer, Why There is a dirty film floating on the surface of the water, The powerheads are running but no water is passing through them, The hood fans have become noisy, especially during start-up. I also had a subscriber ask a question about how high the water level gets in the sump during a power outage, so I do a simulation halfway through the video. Powerheads 
The MAX powerheads were selected for their specific flow rate, physical dimensions and reliability. When the bacterial population proliferates, bacterial flocks released to the water column are then taken out by the skimmer and therefore phosphates are stripped out of the system. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Read the NO3PO4-X instructions carefully and stop using alternative methods of Nitrate and Phosphate control. Corals Colors come in four different types A, B, C & D and it is important they are not mixed, in order to prevent any interaction between the elements and to ensure that each group can be adjusted singly if necessary. Red Sea REEFER 170 with Kessil Bundle (includes 1x Kessil A360X Tuna Blue + Mounting Arm + Spectral Controller X)Red Sea REEFER™ Systems. soft tissue. We recommend the use of good quality activated carbon as part of reef filtration and confirm that it does not affect the efficacy any of the RCP supplements. Can I add a wave controller to my flow return pumps? Only a one-week supply should be put in the dosing container at a time, any remaining Reef Energy AB+ should be refrigerated. For laboratory analysis DI (deionized) water should be used for preparing the saltwater sample and not distilled or RO water. Since corals cannot digest the cellulose walls of phytoplankton, feeding corals with Nanochloropsis, Isochrysis, Tetraselmis or any other commercial phytoplankton will not provide any nutritional value. For one-off events see answer to “My skimmer is producing a lot of weak, watery foam”. You will always notice a slight drop in pH values after adding the NO3P04-X especially if your pH probe is in the sump or close to where you add the NO3P04-X however after a short time the pH will return to normal. If the column is lower than this, open the air valve slightly; if it’s higher, close it. Preparation: Use of a refractometer not calibrated specifically for seawater will result in an error in the salinity measurement. diet comes from the zooxanthellae algae, whose photosynthetic activity provides the corals mainly with carbohydrates and several fatty and amino acids. The Reefer 170 w/ Ecotech XR15PRO Lighting is the Red Sea Reefer 170 with 1 x Ecotech Radion XR15PRO Lights and 1 x Ecotech RMS Brackets. In long-term tests we conducted on the MAX 130 & 130D in our laboratory, the system proved capable of supporting all soft corals (Sarcophyton sp., Lobophytum sp., Sinularia sp., Xenia; Cladiella sp., etc. I appear to have lots of small bubbles coming back in the return flow, what is causing this? The Red Sea REEFER XL™ is Now Available in Two New Sizes! If the ambient temperature is above 26°C / 78°F a water chiller of approximately 1/10 HP for Max 130/130D, and 1/6 HP for Max 250 should be used. It is capable of detecting NO3 levels of 0.1 ppm in freshwater and sea water. You can modify the bottle top by simply drilling two holes in the cap, one suitable for tubing the other for an inverted air non-return valve. Red Sea Reefer Complete System – Nano/170/250/350 Innovative Designs Going from the top of the Reefer system down to the bottom, the first thing you will notice is … is this normal? Beginners Questions, Started by leedsrhinojohn If you are looking to increase the water currents within the aquarium it is best to do so by adding additional powerheads, the power cord of which can be run out of the back of the aquarium through the removable chiller access panel. Inlet tube blockage. You can set up your reef tank with or without a substrate at the bottom. On some of the batch codes the first digit is either missing or not clear. Instead, allow the water to settle for 24 hours for the chlorine to evaporate naturally before introducing it to the aquarium. I do not keep many hard Corals, do I need to dose Coral Colors? Check that the power cord is plugged in or try another outlet. Upgrade or create your system and unlock great discounts! T5 tubes haves a smaller diameter (5/8”) and produce a higher intensity output. If you have an ATU,  you set the float or sensor to go off when the level drops from that marked line. In an established tank, when the substrate matures, it takes on the characteristics of “live sand” inhabited by millions of microorganisms. Skimmers can take a few days to settle in. This is an easy operation, However, since the recommended dosage of Reef Energy+ is based on an average population per aquarium volume, some nutrient buildup may occur until the correct dosage for the specific system is established. The best way to understand the Reef Care Program (RCP) is to read through the manuals that we provide with the products. No, The Red Sea Iron test kit is designed to monitor Iron levels when dosing Coral Colors C, where iron levels are above normal seawater levels. I have overdosed on NO₃:PO₄-X, what should I do? If the problem persists then disassemble the skimmer pump to inspect for blockage and damages. What is the optimal time of day for feeding? The aspiration pump is making a rattling noise. Is my test kit faulty? The Foundation and Algae management programs are definitely the place to start as these are responsible for creating and maintaining overall water conditions and therefore it is probably best to start with the 500ml liquid supplements of Foundation A,B & C and NO3PO4-X. NO₃:PO₄-X reduces PO₄ levels by enhancing the proliferation and activity of PHA’s bacteria. The bubbles in the skimmer are too large. For more in-depth info: This can be caused by a number of issues including air and water flow adjustments please refer to the separate C Skim instruction manual. We recommend the Carbon is changed every 2 months at least, with a large stocking level of fish the Carbon should be changed every month.
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