Current Low Temperatures map for Iowa. If you think winter's been unusually harsh lately, check out these frigid temperatures! On Jan. 19, 1994, Indiana saw its lowest temperature ever: -36°. However, many Manhattanites probably haven't experienced the state's coldest temperatures, the worst of which occurred on Feb. 18, 1979 in the hamlet of Old Forge. How cold did Des Moines get in 2019? Jay Lawrimore. On Jan. 21, 1985, the same day as North Carolina's record low, the temperature in Landrum, South Carolina, dropped to -22°. It should reach a cold 39 degrees. Most of us dread when temperatures start to drop, but one thing that might make you feel better in the freezing cold is knowing that chances are high it could always be worse—much worse. And yet, on Jan. 7, 1971, … Davenport Temperature Yesterday. Iowa City, much like the rest of the Midwest, is seeing similar phenomenon occur to what the region experienced the last time temperatures this … Monthly: 1981-2010 normals So, how cold was it? However, the coldest it's ever been was -80° on Jan. 23, 1971. In Dubuque, there are 16.8 days annually when the nighttime low temperature falls below zero°, which is about average compared to other places in Iowa. That chilly low of -17° on Jan. 17 hasn't been beaten since. North Dakota can get seriously cold in the wintertime. At Des Moines the temperature reached 40°F on the 20th, tying the August record at that location. Iowa Interactive Map of Historical Record High and Low Temperatures New England might be charming during Christmastime, but it certainly isn't warm. Average Weather in Iowa City Iowa, United States. June is the wettest month in Dubuque with 4.8 inches of rain, and the driest month is January with 1.2 inches. In fact, on Feb. 13, 1899, it reached a record low of -16°, a bit colder than Florida's record low on the same day. Wyoming might be known for its scenic national parks, but we'd suggest you stay clear of them in the wintertime. Maximum temperature yesterday: 32 °F (at 2:54 pm) Minimum temperature yesterday: 18 °F (at 5:54 am) Average temperature yesterday: 24 °F. July is the warmest month of the year. And yet, on Jan. 7, 1971, the temperature around Hawley Lake dropped to -40°, setting the state's record for the coldest temperature ever recorded. However, things aren't always as we imagine them—and they certainly weren't on both Jan. 5, 1975, and May 17, 1979, when the temperature at the Mauna Kea Observatory on the state's big island of Hawaii dropped to a record low of just 12°. On Jan. 22, 1985, the temperature in the state was the coldest it's ever been: -30°. But they're weirder online. Coldest temperature for Iowa -47 degrees Fahrenheit Washta, Iowa January 12, 1912 Source: NOAA Website National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We'll see a low temperature of 20 degrees today. 42 ° / 21° Wind. But the lowest temperature the state has ever seen is -39°; this well-below-freezing temperature was recorded on Feb. 10, 1899. In the state of New Hampshire, for instance, the temperature reached a record low of -50° on Jan. 22, 1885. See Historical Weather Data for a Location and Date. Monthly averages Des Moines Longitude: -93.6091, Latitude: 41.6005 Average weather Des Moines, IA - 50316. It's good news for more than a third of Americans. That's when the state hit its record low temperature of -60°. This page gives the lowest temperature for each year in Des Moines and the date that it happened. On Feb. 9 of that year, the state experienced its lowest temperature ever recorded: -51°. So, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state—on Dec. 30, 1933—is -50°. In Madison County, the thermometer read a chilly -27° with "12 inches of snow on the ground," according to the AlabamaWX Weather Blog. And Feb. 13 was an especially brutal day that year: The state hit a record low of -40°. The agency's recent vote made the important call. Record low temperatures sweep through Iowa, but we've seen this before A crosswalk beacon is reflected in a puddle on the sidewalk in Cedar Rapids on the morning of Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. Still, Hawaii's lowest recorded temperature ever is the highest of all 50 states by an impressive 14 degrees. In fact, on Dec. 30, 1968, the temperature in Washington dropped to a record low of -48°. Arizona: -40° It's hard to imagine needing a winter coat in sunny Arizona. For instance: When was the last time Des Moines got colder than -20 °F? Get the monthly weather forecast for Iowa City, IA, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. The frigid figure was recorded in Prospect Creek at an elevation of about 955 feet, making it the coldest temperature ever documented in the U.S. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. Locals are weird IRL. Below … © 2020 Galvanized Media. Places like Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains and Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains are even known for their skiing and snowboarding! Iowa weather: Forecast calls for more snow, possible record-low temperatures Isabella Rosario, Des Moines Register 10/23/2020. The state of Nebraska reached its lowest temperature ever, -47°, twice: The bone-chilling temperature was recorded on Feb. 12, 1899, and Dec. 22, 1989. That's because the temperature tends to drop to dangerously cold levels. Temperatures will be just above freezing in Muscatine today. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. However, residents of the rural village of Maybell were probably not prepared on Feb. 1, 1985 for the state's record low of -61°! Here are the areas of the state that saw temperatures drop the lowest: Temperatures in northern Iowa were about 30 degrees below zero, with Estherville and Mason City setting the … Illinois, Indiana and Ohio all have records in the 30-degree below zero range, while Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa have records that range from 45 to 55 degrees subzero. However, it's been nearly a century since the state saw its record low, -60°, on Feb. 15, 1936. All Rights Reserved. Curious to learn how low the temperature has gotten in your home state? It's been a while since the coldest temperature ever recorded happened in Rhode Island. The winters there can be frigid, as was the case on Jan. 20, 1954, when the state saw a record low of -70°. It's hard to imagine needing a winter coat in sunny Arizona. Iowa: 118 °F / 48 °C: July 20, 1934: Keokuk −47 °F / −44 °C: February 3, 1996 * Elkader: 165 °F Kansas: 121 °F / 49 °C: July 24, 1936 * Alton −40 °F / −40 °C: February 13, 1905: Lebanon: 161 °F Kentucky: 114 °F / 46 °C: July 28, 1930: Greensburg −37 °F / −38 °C: January 19, 1994: Shelbyville: 151 °F Louisiana: 114 °F / 46 °C: August 10, 1936: Plain Dealing Editor's note: All temperatures are measured in degrees Fahrenheit. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 15°F to 85°F and is rarely below -4°F or above 94°F. Here's where you'll find answers to your questions about the lowest temperatures and coldest days in Des Moines, Iowa. We'll see a low temperature of 21 degrees today. To date, Connecticut has reached its record low temperature of -32° twice. And the worst part is that this temperature happened on two consecutive days: Feb. 9 and Feb. 10. Today's conditions are expected to These current conditions and the related content/links on this page are not a substitution for the official weather briefing from the FAA. The forecast calls for it to be a bitter 43 degrees. The winter of 2011 was an especially brutal one for Oklahoma residents. This is why residents of Arizona are Arizonas, but residents of Indiana are Hoosiers. When you think of the state of Hawaii, the picture that probably comes to mind is a sun-soaked seaside resort and a poolside bar serving up piña coladas. Illinoisans likely remember the lowest temperature ever recorded in their state, considering it happened recently—Jan.
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