So, you can hit 30 days, and if you don’t enjoy, you get a full refund with beck the bat. Like anything, BBCOR Bats come with advantages and disadvantages. If he wants the coolest looking bat, then people really like The Goods. Rarely have we seen a market that accepts a $50 price increase without much complaint, but the Meta did it. And, you’ll save yourself a couple of hundred bucks in the meantime. BEST BBCOR BATS 1. Here’s an image showing the best BBCOR bat barrel sizes. Demarini CF Insane (-3) BBCOR Baseball bat comes with greater power for the best hitters. The Louisville Slugger 618 Solo is a one-piece, balanced, aluminum alloy, drop 3 bat that comes hot out of the wrapper.As is expected from one-piece bats, the 618 gives stiff, traditional feel and transfers more power to the ball. Granted, the BBCOR space offers plenty of great options—many a lot cheaper. If we were to pin it on one aspect, it is the lack of a 29-inch version. In other words, if you are good with a bit of weight in your bat, then the CAT 8 might be the perfect fit. Lizard skin grip is added to make comfort and better control of the bat. Marucci’s CAT is a hugely unsurprising choice in the best 2020 BBCOR space. Those that like stiff bats and a loud ping (and saving a few bucks) should love it. What are the best BBCOR bats? The MAKO Beast, much like the CF Zen below, sits at the top of the shelf in players’ minds and parents’ wallets for a reason. Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 Baseball Bat. Most younger players need as much swing speed as they can buy before their bodies and strength catch up to the drop 3 BBCOR requirement. The grip can be rubber or leather, which is placed on the handle to reduce the vibrations. These bats are made only in a drop 3 (-3) or minus 3 and have 25/8’’ Barrel. It is, in fact, the most endloaded bat we’ve ever measured. 3-Fusion technology with unique construction is used, which improved weight distribution. Our results are based on real player metrics. ​Marucci​pre-season and we are still in love with it for all the same reasons. The 2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519(-3) best BBCOR Bat has four specific sizes. Our defense is the best effort in finding the 2018 BBCOR bat players would be the happiest with on average. Speed, Power, and Control all-in-one bat. The 2020 Slugger Meta BBCOR bat is made for whom don’t consider the price of the bat. We do like it. Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Bat 2020. Hot out of the wrapper, top-end performance. Remember that every player has a personal preference, so what might be the best BBCOR bat for others may differ for you. The connection piece is all about feel and perception. It is the same as the blue one for 2020. However, to be sure, BBCOR standards have leveled the playing field—no 2020 or 2021 BBCOR bat will outperform other top end bats by that much (if at all). Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. If he’s already swinging a 34/31 well, then the only real option is go up in swing weight. A baseball bats, the barrel is the most important part. This is an alloy barrel bat, but the feel likes a perfect wood made bat. That is, the weight balance is towards the endcap when compared to the rest of the 2020 class of BBCOR bats. 1-piece design for ultimate stiffness on contact. Before starting our full reviews, we want to see what BBCOR Bats is and who produced it? Its microform composite barrel design makes it a perfect choice to hit lighter swing shots with maximum pop. World-famous Lizard skin grip used for better comfort and tact. Glad to hear you’re having success with it. One-piece baseball bat means, it’s only single-piece construction. Do note, and we think the 2020 Quatro Pro falls short of the 2019 version, so don’t recommend it as a suitable replacement. As a side note, we also have a Hammer bat. The new Prime 919 comes back intensely. Larger sweet spot with batter balanced swing. I suspect your big hitting son might like the aluminum barrel more than he imagined. Its barrel size is dreamy; swing weight calculated precisely for the broadest audience and two-piece construction arguably flawless. In the meantime though, make no mistake, the 2021 Victus Nox is a legit BBCOR bat with a balanced swing, big barrel, and top-end performance. 2020 Omaha 519 designed with MX 7U1+ Alloy Barrel, it delivers huge sweet spot and stiffer feel on contacts. As well, we are sure, Slugger made plenty this year. We measured what bat brand is the most popular. The bat also comes in a 29/26 inch length, making it the LIGHTEST swinging bat in the BBCOR space? Additionally, the bat is a two-piece design, so it allows for a smooth smash on sweet spots and a manageable ring on mishits. The ADV 360 is … So, it’s impossible to find a bat with as much pop. (That is, the best BBCOR bat not named the Meta—but those are out of stock). The bat packs serious power can hit the long ball like nobody’s business and feels ultra-smooth on both hits and mishits. They are, after all, the same bat. My 13 y/o 8th grader is playing High School and we are looking to get him a bat for use in HS and Babe Ruth. Maximum stiffness of the contact of the bat is making more preferable to the Louisville slugger lovers. If, at 15, you’re out looking for this information you are in a really good spot. Most of that work comes between three to four different hitters, but often we gather feedback from far outside that circle, too. The Select PWR is a good one, but it is priced like it is right now because few want that end-loaded of a bat. Thanks. The 2020 DeMarini CF insane features composite bat is the maximum mass for power hitters on the games. BBCOR Certification (Approved for High School & Collegiate). DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball bat backs with its original sweet swing, durability, half+ half high performing composite construction, and required update to boost swing speed with maintaining natural power. We found it going ( anywhere from 50 to $200.