Alternatives are Stapos in Veins Field 7 (with its Eden Group Leveling Quest on the Level 91-99 Eden Group Board, 2nd Floor) and Magmarings in Veins Field 3. Gather everyone and join us in RAGNAFEST 2018! You must complete a very short quest to enter the Sewers, Prontera Culvert Quest. (Meaning if there were 2 right in 123 use 1 and 2) Then use the next highest rate. 5. Louyang Dungeon 1, Louyang Dungeon 2, Louyang Dungeon 3. 9. To the north of Alde is a field map with Porings and no aggressive monsters. I’ll add the section now. Another of Rune Midgard’s isolated Towns; Morroc is a desert city home to the thieves. The Endless Tower Quest has been modified in iRO; hopefully this quest will apply in your server. Dangerous realm of the dragons. South warp leads to Mjolnir_12 which has the one of the entrances to Hidden Temple; however there are Stem Worms on this map which are aggressive. Next, a mysterious Underground Forest with action around every corner. Sphinx 1, Sphinx 2, Sphinx 3, Sphinx 4, Sphinx 5. Once again, the one that is “winning” in votes will provide direct warps to certain dungeons for a fee. On payon field 3 go through right/east portal to get to Alberta. Head down/south of Prontera town (pront field 8, no aggressor rating). You can continue south from this map to get to Prontera Town through three maps: Mjolnir_fild05 (medium aggro), mjolnir_fild10 (strong aggro), prt_fild01 (no aggro). You can’t use the same number twice. The dungeons are accessed via the Glasthiem Entrance Map. These icy mobs are great experience, but require teamwork as you go deeper. However, you can memo the field map that leads to a dungeon, if there are no MVP or mini-bosses on that map. If you want a different starting location than the one I listed, stop being lazy and go look at the World Map. Hugel Town Lower Portal > Hugel Field 6 Lower Left Portal > Hugel Field 5 > Abyss 1. When you can survive Desert Wolves, you can walk to Prontera, Payon, Izlude towns. _Morroc). Head through the South/Down Portal. *Teleport to the Louyang town through the north portal and save at the kafra, before fighting anything.*. All of which cost 10,000 zeni, I believe. It is within the Dimensional Gorge that Satan Morroc will be found. It's in Rachel town. Rachel Town Left Warp > Rachel Field 11 Bottom Portal > Veins Field 1 Lower Warp > Veins Field 4 Left Portal > Veins Field 3 Top Warp > Thors Volcano Dungeon, Aldebaran Town > Santa Clause NPC > Lutie Town Top Warp > Toy Factory, Turtle Dungeon 1, Turtle 2, Turtle 3, Turtle 4. Talk to the Vigilante veins 291 214. If you want to change the percentage of dropped items you keep to 50%, type the command @autoloot 50. Use a variation that you can remember combining two from the highest number right so far. Read my Thanatos Walkthrough for specifics but here’s a direct quote, “*Only one Yellow Key is needed for the whole party. This map is infested with bots, god only knows why because the drops here are trash. Yuno Kafra Teleport Service leads to Al De Baran for 1200 zeni. i dont know yet how to go there but this is the link you may try to visit this. Most servers require completion of the quest to access Ayothaya Ancient Shrine, follow this link. This does cost zeni, keep it in mind. "Are you ? ... Hit base level 26, then type @go eden. The quest to enter this dungeon is not for the impatient or the faint of heart. Quest Part 3: Der Name Der Rose. Izlude 600 zeni (I wouldn’t bother unless you’re very lazy, it’s one map away). The dungeons are accessed via the, To learn more about Second Edition follow this link to, Prontera Town Upper Portal > Pront Guild Map Top Warp >, These icy mobs are great experience, but require teamwork as you go deeper. I might even say cruel. The Airship Guide can be found here. I recommend using these cheap items. Then follow this link to complete the Amatsu Dungeon Quest. 2 - Church (104,288) 3. (Meaning if one was right in 789 use 8), *If one of them has none right use 4, 5, or 6. It seemed appropriate to make a separate guide as there are so many towns and dungeons in Ragnarok. When asked about Trovan, choose their residence is unknown. Once the monster is dead go back out the back door and talk to the NPC to the right and she will warp you back to the guild in Veins. All of my guides are based off the information provided by The haunted ship on Treasure Island contains the ghosts of sailors lost at sea and the strangest of sea creatures. These mobs are literally dripping with lava and heat. Low levels should avoid strong maps. Rachel Town Right Portal > Rachel Field 12 Upper Warp > Rachel Field 8 Top Portal > Rachel Field 4 Top Portal > Rachel Field 1 Upper Warp > Ice Dungeon. If this is your starting point, then you’re in luck. Odin Temple 1, Odin Temple 2, Odin