In most cases, once you have set a high standard, you will need to work harder than someone without those high standards. But it is more than that. You cannot be successful in an instant. Learning to put all of my time,dedication and efforts into my success pays off by the rewards that I will receive in the end When you are hired as an employee in an organization, you typically get a job description which is a road-map that shows what roles and responsibilities you will be in-charge of and how these intersect with the overall goals of … Your standards influence the way you think, believe, and behave. Your interviewer wants to get a sense of how you form your standards- so you can answer by detailing how one might measure the success of your unique skills. The interviewer is looking beyond the definition for success and actually looking for how you plan to achieve that success. If your standards are high, you'll never be satisfied with less than you can accomplish. Perhaps you want to be a more effective team player for the company. The growth of new technology, its impact on your education and the workplace, and the surge in various high-growth industries continuously creates new opportunities to learn and grow. Be humble and give your honest opinion of how you define success. To combat negativity, focus on what you enjoy about your job. My standards of success begins with following what I know I am capable of doing setting my goal that is attainable and not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of me achieving the very best that I can be. In a way, this is a work ethic question, since it is asking about how you define success. People with high standards are most of the times more successful than the average. Your standards of work, ethics, personal development and responsibility set your … Good work should exceed the expectations of the company you are working for. The interviewer is looking for both your motivation and your measurement system. If you do not have high standards for your significant other and how you are treated, you may find yourself in a bad situation. The way we prepare you for the workforce has changed during Job Corps' 50 years. Learn how to effectively define and measure career success with our insightful guide – includes tips on determining your goals and achieving them. Every two or three months take a moment to reflect upon your standards … Keep in mind that success is what you make it. Try to think objectively and avoid focusing too much on salary figures and job ranking. If you do not have high standards for your job, you will not have the best job. Being successful at your job is essential for your long term career growth. If you dislike your job duties, supervisor, commute, compensation, or benefits, you are to some degree unhappy in your current job. The definition of #success is subjective, and how to define it will require a series of personal factors in your #career. Related: 10 Surefire Ways a Positive Attitude Increases Success. Don’t focus on money and power. Negative feelings toward your job can sabotage your chances of workplace success and can lead to general unhappiness. A successful job done is one that meets the requirements set forth by the company, and then some. Career Success Standards.