Like a window into their day-to-day life, Lam census records can tell you where and how your ancestors worked, their level of education, veteran status, and more. My last name is Lum. Chinese family name can made by your English name. The most Lum families were found in the USA in 1920. MAN Chinese (Cantonese) Cantonese romanization of WEN. Search US census records for Lam Chinese : from the name of the state of Luo during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc). Honey Lum, President Alex Eng, Vice President Keith Johnson, Secretary Joyce Eng, Treasure Cathy Wei, Member at Large. Study in China. The majority of people with this surname are concentrated in the Fujian province of China and Taiwan.Among the overseas Chinese, the surname Lin (also spelled as Lum, Lim or Liem) may be more common than … This was about 77% of all the recorded Lum's in Canada. Lum — ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Benjamin W. S. Lum (1953–2002), US amerikanischer Filmschauspieler Dyer Lum (1839–1893), US amerikanischer Anarchist und Dichter Lum Pao Hua (unbekannt), chinesischer Tennisspieler der Name folgender Orte … The Lum family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The surname Lum is quite rare in the United States -- and made rarer because it is often spelled in different ways, such as Lumm and Lumb. On paperwork, my Chinese relatives are listed as being from Shan Tew Li / Sar Toi / Shan Tow in Sunwui, Kwangtung, China. "Limanto" and "Halim" both contain "lim" that corresponds to the 林 surname (Mandarin: Lin, Cantonese: Lam or Lum, Hokkien: Liem or Lim = forest). The famous 1966 political activist and businessman Sofjan Wanandi (Chinese romanization: Liem Bian Koen) translated Lin to old Javanese "wana", meaning forest, and added the male-suffix "ndi", resulting in the new clan name Wanandi. Board of Directors. If you believe the surname Lum has another country of origin besides the one listed here, then E-Mail or call us {615-696-0202} and we will do a quick search to see if we can find it. CACS Foundation. Although the Chinese make up the largest segment of the U.S. Asian and Pacific Islander population, the most common Chinese-derived surname during the 2000 census was not itself Chinese but the Vietnamese Nguyễn (Chinese: 阮, Ruǎn). Teach in China. PO Box 22583 Sacramento, CA 95822. It's not always easy for a non chinese to guess the gender of a chinese name. British Columbia had the highest population of Lum families in 1911. For those who are familiar with Jyutping, please try our new Online Jyutping Input Method Compatible with . The surname Lum was first found in Northumberland, where they were Lords of the manor of West Denton.The earliest record of this name in Scotland appears to be of Adam Lamb of Sympering, who witnessed a charter of lands in Grayden in c. 1288. The first two characters, Pan Shan in Mandarin, signify the place where the sitter is from, a town in the province of Canton; the third character, Lin in Mandarin is the sitter’s surname (Lum or Lam in Cantonese); the last two characters, Ya Jiu in Mandarin or A’Kao in Cantonese, is his informal name, used as a familiar or private term. As a last name Lum was the 4,406 th most popular name in 2010. In 1889 they established themselves as Sai Ho Tong. How many people with the first name Lum have been born in the United States? In 1911 there were 139 Lum families living in British Columbia. Phone: (916) 261.2118 (leave a message) Email: CACS President. Early Origins of the Lum family. There are 28,000 census records available for the last name Lam. Vietnamese names like Tran are spelled Chan for Chinese from China / HK several Vietnamese names are variations of Chinese surnames, but spelled their way 周 Zhōu encircle Joe, Chow. MAS (1) Catalan Means "farmhouse" in Catalan. Heng was his personal last name. In 1891 there were 70 Lum families living in Yorkshire. How Popular is the name Lum? ... LUM 林 Chinese (Cantonese) Cantonese romanization of LIN. [lin] is a Chinese surname. The surname Lum was first found in Lancashire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor. I presume that the surname Lum Chou is wrong and should be Lum.Presumebly Lum Chou was Thomas (my great grandfather)'s mother. Emailed Coat of Arms Custom Coat of Arms Wood Carvings. PO Box 22457 Sacramento, CA 95822. - anonymous submission (East/Southeast Asia) From the character 林 (Mandarin/Wu = Lin, Cantonese = Lam, Hakka/Min Nan = Lim). Basic Controls. Have a Chinese last name? If the English spelling of your last name is different from that of the table, please send us a note and we will add that to our table. I opened the link and gasped out loud - in that photo Lum bore a striking resemblance to my late grandmother, and we share a last name (not unusual - Lum/Lam/Lin/Lim are all various anglicizations of the same common Chinese surname).. posted by btfreek at 1:35 PM on May 4 [7 favorites] . MAH Chinese Alternate transcription of Chinese 马 (see MA). It is a city in Guangxi province. Find out its meaning and origin here. 林 My grandfather, William Lum, was born in Canton, China and came to Oregon around 1920. This is the surname of Emperor Li, known by other names also. A story says that the name 'plum' arose because the first Li survived persecution by eating plums. Many years had passed before a group of men decided it would be of mutual benefit to form an association of individuals bearing the surname of Lum. The Chinese pronunciation for the popular surname 林(which also carries the meaning of 'tree' / 'forest')is [li:n] in Pinyin (Putonghua / Mandarin) at pinyin tone 2. It means "forest", "woods". The Saxon influence of English history diminished after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Phone: (916) 284-1485 (leave a … This was the surname of Chinese emperors of the Han dynasty. 