Merial, Ltd. has released a new rabies vaccine for cats, apparently in response to veterinarian and owner concerns about the safety of added adjuvants, substances that are intended to increase the immune response mounted by a cat after receiving a vaccine. Select one or more newsletters to continue. PUREVAX Feline Rabies vaccines are the only rabies vaccines made specifically for cats. Rabies vaccine should either be a killed (Imrab 3, Merial) or a canary-pox vectored subunit vaccine, and should be administered at 4–6 months of age and boostered at 1 year of age. Our hospital uses the Merial PUREVAX® feline annual rabies vaccine to protect cats against the rabies virus. 14. Because of the risks of infection related to MLVs, it is recommended that immunocompromised cats receive killed vaccines. Recommended for the vaccination of healthy cats 12 weeks of age or older for prevention of disease due to rabies virus; Contains a nonadjuvanted lyophilized suspension of a recombinant vectored rabies vaccine; Subcutaneous injection; Annual vaccination ; More Info. 15. It contains the recombinant canarypox virus vCP65 which expresses the glycoprotein G gene from rabies virus. In: Greene CE, ed. rRabies. Everything we do is powered by innovation. Case Qty 1. Most veterinary vaccines are adjuvanted inactivated vaccines and have been s … PUREVAX Recombinant FeLV Product Label. "Prospects for a vaccine to prevent Lyme disease in humans. PFR 3 YR III. One business, one vision Read Joachim Hasenmaier’s message about the new business. 1. 8. The appropriate public health official of the state of destination should be notified within 72 hours of any unvaccinated dog or cat imported into his or her jurisdiction. Protection starts at the latest four weeks after the injection and lasts for a year. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION . Description. Boehringer Ingelheim has taken many measures to protect the health of our employees and ensure the continued supply of our medicines to the people and animals who need them during these challenging times - read more on our global COVID-19 information hub. Purevax Feline Rabies Vaccine. PUREVAX FELINE 4 Product Label.16. The objective of this study was to evaluate the 3-year DOI of the canarypox-virus vectored recombinant feline rabies vaccine (PUREVAX ® Rabies, Merial) in cats after a complete basic vaccination program consisting of one injection after twelve weeks of age and one revaccination one year later. Bravecto Topical for Cats is for cats 6 months of age or older. In rare instances, administration of vaccines may cause lethargy, fever, and inflammatory or hypersensitivity types of reactions. Feline Leukemia Virus. 298 Merial, Inc Cats 1 ml 3 months 1 year later & triennially SC C) COMBINATION (Inactivated) Equine POTOMAVAC + IMRAB Merial, Inc License No. Purevax Feline 3 Year Rabies. Despite the availability of efficacious vaccines for animals and humans, rabies is still a major zoonosis. PUREVAX vaccines deliver a robust, effective immune response without the need for adjuvants. Resources for your clinic Education is the first step in preventing disease in pets. A canarypox vector has been modified, using recombinant technology, to produce expression of desired antigens capable of stimulating a protective immune response to rabies. IMRAB, world leader in rabies prevention1 IMRAB offers many unique advantages to veterinarians — and the animals in their care: IMRAB 3 is indicated for use in six species (dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, cattle, and sheep), so clinics only need to stock a single rabies vaccine Three-year duration of immunity in dogs, cats, and sheep2 One-year duration of immunity in horses, All dogs and cats imported from countries with endemic rabies should be currently vaccinated against rabies as recommended in this Compendium. Merial Ltd. has released what the Duluth, Ga., drug maker is calling the world’s first nonadjuvanted feline rabies vaccine with a three-year lifespan. The initial kitten series includes vaccine administration every 3-4 weeks with the last vaccine administered after 16 weeks of age. When a vaccinated cat encounters these agents in the future, it rapidly generates antibodies and activates the cells that recognize the agents, producing an immune response that results in the elimination of the invading agent. This vaccine is required for all cats. Description. protection. While isolation provisions are at the discretion of the local health officer, “strict isolation” must preclude contact Description. