Cempedak ચાંયા- chancha. સિઝનલ ફ્રૂટ હોવાને કારણે ગરમીની ઋતુમાં દરેક જગ્યાએ તરબૂચ સરળતાથી મળી રહી છે. how to make watermelon recipe in gujarati. Most of nutritionist suggests using more watermelon to loose weight. watermelon peel gujarati news - Get latest and breaking gujarati news about watermelon peel, updated and published at 24Kalak, Zee News Gujarati. What is watermelon called in Sanskrit Vivek Kumar 5 years ago 1 min read To know what is watermelon is called in Sanskrit is a tricky thing–the common name of watermelon used in India is actually borrowed from the Arabic language. Enjoy Watermelon in … So we get more energy from watermelon. watermelon માટે શોધ પરિણામ (recipes in gujarati) ગુજરાતી રેસીપીસ. Introduction of Watermelon Farming:-Watermelon is a warm, long-season crop and is now grown in all tropical and subtropical areas of the globe.This fruit mostly cultivated for its fresh juice and sweet flesh. 19. Pomegranate દાડમ- dadam . Please find below many ways to say watermelon in different languages. Watermelon juice is refreshing juice in summer and it is rich of essential vitamins, minerals and water also. Watermelon is the large melon-like fruit which belongs to the plant family of Gourd. 20. Animals name in Gujarati. 23. Marathi: Tarabuja. Read breaking news and latest updates on watermelon in Gujarati including sports, politics, entertainment and more only on News18 Gujarati. Bael બીસી- geesi. 176 સરળ અને સ્વાદિષ્ટ હોમમેઇડ ગુજરાતી વાનગીઓ. Texts of Ayurveda praise watermelon as vrushya (aphrodisiac) and veeryavardhaka (increases sperm count and motility).This can be used in vajikarana diet while undergoing vajikarana therapy at home.But one word of precaution, always use ripe fruit pulp (without rind) and never use unripe fruit as it reduces sperm count and motility. Get watermelon news in Gujarati. Watermelon for Male Infertility. 22. Square Watermelon. The practice of using watermelon rind as a hero ingredient is highly prevalent with the Gujarati Jains whose basic principle with cooking is reduce as much waste as possible. Jambolan જાંબુ- jambu. Watermelon’s seeds are very important in mukhavas (mouth freshner). Watermelon તરબૂચ- tarbuch. This is the translation of the word "watermelon" to over 100 other languages. What Is Watermelon? It has a smooth green outer skin, red pulp inside and watery, juicy texture. Now, if you are wondering is watermelon a fruit or a vegetable, then it belongs to both the categories. Gujarati: Tarabuca. Commercial cultivation of watermelon takes place on larger scale in summer season in most of the Asian countries. 21.