林 is pronounced in Cantonese as lum while in Hokkien and Teochew, it is pronounced as lim. The Chinese started coming to Hawai'i in the early 1800s but it wasn't until the mid-1800s that large numbers started to come to work in the sugar plantations. names like LAM can also be spelled LUM or LIM, depending on the dialect, I here the dialect can be different 20 miles away in another village, it changes with the area. Chinese experience equal difficulty in finding the phonetical equivalent of foreign names. The Eames family (Miss Emma Eames was born in Shanghai) is kuown as … MAK 麥 Chinese (Cantonese) Cantonese romanization of MAI. We empower you to type Chinese online anytime, anywhere with any computer for free! This was about 48% of all the recorded Lum's in the UK. The Lum family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. This was granted to a descendant of Zhu Rong, a son of Zhuan Xu, legendary emperor of the 26th century bc. Then he later moved to Alexandria, Virginia. Similarly, Cantonese pronounce the Chinese surname – 陈 … Enter a name and get informations : gender, pinyin pronunciation, meaning of every characters. en-cn dictionary website Travel to China. As such, in English, Cantonese speakers will spell their surname as L-A-M or L-U-M, whereas Hokkiens and Teochews will spell it as L-I-M. Lín (Chinese: 林) is the Mandarin Chinese form of a Chinese surname for “Forest” or “Trees” that originated from late Shang Dynasty during the reign the last king, King Jou (1154 BC to 1122 BC) whose name (紂王) was actually given by posterity to mean a “cruel ruler”as the King’s official name was Tze Shin 帝辛. It is the second most common surname just behind Wang with 92 million people (April 2007). Last Name Contact Chinese American Council of Sacramento. Online Cantonese Input Method is a free online Chinese typing tool using Cantonese romanization codes. The word is not independently attested, but appears also in Lomax and Lumley, and may be reflected in the dialect term lum denoting a well for collecting water in a mine. Early life. Lin is a pinyin transcription of one of several Chinese surname s, with 林 (pinyin Lín) being overwhelmingly the most common. MAS (2) Dutch, Low German … Li Lisan was an early leader of the Communist party in China. Depending on dialect, the word could be spelled as (Lam, Lim, Lum, Ling). When you have these Chinese names - then the village chief of your ancestral village can be contacted to find out if you still have blood relatives still living in the village. Undertaking the history of William Lum Chew of Dalby, a Chinese immigrant to Queensland in the 1880s, illustrates the difficulty of completing Chinese family history. I know for sure that Thomas had a brother in T&T probably … (And there are other variations such as "Lunn," which complicates things by being also a separate surname in its own right.) At various points in his life journey in Queensland, his name is listed as Ah Lum Chew, Lum Quee, Lim Chew, William Lum Chee, William Lum, William Lum-Choo, William Ah Chu and Jung Gum Chew. The Daoist philosopher Laozi is considered by many as the family's founder. Lum was born in Stony Brook, New York, on Long Island, to a Chinese American father, Wally, and a Korean American mother, Tia, a painter who immigrated to the United States from South Korea in 1972. Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, iPad. The literal meaning of this surname is "forest" or "woods". MAI 麥 麦 Chinese Chinese surname meaning "wheat,barley". [ Follow Ups] [ Post Followup] [ Chinese Surnames Queries] [ FAQ] Posted by Lum Chou, Gary ( on October 12, 2005 at 14:38:07: Thomas Lum Chou married Elisabeth Le Sam Moi 1885. China Club More than 50 000 members ! The most Lum families were found in the USA in 1920. The language of the courts was French for the next three centuries and the Norman ambience prevailed. Chinese families are listed in … The most accurate way is if you know your last name in Chinese. Subsequently, his descendants adopted the state name as their surname. In some instances the name may be topographical for someone who lived by a pool, Middle English lum(m). Lum is the 16,688 th most popular name of all time. Chinese : … LUM English From the name of towns in England called Lumb, probably from Old English lum "pool". [lam] (as the second syllable in the word 'column') in Cantonese at Cantonese tone 4. - miwasatoshi. LOW English Variant of LAW. Most villages in China are occupied by members of a single clan. Borrowed into Vietnamese as Lâm, into Tagalog (from Cantonese) as Lam. Before ordering, The Tree Maker asks that you read our " Frequently Asked Questions" page before ordering. English : variant of Lamb. Fancy script for the capital L has even been mistranscribed as an S, resulting in "Summ"! We have many resources available to us. Yorkshire had the highest population of Lum … If you don't find your last name, please send us a note also, so that we will try to find the origin of your Chinese last name and add it to our web.
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