Another benefit of EAPs involves employee retention. Show More Sentences Also, hormonal fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can result in fluid retention, which can cause wrists to swell. 🔊. Find more ways to say retention, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Moving Beyond Retention and Social Promotion. 3. retention. We call these leftover traditions " cultural retentions ." A meeting of representatives of all European inhabitants of the Sovereignty, elected on manhood suffrage, held at Bloemfontein in June 1852, never theless declared in favour of the retention of British rule. Retention alone is not creative. in the better preservation of final and unaccented syllables and in the retention of the dual and the middle (passive) voice in verbs. Members of The Home Retention Team have extensive training and knowledge and work directly with borrowers in an attempt to keep homes out of foreclosure. b : the holding in place of a tooth or dental … In the autumn of 1907, however, as the latter's retention of office became more and more improbable, it became evident that no other possible successor had equal qualifications. Verbs for retention include retain, retained, retainest, retaineth, retaining and retains. The deeper the mulch, the better job it does at water retention and weed prevention. Sentencing is the process of matching your research data to a specific class of records in a records authority (e.g. Without water retention the land becomes baked. 3. To know by rote is no knowledge; it is only a retention of what is intrusted to the memory. The following 201Tl indices were calculated: early uptake ratio, delayed uptake ratio, washout rate and retention index. Vitamin B6 may decrease fluid retention, fatigue, irritability, and mood swings. The result in the vote against the development and for the, 28. The Sudan at this time (c. 1862) is described by Sir Samuel Baker as utterly ruined by Egyptian methods of government and the retention of the country only to be accounted for by the traffic in slaves. The nuclear-weapon States have found new justifications where none exist for the indefinite retention of their nuclear weapons. The retention of a book (even a costly book) is hardly adequate recompense for the time spent on composing a proper review. 195+3 sentence examples: 1. Reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention, improved productivity. Through some misunderstanding, he reported on his return that the count had accepted all the terms offered, including the retention of the tricolour flag; and the count published a formal denial. The act of retaining or the condition of being retained. A parallel case is the retention of small quantities of water soluble substances in the soil. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. In order to acquire the knowledge of the true and primary principles of scientific knowledge, and especially the intelligence of the universal essence of the subject, which is always true, the process of knowledge consists of (I) sense (a'lcO o s), which receives the essence as individual, (2) memory (uvi j), which is a retention of sensible impression, (3) experience (cµirecpia),which consists of a number of similar memories, (4) induction (brayw-y), which infers the universal as a fact (TO iTC), (5) intellect (vas), which apprehends the principle (apxit); because it is a true apprehension that the universal induced is the very essence and formal cause of the subject: thereupon, scientific syllogism (i rcnf µovucos vvXXoycvµos), making the definition (opeg ios) of this essence the middle term (TO, c Vov), becomes a demonstration (6.7rOSee es) of the consequences which follow from the essence in the conclusion. retention schedule tells us: How long records are needed. h; (2) the retention of s between vowels; (3) the change of medial and initial d to 1; (4) the retention of medial f which became in Latin b or d; and (5) the change of Ind.-Eur. It was well known that proper names are usually transcribed from one language into another with a tolerably close retention of their original sounds. 🔊. - First, pension systems… Retention of an ultimate deterrent or ultimate guarantee of national security is a political given - but its scale is not. You can help control fluid retention by reducing the amount of common salt (often called sodium chloride by manufacturers) in your food. He had, it is true, been unable to prevent the retention of the grand-duchy of Warsaw by Alexander of Russia; but with the aid of Great Britain and France (secret treaty of January 3, 1815) he had frustrated the efforts of Prussia to absorb the whole of Saxony, Bavaria was forced to disgorge the territories gained for her by Napoleon at Austria's expense, Illyria and Dalmatia were regained, and Lombardy was added to Venetia to constitute a kingdom under the Habsburg crown; while in the whole Italian peninsula French was replaced by Austrian influence. The more serious effects include acute confusional states, tachycardia, urinary retention, and aggravation of glaucoma. The result is a beautiful framing of the windows that allows privacy, energy retention and protection from UV rays as desired. Owing to liability to necrosis, the permanent retention of such a mass of dead bone would be dangerous; and the antlers are consequently shed annually (or every few years), to be renewed the following year, when, till the animal becomes past its prime, they are larger than their predecessors. But the prolonged controversy over the bill, and its withdrawal in the autumn owing to the refusal of the government to accept modifications made by the House of Lords in the denominational interest, made his retention of that office impossible, and he was transferred (January 1907) to the post of chief secretary for Ireland, which he subsequently retained when Mr Asquith became prime minister in 1908. 