|. The best way to improve your exit velocity is to dial in the right swing weight. The most surprising 2020 Easton Maxum 360 (-3) BBCOR bat comes up with the longest barrel and biggest sweet spot in the games. CF Insane features ultra-responsive composite, with a greater mass of power hit. If you could give me the best option for me to swing between a Warstic Bonesaber 33inch, A Cat 9 Connect 32inch, The goods 32inch, Or the NOX 33inch, to replace the 2021 meta. have more), it does make sense that Marucci comes in 4th, although the Cat 8 alone is one of the most popular BBCOR bats around. We’d go to the used market to see if that helps solve the problem before committing big money. Watch the team discuss the best BBCOR bats for the 2018 season. After doing some research, I have narrowed down my selection to the Louisville Slugger Prime, the CF, the Slugger Select PWR, and the Voodoo balanced. Everyone else, for a cheap BBCOR bat that most kids can swing, we like a bat like the BBCOR StringKing. Elite players love elite bat to play. These connections made the bats more speedy, powerful, and comfortable. But, for 2020, the bats we tested, how do we say this, weren’t excellent. Its social media publicity has been Baum Bat like. But, Elite level kids who can get 100 EV on a tee might be a home run. Been researching the Voodoo One but haven’t been able to try one yet. Namely, users voted that bat like the best for 2016; the 2016 BBCOR CF8 is a tough find because lots of people like it; Amazon reviews are generally glowing. BBCOR certification regulates adult bats performance, and BBCOR measures the trampoline effect of the bats. The brand used highly premium aluminum sheets that pass out from a very stressed way, this doing … Aluminum vs. Composite BBCOR bats One of the most attractive characteristics for high school players in BBCOR bats is “pop” or the raw exit velocity or power when making solid contact on the bat’s sweet spot. Best 2020 Two-Piece Composite Not Named Meta. Well capable of hits with the highest velocity. The bats are known to be a solid and less flex. (COVID has pushed back a bunch of releases—so we are waiting our time). For many, we would argue, it is. We’ll see how the year shapes up. *Rank: The bats are ordered based on their popularity. Massive sweet spot with the lightweight barrel. It hasn’t got the NUKE’s social media publicity, but it hits the ball just as hard per swing weight. You’ve discovered why, in many cases, better, stronger, and older hitters prefer stiff single-piece bats—because they can tell when they’ve hit it well. It also defines the exit speed. The truth about BBCOR Bats is the pop on high end bats is pretty much the same. Update October 20: We are waiting for more 2021 BBCOR bats to get released before we make our final determinations. That award goes to the ​2016MAKOes. Before starting our DeMarini CF Insane (-3) BBCOR Baseball bat full Review, we want to introduce highlighted features here-. This composite bat built for players who want the best feel and speed with quality performance, and more mass players who can handle it perfectly. Hope that helps and thanks for reaching out. We knot he Voodoo One has got some pub recently, but we’ve always been fans of the ultra-light swing and bigger barrel profile on the Solo. In terms of sweet spots, that’s a bit more difficult to answer empirically. As well, we compiled data from NCAA Division 1 World Series stats according to the bat they used. The feel and sound are remarkable. One of the oldest, most popular, and most trusted manufacturers of bats is Marucci and CAT8 is just another proof of this. We measured what bat they use, how they like it, and what bat they consider to be the best. So, I’d look for a bat like a 33-inch The Goods or Axe Elite. We’ve yet to find one, at least. But there appear to be plenty that are legit sellers). 2020 Rawlings VELO ACP BBCOR is a one-piece hybrid alloy barrel baseball bat. The Select Power looks okay but the thing that sort of helps is the price of the bat. I hope that helps, and thanks for the question. Our style, then, is to go and buy older bats, like the CAT 5 or maybe even an older Voodoo (We really like the 2013 and 2016 RAW). We’d pass on the right price for the wrong kind of bat. Its 3-Fusion connection maximizes performance and minimizing the hand’s string. He is currently swinging the Louisville Slugger 918 Prime 34/31. There are several reasons the ​617 the top of our Best BBCOR Bat 2017 List. It is probably not what you want to hear, but the top end of the BBCOR bats really don’t have any more pop than other BBCOR bats. The MAKO TORQ has consistently run several dollars cheaper than the MAKO—enough to afford a Lizard Skin and still come out ahead. Of course not. ​Our Best BBCOR Bat 2016 edition wouldn’t be complete without