Cacao originated in South and Central America and they still grow around 15% of the world’s cocoa beans. Producers blame government policies, aging cocoa plants, and the high level of cadmium content present in Indonesian cocoa. The processing of raw cocoa beans into cocoa mass implies a number of stages. In 2019 Cameroon was number 5 in Cocoa Beans Production. Cocoa futures extended gains to trade above $3,000 per tonne in the last week of November, touching the highest level since August of 2016 as traders rush to buy beans to avoid higher costs from Ivorian and Ghanaian producers. One of the main reasons for this is an emerging middle class in China. In 2019, Cocoa Beans Production in Ivory Coast increased 3% compared to the previous year. 4 - India - Cocoa Bean - Production (Tons) was 14,400 Tons in 2011 5 - Philippines - Cocoa Bean - Production (Tons) was 9,848 Tons in 1990 The 5 lowest records for sovereign countries (1 per country) since 1961 : 1 - Thailand - Cocoa Bean - Production (Tons) was 0 Tons in 1961 2 - East Timor - Cocoa Bean - Production (Tons) was 20 Tons in 1961 Before arriving at the factory the raw cocoa beans have been fermented and dried, while during transhipment the first quality control has taken place in the port. Unfortunately, according to, Thailand has been decreasing its annual production of cocoa from 932.00 tonnes in 2007 to only 117.00 tonnes in 2016. 4. Since 2014 Ivory Coast Cocoa Beans Production increased 4.6% year on year to 2,022,064 Metric Tons. This key economic indicator for the Cocoa sector has been recently updated. Cocoa Story: The production process – from cocoa beans to semi finished products From bean to mass. Alongside production, global demand is sharply increasing as well. other 19% . Page - 1 indonesia 17% . Find Cocoa Beans Suppliers. production has never experienced widespread mechanization.1–3 Despite this limitation, approximately 4 million tonnes of cocoa beans have been produced annually around the world since 2010.4 The beans are first transformed into cocoa liquor and then into cocoa butter or cocoa powder for producing chocolate, cosmetics and a variety of foodstuffs. cameroon 6% . Women in Cote d'Ivoire extracting and washing cocoa beans. By 2009, cocoa production in the country peaked at 849,875 tons. To ensure quality production, cocoa beans should be properly sorted and cleaned in order to remove particles and noncocoa bean materials. ghana 18% . Roasted Cocoa Beans; For color and chocolate extraction, cocoa beans are subjected to roasting at a normal temperature depending on the type of beans. nigeria 8% . In the 2010s, however, production declined significantly, falling to just 400,000 tons in 2015. Get factory pricing. cocoa bean production by region (%) average 1993 – 2013 million tonnes cocoa beans produced 4.6 worldwide chocolate stats 2013. cÔte d’ivoire is the largest producer of cocoa beans 1.3 million tonnes cote d'ivoire 32% . From material balance, an average of 7.2 metric tonnes of cocoa beans yields 2825 kg of cocoa powder and 2925 kg of cocoa butter with about 20.14% weight loss along processing line. Request quotations and connect with Pakistani manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Cocoa Beans. Global production of cocoa beans increased by 13% in the four years following 2008, reaching 4.8 million metric tons in 2012.
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