0. However, the Government's data retention proposals still arouse consternation. You can find my dataset in a csv format at the end of the article. Clanvow's retention by the Crown brought him a variety of employments. Retention Payment means the occurrence of an event of default of a Clearing Member (as this term is defined in the Clearing Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Clearing Member") or a default of a Trading Member (which will be deemed to occur following the occurrence of one of the events listed in paragraph 2802/11 of the Exchange Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Trading Member"); a : abnormal retaining of a fluid or secretion in a body cavity retention of urine retention of bile. Minimal change disease is a form of nephrotic syndrome seen in children, characterized by swelling and weight (from fluid retention), foamy urine, and loss of appetite. Any retention made by the first mortgagees should also be deducted. Because the weight loss product seemed fake and pretentious to me, I decided to buy an alternative item. Grade retention is the opposite of social promotion, in which children continue with their age peers regardless of academic performance. This explains the retention of Italy, imposed on the Directory from 1796 onward, followed by his criminal treatment of Venice, the foundation of the Cisalpine republica foretaste of future annexatiofis the restoration of that republic after his return from Egypt, and in view of his as yet inchoate designs, the postponed solution of the Italian problem which the treaty of Lunville bad raised. Retention sentence examples. the power of being hardened by sudden cooling, because the essence of this hardening is the retention of the (3 state. But his views did not prevent him from profiting to the utmost by one very bad abuse, for he did his utmost to secure the retention of his frigate in port, in order that he might be able to attend parliament. I can give you several sentences.He has poor retention for facts.She suffered from water retention once a month.The dam is needed for retention of the lake. It causes fluid retention (edema); dry, peeling skin; and hair discoloration. Retain definition is - to keep in possession or use. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The primary reason for this retention is that nothing approaching the difference in dispersive power between ordinary crown glass and ordinary dense flint glass (a difference of i to 13) has yet been obtained between any pair of the newer glasses. 16. The most commonly cited reason for retention problems was a perceived lack of career progression. The retention of information is aided by repetition.. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on.. 2. Gravity will cause fluid retention most commonly in your feet and legs. However are not march cross-section snapshot population with less retention of eligible. The British commissioners, who were practically autocrats in spite of the retention of the native senate and assembly, introduced a strict method of government which brought about a decided improvement in the material prosperity of the island, but by its very strictness displeased the natives. Ludwig Wiese's scheme of 1856 insisted on the retention of Latin verse as well as Latin prose, and showed less favour to natural science, but it awakened little enthusiasm, while the attempt to revive the old humanistic Gymnasium led to a demand for schools of a more modern type, which issued in the recognition of the Realgymnasium (1859). He was a distinguished educationist who fought for the retention of the Latin classics in the schools and instituted the celebrated catechetical method of St Sulpice. Another word for retention. He upset (1830) Cuvier's retention of the Cirripedes among Mollusca, and his subsequent treatment of them as an isolated class, by showing that they begin life as free-swimming Crustacea identical with the young forms of other Crustacea. Retention of title clauses are not appropriate if your goods are to be processed or incorporated into something else. urogenital tract Rare: urinary retention, urinary incontinence. In his book entitled Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, author John Ratey discusses the connection between exercise, learning and memory retention. By the operation of meteoric agencies, iron pyrites readily pass into limonite often with retention of external form; and the masses of "gozzan" or "gossan" on the outcrop of certain mineral-veins consist of rusty iron ore formed in this way, and associated with cellular quartz. tricuspid valve stenosis include enlargement of the liver, water retention in lower limbs and abdomen. The most common reason for retention is poor reading skills. Nephrotic syndrome is marked by abnormally low levels of albumin (hypoalbuminemia), abnormally high levels of cholesterol in the blood (hypercholesterolemia), and fluid retention (edema). The treaty having been duly ratified, and an indemnity of 400,000 paid to Menelek, the Shoan prisoners were released, and Major Nerazzini once more returned to Abyssinia with instructions to secure, if possible, Meneleks assent to the definitive retention of the Mareb-Belesa-Muna line by Italy. 