a runner-up. Any bat 30″ and below would have to be BBCOR or USABat. As well, we use aggregated feedback from some rating sites like Amazon and to get a feel for what people may or may not be saying about the bat. A custom Lizard SkinTM grip provides the better best-in-class feel, cushion & tack on the swing. Great news! The BBCOR Bats’ common trapper size is 31/32 inches. They changed nothing on the bat, save the graphic change to blue. Because both have some specific value on the players, and both have considered the best BBCOR Bats on their grounds. The two-piece BBCOR certified hybrid bat is the ultimate performing bat of DeMarini. So, on the purpose of lengths, you must see these two things carefully. The best-kept secret in the industry is that the best BBCOR bat is actually the right size bat. Thanks for the question. My son is a small 14U player that needs a drop 3 and we got him a marucci drop 5 last year and he hits it well. Louisville Slugger 2020 Vapor (-3) BBCOR Bat (Best High Performing Bats) 2020 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Bat… Having a few talking stiffness & rigidity. Something about the feel and sound had people drooling. Nothing changed with the bat, and we didn’t find a 2020 BBCOR that got that much better. If you are a power hitter, and always love to hit, we recommend it because it is the best BBCOR bats for power hitters of 2020. Unlike most top-shelf choices that run with an expensive two-piece composite bat with an over-sized barrel, the SOLO is a moderately priced bat in the single-piece hybrid space. When I mentioned I am on a budget I was saying 400 dollars and up were out of price range now with all that being said say for No more than 300 Dollars what would give him the pop he wanting and by the way he does take hitting lessons. Not because the barrel is better than the Solo but because it swings heavier. So, look for an older, cheaper model on eBay. The Louisville Slugger Vapor series has been added a fabulous new baseball bat. The CAT 9 and META are outstanding bats that perform at the top of the BBCOR standard, but they do feel considerably different. BBCOR Certified for High School and Collegiate Level. ​DeMarini’s CF7 is a pleasure to hit. Why the TORQ and not the traditional MAKO? The new DeMarini 2020 CF Insane (-3) BBCOR baseball bat specially built for the players who want greater power with CF feel. There are other impressive 2020 BBCOR bats aside from the Meta. BBCOR Certified (High School & Collegiate Approval). If a 30″ USABat, what drop and type would you recommend? would it be a smart idea to move down a size to be able to control the barrel a little better, or get something like the bonesaber in a 33inch. No, they are the most substantial composite and metal bat company in the world because they make bats like the MAKO. This Louisville Slugger Vapor (-3) 2020 BBCOR bat constructed when the season on the door and their consistently high performing bats maintain they’re well named. The DeMarini BBCOR lovers prefer it as the best BBCOR bats of the year. This newest addition of the VELO series bat is meticulously designed to accelerate your swing speed on the plate. Usually, the alloy barrel combines with a composite handle. They are, in no small measure, a massive juggernaut in the BBCOR bat space. I’m looking at getting a new BBCOR bat for my son. We’d choose the Solo. Read our full Easton Maxum 360 BBCOR Review. As you state, the bat is unbelievably endloaded. So, for what it’s worth, The Goods or Prime in a 34-inch might be the right choice. BBCOR standards have leveled the playing field such that barrel performance is eerily similar across every brand, model, and make. ​If you are looking for a bat that is like the 2017 Louisville Slugger 617 SOLO, then ​Marucci’s unrelated and robust cousin. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Generally, two-piece bats give the impression you may have hit the ball better when you did not. Our exit speed testing and barrel testing, as well as our liberal use of swing weight calculator, influence our rankings considerably. The best and easiest way to save money on a bat is to buy a used one. So if you consider the quality of the best BBCOR Bats features we hope you will found everything. Of course, everyone’s list will be different. This shameless one-piece construction design provided the stiffer feel with enhance power. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. The 14U player we had testing chose this as his favorite bat of the bunch. Can you tell me which has more pop the Omaha 519 or the solo 619? This bat is highly recommendable. However, the CAT 7 does not have the extended composite end cap like the 617 SOLO, so expect a slightly more massive swing per given inch. But, if you can find it in the right size, the 2019 Quatro is a great, great choice. It is a smooth swinging, buttery smash ball driller and few there be that walk away unimpressed. If you think that’s now, then The Goods will be as good an option as any. It follows the bat is not made for everyone—those who want a light swing will prefer a two-piece composite or something built for balance. Super-premium design with masterfully crafted. After dominating the 2018 best bats charts, they are back again with an AZ105 alloy one-piece construction. Trapper is mostly related to the comfort of the bats if trapper gives extra protraction from vibrations then fewer