Temple 3, Hugel Right Dock > Talk to the Boatman > Odin Temple. Rachel (Airship is on map ra_fild12, head through left/west warp to Rachel) <-> Yuno <-> Izlude, Yuno <-> Hugel <-> Einbroch <-> Lighthalzen <-> Repeat. Veins is a canyon village located near Thor's Volcano. If you need to do the quest follow this link. This map has no monsters the top west/left portal leads to Payon Dungeon. Hugel Town Bottom Portal > Hugel Field 6 Left Warp > Hugel Field 5 Top Portal > Hugel Field 3 Left Warp > Hugel Field 2 Left Portal > Hugel Field 1 > Tower Keeper NPC in the Middle Top, Endless Tower, Endless Tower 1 (Floors 1-25), Endless Tower 2 (26-50), Endless Tower 3 (51-75), Endless Tower 4 (76-98), Endless Tower 5, Endless Tower 6. Hacer click en el nombre del mapa para ver a detalle. The best thing is to be fast. kRO Ragnarok ‎ > ‎ Veins Field. : go to magma dungeon floor 2 and kill things. And go straight to the Magistrate. You must complete a very short quest to enter the Sewers, Rachel Dungeon requires a quest to access the dungeon. Alberta. On Prontera field 5, use the East/Right Portal to get to Prontera Town. Morroc Town Upper Left Corner > Morroc Ruins Top Left Portal > Pyramid Dungeon, Rachel Temple, Rachel Temple Inside, Rachel Sanctuary 1, Rachel Sanctuary 2, Rachel Sanctuary 3, Rachel Sanctuary 4, Rachel Sanctuary 5. Veins Field 07 - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Can a GM please do something about Veins Field 07. Not to sound like a broken record, but: Alberta is a harbor city. Before making any treks, journeys, or other forays away from your home town, I suggest leveling on surrounding maps until you can, If you are an acolyte your goal is to get to Amatsu Dungeon and later Glastheim Dungeon, use the following directions to Izlude and take a Boat to Alberta. can anyone tell me how to get to niddhog / ygg dungeon and the queen scaraba? Return to the Magistrate. erm, check on the pontera culvert link its not working try to fix it out…and besides this guide helps me a lot :) thank you very much! Crabs, octopi, squid, fish, mermaids, mermen, and strange Strouf are abundant in this oceanic dungeon. 10. KitsuneShiro. Once you are established in your first class, explore further east on the desert maps. … Once you change class from novice, sell all your drops (save apples and herbs for free healing, and any equipment that you can wear) and buy flywings and a butterfly wing; just in case you run out of fwings in a sticky situation. There is a quest to access Juperos Core, but it is fairly easy. We also tell you NPC locations, vender locations, vender item/price list and warps that goes in and out of the map. ⚜️ The gates of Yggdrasil and Valhalla are now open You may now enter the servers and proceed with your adventures! Town Map: Maps that have Kafra and many other NPCs and no aggressive monsters. А эта надпись висит тут уже 11 =) Интересные скриншоты. The safest route is north one to yuno_fild01(no aggro), left/west one to yuno_fild09(medium aggro), left/west one map to yuno_fild08 (low aggro), up/north to yuno_fild02 (medium aggro), left/west two maps to yuno_fild03 (strong aggro-mini bosses) and to yuno_fild04 (medium aggro), then through the north map to get to Yuno Town. Pyramid 1, Pyramid 2, Pyramid 3, Pyramid 4. ve_fild02 - Veins Field. The lowest dungeon contains animated stoves and the King of Animated objects, RSX 0806. there’s a guard always said that i still not understand their language or something. Go to the Bar in Veins veins 148 216, and talk to the waitress inside, Waitress Madelle. 3 - Gift Shop (173,131) 4. Then go right/east, to Izlude town. I’ll update the last few towns with more information and include more NPC pictures for the dungeon access quests. Sell all your drops (save healing items and any equipment that you can wear) and buy flywings and a butterfly wing; just in case you run out of fwings in a sticky situation. 5 responses. First a Maze of shadows and trick walls to test your strength, endurance, and intellect. Yuno Left Warp > Schg Guild > Inside a castle owned by your Guild > Switch near the Emperium (I’ll update once I get the specific name and location) > Schg Dungeon, Rachel South Portal > Veins Field 2 South Warp > Arug Guild > Inside a castle owned by your Guild > Switch near the Emperium (I’ll update once I get the specific name and location) > Arug Dungeon. Anti-spam word: (Required)* The North/Up, East/Right, and West/Left maps provide excellent leveling for novices. There are also many Boat travel options here. This does cost zeni, keep it in mind. SummerLily @SummerLily (346) • Philippines. The maps have easy leveling, but I’d recommend sticking to field maps until you change class from novice.
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