3. patents-wipo. 0 Urgent detention of acquitted persons Section 134: power of court to detain acquitted persons 259. Into this I mix vermiculite to help with moisture retention. So he presided at the trial of John Claydon, Skinner and citizen of London, who after five years' imprisonment at various times had made public abjuration before the late archbishop, Arundel, but now was found in possession of a book in English called The Lanterne of Light, which contained the heinous heresy that the principal cause of the persecution of Christians was the illegal retention by priests of the goods of this world, and that archbishops and bishops were the special seats of antichrist. Some other observers, however, have not got such good results with a chloride-free diet, and Marishler, Scheel, Limbecx, Dreser and others, dispute Widal's hypothesis of a retention of chlorides as being the cause of oedema, in the case of renal dropsy at all events; they assert that the chlorides are held back in order to keep the osmotic pressure of the fluid, which they assume to have been effused, equal to that of the blood and tissues. Enjoy also the retention of breath. Dandelion Tea - The leaves and petals of the humble dandelion Tea - The leaves and petals of the humble Dandelion make a diuretic tea for treating fluid retention and urinary infections. Keywords: student retention, student attrition, student support, parents, prospectus. Diuretics increase urination and can help with water retention. The retention, however, by Copernicus of the antique postulate of uniform circular motion impaired the perfection of his plan, since it involved a partial survival of the epicyclical machinery. In addition symptoms associated with severe tricuspid valve stenosis include enlargement of the liver, water retention in lower limbs and abdomen. 5. Some patients even gain weight because of fluid retention. 28 a to the dimensions characteristic of elephants, with the loss of the lower incisors (or with temporary retention of rudimentary ones), while at the same time a true elephant-like trunk must have been developed by the shortening of the lower lip and the prolongation of the combined upper lip and nose. Urinary retention and constipation are common in the acute stage, but later on sphincter function recovers. As in the Victorian prisons and asylums, the, 21. Benefits packages play a major factor in employee recruiting and retention. Occasionally the builder may raise minor maintenance problems to justify his failure to pay for work executed or to release, 27. How To Use Retention In A Sentence? Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid, 10. Given research finding that retention does not help learning difficulties, the question remains regarding what to do with a child who is, for whatever reason, unprepared to move to the next grade. Don't sleep in an overheated room as this can cause fluid, 26. It's a simple shoe without flashy effects, made to reduce water retention. Retention of organic anions causes a progressive increase in the anion gap and a further fall in plasma bicarbonate concentration. customer retention definition: the fact of keeping a customer for a period of time: . Definition and high quality example sentences with “retention” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. In this year began the " Tariff Reform " movement initiated by Mr Joseph Chamberlain, but Free Trade retained a strong hold on the British electorate, and the return of the overwhelming Radical majority to parliament in 1906 involved its retention under the fiscal policy of that party. The present structure dates, like many others in the principality, from Edward I., perhaps even from the plans of the architect of Carnarvon and Conway castles, but with the retention of old portions. potted into bark and needed a little more moisture retention. Retention is most likely to be recommended by teachers in grades one through three. It contains less than 200 species, chiefly parasitic on or in algae and other water-plants or animals, of various kinds, or in other fungi, seedlings, pollen and higher plants. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences They supported the retention of a strong central government. On the Success of Failure: A Reassessment of the Effects of Retention in the Primary School Grades. 2. Fluid retention: More specifically, fluid retention can cause dilation. The retention of something is the keeping of it. substratum surface roughness on the retention of microorganisms. Theoretically, no doubt, this is correct, but the typical members of the two groups are so different from one another that, as a matter of convenience, the retention of the two families seems advisable. Quality leather has the following features: good elasticity, thermal insulation, water resistance/permeability, and shape retention. Example sentences with "retension", translation memory. Repair requires the matching of vermilion color, maintenance of oral sphincter function and mouth opening size, and retention of sensation. I can give you several sentences.He has poor retention for facts.She suffered from water retention once a month.The dam is needed for retention of the lake. Menabrea disavowed Garibaldi and instituted judicial proceedings against him; but in negotiations with the French government he protested against the retention of the temporal power by the pope and insisted on the Italian right of interference in Rome. Feelings of time always forward,never weak retention eyes. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. Since NSAIDs and pioglitazone are associated with fluid retention, concomitant administration of NSAIDs and Competact may increase the risk of edema. 