stings of hands. Lightness in the swing isn’t a good or bad thing when isolated by itself. That said, the Red Meta is about as good as any bat out there. Exit speed tests are similar between all three bats. The pop directly depends upon the age of the bat. It has 2 5/8 inches barrel diameter, -3 drop ratio, and 31/32 inches tapered handle. As well, the CAT 8/9 swings heavier than the META. We think if he’s not very big, that drop 5 will work wonders. If you want to buy something new, then we suggest a bat like the 31″ Rawlings Quatro. That’s a pretty long way of saying there really isn’t a difference in ‘pop’ but a difference in perception. To give you the best BBCOR Bat reviews, we hit every BBCOR bat on the market for weeks. He is a 6’3″ 180lbs 16 year old power hitting. Also, The 2020 Omaha (and 2021) has dynamic swing weights. When you see the BBCOR Bat weights, you have to keep in mind that’s dead weight and swing weight. If you have any specific questions, our Bat Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-2287 , email at [email protected] , or you can click here to … When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. A year ago Demarini changed the game by introducing two-piece composite baseball bats to the baseball world. On the BBCOR test, the higher the number is, the more trampoline effects have, which means trampoline effects value is the key element of the test. The 2020 Slugger Omaha 519 is also a one-piece alloy bat with updated features. Bat satisfaction among BBCOR players might surprise people. The DeMarini Voodoo (-3) BBCOR Baseball bat has both dynamic and sturdy, which will accelerate the power of the hitters, and the performance of the bat is amazing. You might think we’re crazy. If anything was surprising, it was Rawlings’s 5th place finish. After analyzing customer feedback and reviews, has compiled a list of the best BBCOR bats. BBCOR Bats are made from a variety of materials, which are Aluminum, Alloy, Composite, Wood, and Hybrid. But, we’d put up the exit speeds on a CAT 9, Omaha, Prime, etc. Hello, my Name is Cater, I’m 16 years old and will be playing High School baseball very soon, it’s almost Christmas and I hoping to get a bat, the issue is I don’t know which one. Our second favorite two-piece composite bat for BBCOR 2020 is Easton’s ADV 360. No one can measure in-game batted ball speed with other bats. The system optimized the weight distribution and energy transfer of the bat. The best BBCOR bats are always allowed you to hit the ball out of the park. (Disclaimer: We don’t know any of those sellers on eBay, so proceed with caution. It is known that’s BBCOR Bat always measured with ounces. The aspects of the weight of BBCOR Bat you have two options-one is lightweight bats which provide greater swing speed, or heavyweight bats which offers power & strengths. It’s official swing weight, as we recorded it, sat in the bottom 30%. Slugger’s 617 Solo tops our Best BBCOR Bats 2017 list. In BBCOR for 2019, it is Slugger. That gives us some confidence in believing the sweet spots and relative barrel performance are pretty darn close to each other. A significant piece of the baseball bat market is the BBCOR space, and as such, we have used every performance ($150+) BBCOR bat for 2018 in some fashion or another. The bat is downright beautiful. The 2021 DeMarini The Goods has taken much of the BBCOR world by storm. Some will be more of a problem than others. We most likely earn a comission from companies we link to on this site. 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR baseball bat is a masterfully crafted bat, from the finest composite materials. So, it appears, if our options are between the CAT 9 and the META, we’d choose the META. I am looking at the Louisville Prime 919 or DeMarini The Goods in the 34/31. Should I try a 31″ BBCOR? The most standard synthetic leather grip used to control the bat when swinging on the games. This design keeps the lighter swing found on more expensive bats but now delivers hot out of the wrapper performance. We think it’s doubtful the average High School player will like the Nuke more than a bat like the Goods or Meta. But, if the price isn’t an issue and you want a balanced swing for 2020 in BBCOR, then the Slugger Meta is a great bet. I totally understand that it is a personal preference so I’m looking for advice/opinion. After lots of hitting with every 2020 BBCOR bat out there, our hitters think Slugger’s Meta Prime is the best BBCOR bat. The new season knock on the doors, and every new season is special for Louisville Slugger’s lover. And in a world where small players require tiny BBCOR bats, it is an absolute plus to have a 29-inch bat. LS Pro Comfort grip for perfect tact and cushion. Good choices, for sure. Instead of producing more 2019 versions of the bat, Slugger readied their 2020 release. We have a running tally of our favorite metal bats on a different page. If you step up to the plate for play with these 2020 CF Insane (-3) BBCOR Bat, it will be shocked for the opposite team, because it is the most consistent and high performing barrel baseball bat. The Rawlings Quatro averaged over 2.1% hotter in our exit speed tests than the average of the 35 bats we tested. Hope that helps! (Although Slugger’s Prime is pretty great too). Of course, there are several problems with measuring exit speeds in a controlled environment, many of which we discuss in that article.