DOSING SINGLE HERBS-the "Four Herb" rule. 160 Charlotte Street, Suite 202 Our marshmallow powder is ground from organically cultivated roots. 4.9 out of 5 stars 13. Add Hibiscus Petal Powder and Marshmallow root to water, and allow to steep for 30 minutes. 2. Since each one pound bag contains more than 90 doses (for large animals), it is extremely cost effective compared to prescription based alternatives. Certified Organic. » One cup of marshmallow root or leaf. Aluminum-free to support a healthy acid or pH balance in the stomach. Consider topics you know well and/or that will offer special interest and appeal to our readers. Over 1400lbs 2-3 tablespoons mixed powdered herbs AND/OR 1/3 cup mixed chopped herbs. Do not, however, send book-length manuscripts. Nature’s Way’s Marshmallow root extract is packed with 960mg of marshmallow root per serving. Make sure the photos are labeled and include your name, address and phone number. If you are wanting to target an herb (say Milk Thistle for the liver) it is very easy to do a simple online search, like “herbs for liver” and come up with several suggestions…milk thistle, marshmallow, ginger, and burdock are a few that pop up that would combine well to enhance liver function. Two ounces of Aloe and one to two teaspoons of Slippery Elm should be give two to three times daily. Marshmallow root contains large quantities of something called mucilage. I use marshmallow root as a preventative, but the powder. The plant’s excellent “drawing” properties make it ideal for soft swellings or drawing out infections. Known throughout the ancient Egyptian, Arab, Greek, and Roman cultures, this herb has been used continually for at least 2000 years. Description. Click Here. » One tablespoon of slippery elm bark. Mucilage is a sticky, viscous sap that, when ingested, absorbs water and other liquids, forming a protective layer over any inflamed mucous membrane. Comfrey leaf, Marshmallow Root, Liquorice, Meadowsweet and Slippery Elm have all show signs of mucilaginous properties, which aid in providing a mucous layer over the stomach lining. 1. Therefore, our solution is to recommend the dosage for a minimum "four herb" combination. Perform any additional tasks (liking a Facebook page, captioning a photo, submitting a story, etc.) The plant doesn’t just work in the stomach though – its soothing, protective and healing action is effective throughout the digestive tract, on any areas of inflamed mucous membrane, making it particularly effective for horses with digestive conditions such as constipation or diarrhea. Hard copy photos must have contact information on the back. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, FAX number and/or e-mail address on your manuscript. As the #1 natural horse magazine in North America, we take pride in providing our readers with the information they need to make wise health care choices for their animal companions. This means that when the leaves are ingested, they produce a reaction in the mucous membranes of more distant organs such as the kidneys, lungs and bronchi. 1 tablespoon per feeding (2x a day). Start with minimal dosage. The marshmallow plant may reduce the risk of gastric … In the urinary system, the plant’s soothing properties will reduce pain and inflammation while supporting the healing of damaged mucous membranes. Highest quality all natural ingredients: slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, fenugreek seed, carrot powder, probiotics, and L-glutamine. Unused material will be returned after due consideration. Our publication embraces the entire holistic spectrum, from physical health issues to the emotional and spiritual well being of our animals. 3. The mucilage not only soaks up excess stomach acids and inflammatory waste products which cause considerable pain when in contact with the ulcers, but also forms a protective layer covering the ulcer, and the sensory nerve fibers that transmit pain. As with all herbs, please confirm if it is safe for pregnant or lactating mares before use. You will receive a 1 Year Digital Subscription to North America’s #1 Natural Health Magazine for Horses. A brief biographical sketch of yourself is also recommended. Origin: Bulgaria. A true foregut and hindgut solution, dramatically enhancing the athletic performance in affected horses. Winners will be notified by phone or email and winning photos will appear in a future issue of Equine Wellness. Dosage. Marshmallow Root Information. Symptoms of any infection, like swelling, tenderness, or burning, can be … Add to cart. PRECAUTIONS - May interfere with absorption of medications but also protects from absorption of toxins. Although we prefer to use original material only, we do sometimes publish book excerpts. And the confection was originally made from the plant. It's natural, & cheaper than a supplement. Peterborough, ON, Canada K9J 2T8. Most people think of marshmallow as a children’s sweet. Use at the rate of 1 … Description Additional information Description. Send a digital photo, scanned at a minimum of 5″ x 7″, at 300dpi resolution in a jpeg, tif or pdf format to [email protected], or send a good quality hard copy original photo (not a color photocopy) to: Photo Contest, Equine Wellness Magazine 1. We continuously update information on our herbs for relevant information but as information on herbs is rather endless, please conduct your own searches as new information is constantly being uploaded on the internet. SKU: Marsh Category: Bulk Herbs Tags: herbs, marshmallow root powder. Other Common Names: Mallow, white mallow, common marshmallow, malvavisco, altea, hatmi, iviscus, ghasul, khitmi, khatmah, usubeni-tati-aoi. Marshmallow root sounds funny and most would immediately think of the fluffy white sweet treat that many of us have had during a campfire. Strain mixture through cheesecloth, and add Aloe Vera Gel to liquid. These include the finest Wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark Powder grown in the United States combined with Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Dandelion Root Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder from Europe. If no changes seen within 2-4 weeks, increase by half dose. It forms a smooth gel when mixed with water that coats and soothes the stomach and digestive tract to help the animal feel better almost immediately. Protecting against ulcers. 10% Off all Dewormers and Cootie Kicker for a limited time only! Foals, up to 500 lbs 30 g ( 1 oz ) 500 to 1000 lbs. We would need a complete health history, complete feed breakdown and even with all the information, it can still be a risk to suggest dosage on single herbs. $6.87 $ 6. Over 2,800 years ago, references to marshmallow root were made in Homer’s “Iliad,” since at the time this “slippery” herb was a popular way to treat coughs, sore throats and congestion. High performance 120g ( 4 oz. ) Over 1000 lbs. This is because the urinary and respiratory systems have a primitive nervous connection with the gut. especially suitable for the elderly, when there are chronic inflammatory conditions effecting the intestinal system or urinary tract, including acute respiratory disease, peptic ulcer, chronic bladder issues, painful urination, inflammation of mouth and throat. Fights Bacterial Infections. We suggest using Marshmallow Root Powder in conjunction with Aloe Vera for treating ulcers. soothing to inflamed mucous membranes of the digestive tract, particularly to the stomach and small intestines. The mixture can either be added to the horse’s feed or syringed directly into the mouth. Don’t confuse marshmallow with the mallow (Malva sylvestris) flower and leaf. The root offers a taste that is said to be 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. Benefits ulcers in the foregut and hindgut in the horse and eases bowel movements. Interested in a print subscription? Powdered slippery elm bark can be added to further enhance these actions. Pregnant or lactating 80g ( 2.8 oz. MARSHMALLOW ROOT is specific to aid in digestive disorders in horses. It has been brought to America recently as a plant of medicinal uses. Habitat: Marshmallow root is native to Europe. PMB 155, Centennial, CO 80122 I like to use the leaf in herbal mixes for horses that present with irritable nonproductive coughs, or those whose airways are affected by dust, hay spores or poor air quality, often resulting in the build-up of mucus in the lungs.
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