195+3 sentence examples: 1. He strongly opposed the evacuation of Egypt; he insisted upon the exclusive control by Great Britain of the Upper Nile Valley, and also upon the retention of Uganda. Retention; Meaning: [noun] preservation; withholding; keeping in memory. Any comparison of the treatment of biblical figures or events in the later literature will illustrate the retention of certain old details, the appearance of new ones, and an organic connexion which is everywhere in accordance with contemporary thought and teaching. Prickly heat is also known as sweat retention syndrome or miliaria rubra. Strong evidence indicates that at-risk students need remedial intervention, not simply more time or the repetition of material that retention provides. A pilot cohort of 356 adult diplomates was recruited the previous year and with whom panel recruitment and retention strategies have been developed. Side effects include dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, urinary retention, and rapid heart rate. Even though Jake was a millionaire, he avoided hanging out with pretentious people who liked to flaunt their wealth All the sweat retention rashes are also more likely to occur in hot, humid weather. Customer satisfaction: Research shows that customer satisfaction is a direct driver of customer retention in a wide variety of industries. "Functional fecal retention with encopresis in childhood.". He was at this time in favour of a strong Austrian empire, which should consist of a federation of the southern German and the Slav states, allowing of the retention of their individual rights. The offence will also cover cases of dishonest, 22. For if, as is commonly the case, the water employed be drainage-water from cultivated lands, it is sure to contain a considerable quantity of nitrates, which, not being subject to retention by the soil, would otherwise escape. However, retention of a course found to … The retention of the escrow account signals continued delays and bureaucratic red tape that will hamper the functioning of the economy. r9) with a detailed system of empiricism, according to which sense is the primary knowledge of particulars, memory is the retention of a sensation, experience is the sum of many memories, induction infers universals, and intelligence is the true apprehension of the universal principles of science, which is rational, deductive, demonstrative, from empirical principles. Inspired by an ancient Aztec remedy for chronic gout, these delicious treats have been scientifically proven to fight the affects of water retention. To reinterpret all these features as mere symbols, the lumber of ancient days, is to avoid the problem of their introduction into the Temple, and to assume an advance of popular thought which is not confirmed by the retention and fresh developments of the old ideas both in the pseudepigraphical literature and in the literature of Rabbinical Judaism.'. Retention treatment stage-The passive treatment period following orthodontic treatment, when retainers may be used to stabilize the teeth. Fluid retention can reach a point where your body can no longer contain the fluids within your circulatory system. patents-wipo. 3. Where the body of a person who has died of an infectious disease is retained in a room where persons live or sleep, or the retention of any dead body may endanger health, any justice on the certificate of a medical practitioner may order the removal of a body to a mortuary and direct the body to be buried within a time limited by the friends of the deceased or in their default by the relieving officer. Cell in process of karyokinetic division with retention of the nucleolus during the division. Designed to help employees who need special attention in certain health and financial areas, these programs contribute to increasing employee retention and productivity. It’s different from customer acquisition or lead generation because you’ve already converted the customer at least once. The retention of data in a storage device. If you choose to analyze monthly retention, replace the word “daily” and “day”, by “monthly” and “month” in the sentence above. But, though the invention of the terms " Roman Catholic " and " Roman Catholicism " early implied the retention by the English Church of her Catholic claim, her members were never, after the Reformation, called Catholics; even the Caroline divines of the 17th century, for all their " popish practices," styled themselves Protestants, though they would have professed their adherence to " the Catholic faith " and their belief in " the Holy Catholic Church.". fluid retention is expected during growth hormone replacement therapy in adults. Monash University Retention and Disposal Authority, see table below for specific sentences related to research data). The fall of the Rudini cabinet in June 1898, however, enabled Signor Ferdinando Martini and Captain Cicco di Cola, who had been appointed respectively civil governor of Eritrea and minister resident at Adis Ababa, to prevent the cession of Sera and OkulKusai, and to secure the assent of Menelek to Italian retention of the Mareb-Belesa-Muna frontier. Therefore, its retention in the pores of the wood is a positive advantage. Retention of clients or money is the process of ensuring that a policyholder remains a customer of the insurer or that money to be paid out remains in the insurer's accounts. This intellectual discovery requires sensation and retention of sensation; so that sense (ea-Ono-Ls) receives impressions, imagination (0avravLa) retains them as images, intellect (Van) generalizes the universal, and, when it is intelligence of essence, is always true.
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