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -, Warnings and cautions for PUREVAX Feline Rabies, Direction and dosage information for PUREVAX Feline Rabies. PUREVAX FELINE RESPIRATORY 2 Product Label.12. PureVax Feline 4 (25 Doses) and other products can be found to fulfill the needs of all your pets, our pets, at EntirelyPets. Company: Merial Rabies Vaccine. Safety and immunogenicity of this product have been demonstrated by vaccination and challenge studies in susceptible cats. Merial, Incorporated Cats 1 ml SC 8 weeks Annually PUREVAX FELINE 4/ RABIES Merial, Incorporated License No. There are a number of different brands of rabies vaccines for cats available on the market, and each brand comes with manufacturer guidelines that must be adhered to by the administering veterinarian. Free Shipping* on most items! The first injection should be given in cats aged at least 12 weeks. Patterson. PUREVAX FELINE 3 Product Label. VAC17WEBSITE1 (09/17). PureVax Feline Rabies is the only nonadjuvanted feline rabies vaccine available as a standalone or in combination with other antigens. Because of the risks of infection related to MLVs, it is recommended that immunocompromised cats receive killed vaccines. Subsequent vaccine boosters are given in 1 to 3 years according to state law and product label instructions. 17. They are pure, safe and proven to provide effective protection. There can be no disputing that vaccines save lives but they also have the potential to cause serious side effects which will be discussed on this webpage.Before we get started on this discussion, it is important to understand that there is no single vaccine protocol t… Some non-adjuvented killed vaccines are now available as well (PureVax). Animal Health Products. DESCRIPTION: PUREVAX® Feline Rabies contains a nonadjuvanted lyophilized suspension of a recombinant vectored rabies vaccine plus a sterile water diluent. INDICATIONS: PUREVAX ® Feline 3/Rabies is recommended for the vaccination of healthy cats 8 weeks of age or older for prevention of disease due to feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia, and rabies viruses. Company: Merial Rabies Vaccine. If a previously vaccinated animal is overdue for a booster, it should be revaccinated with a single dose of vaccine and placed on an annual or triennial schedule, depending on the type of vaccine used. Item # Mfg. It is generally recommended to avoid vaccination of pregnant cats. To ensure your cat is never at risk for rabies, the best decision you can make is to get them vaccinated against rabies. Use immediately after reconstitution. Animals and humans share a deep connection. Supplied By: Merial (213625) SKU 017462. Vaccine 2007; 25:4073-4084. This vaccine is non-adjuvanted and is currently the safest vaccine available. PUREVAX feline vaccines help protect cats against a number of diseases, including rabies, feline leukemia virus (FeLV), panleukopenia, and pathogens that commonly cause respiratory disease in cats. All dogs, cats, and ferrets should be vaccinated against rabies at 3 months of age and revaccinated in accordance with Part II of this Compendium. A canarypox vector has been modified, using recombinant technology, to produce expression of desired antigens capable of stimulating a protective immune response to rabies. PUREVAX is a registered trademark of MERIAL. 11. When animals are healthy, people are too. More Info; Compare; ON PROMOTION; Login {{promo.PromoName}} {{promo.PromoText}} {{promo.StartDate | date : 'MM/dd/yyyy'}} - {{promo.EndDate | date : 'MM/dd/yyyy'}} Nov- 2020 Oct- 2020 Sep- 2020 Aug- 2020 Jul- 2020 Jun- 2020 May- 2020 Apr- 2020 Mar- 2020 Feb- … NOT ALL CAT VACCINES ARE CREATED EQUAL: This could save your cat's life. When administered to an animal, they “train” the immune system to protect against these infectious agents. PUREVAX Feline Rabies 3YR Merial, Inc License No. Everything we do is powered by innovation. Purevax Feline 4/ Rabies + Leucat Merial, Inc. License No. Supplied By: Merial (213825) SKU 050704. The majority of reactions are not life-threatening, but they can be uncomfortable for your pet and frightening to see. PUREVAX Feline Rabies is considered a non-adjuvanted vaccine for cats 12 weeks of age and older for the prevention of disease due to Rabies virus. Merial, Inc Cats 1 ml 3 months Annually SC PUREVAX Feline Rabies 3YR Merial, Inc License No. Since rabies is such a serious, fatal disease, and vaccination is the only way to keep you and your pet safe, most states have laws and regulations regarding rabies vaccines in pet dogs, cats, and ferrets. At Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health we’ve been keeping pets and livestock healthy for more than 50 years. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Purevax Rabies is a non-adjuvanted monovalent vectored vaccine against rabies in cats. Our hospital uses the Merial PUREVAX® feline FVRCP vaccine to protect cats against three viruses: feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and feline panleukopenia. So call your veterinarian, dig that cat carrier out of the basement, and head in for a rabies vaccine today. PUREVAX FeLV vaccine is the only nonadjuvanted FeLV vaccine utilizing canarypox-vectored vaccine technology.
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