The flower can surely brighten a person’s day because of its beauty and sweet scent. The amaryllis bulb is prized by gardeners because it is easy to plant and replant after a short dormant period. A showier flower name than Lily, but in the same botanical family, Amaryllis is not as outre as it might at first sound. The amaryllis has a rather confusing name. Flowering time is 7-10 weeks. These spectacular flowers also have a few spectacular facts: Amaryllis are best known for sporting red or red and white blooms, but they also come in other colors. The amaryllis we commonly see around the holidays is actually part of the genus Hippeastrum in the Amaryllidaceae family, and is grown in many parts of the world. Have a sunshine day. Although taxonomists and botanists may quibble over what exact species are amaryllises, the symbolism hasn’t changed much in centuries. This plant originates from Central and South America and has long been very popular among people. Below is a list of flower-names with their meaning attributed (I've also included a few plant-names). Amaryllis flowers about 8 to 10 weeks after planting, in case you’d like them to bloom in time for Christmas! Amaryllis has long and hollow stems. The larger the amaryllis bulb, the more stalks and blooms it will produce in the first year. Its name is confused with the genus of Hippeastrum. Since the plants are so large, they seem to call attention to themselves by towering over other nearby flowers. He is known for beautifully depicting nature, as well as the landscapes of the mind. Amaryllis also … These flowers have actually been symbolic of hard-won success, especially in artistic ventures. It is not included in the Greek Orthodox calendar, meaning that Greek Orthodox knows no nameday for Amaryllis. Color sybolism for the amaryllis can also be applied to many other decorative flowers. Amaryllis. If you actually translate the meaning of this word in English, the floral meaning of the flower translates to pride. The shape of the flower represents the head and upper torso, signifying how Huntington’s disease affects mental and physical functions. Aside from that, it also has hidden meanings and positive symbolism. The scent is thought to both relax and energize. It is a small genus of flowering bulbs, with two species. The Greeks called these beautiful flowers Amarullis, which means “splendor” or “sparkling.” The word seems to come from a character in a popular poem by Virgil. Amaryllis flowers can attract carpenter bees. White amaryllis that resemble lilies symbolize mourning for a loved one. The Amaryllis flower is a majestic bulbous plant that warms our homes in the winter with its generous and vibrant colors. Amaryllis is a beautiful flower that has several meanings. The growing flower also represents hope and celebrates the achievements that have been made in Huntington’s disease treatment and research. It is a monotypic genus and are also commonly known as naked ladies or the belladonna lily. Hippeastrum is Greek for horseman’s star or knight’s star, as the flowers have a star-like shape. The flowers trace their origin in South Africa, Caribbean or the South Seas islands before spreading to other parts of the world. I have used several Victorian floriography handbooks as a source (bibliography) and opted for the most frequently attributed meaning when there have been inconsistencies. This flower can grow up to 20 inches tall. The lily of the valley symbolizes purity of heart and sweetness. Flowering Period: Late December until the end of June. Amaryllis is a Greek female name that means “to sparkle”. Amaryllis meaning. Keep these plants away from the inquisitive mouths of children and pets. These days, many Japanese are unaware that flowers have traditional meanings. She pierced her heart with a golden arrow at his door every day for one month. Aster. Always store un-planted bulbs in a cool place between 40-50 deg. Originally from tropical lands like the Caribbean, South Africa or islands in the South Seas, amaryllis can be found all over the world, except for Antarctica. Hoping that she could win him over by bestowing upon him the thing he desired most - a flower so unique it had never existed in the world before - Amaryllis sought advice from the oracle of Delphi. Amaryllis flower corresponds to the heart chakra. Amaryllis bulbs are one of the larger and more dramatic flowering bulbs available in the marketplace today. Purple symbolizes not only royalty, but the spiritual side of life. Amaryllis are sometimes mistaken for bulbous plants in the Hippeastrum genus or the same genus as the Jacobean lily and the Aztec Lily. Certain species of Hippeastrum are high in alkaloids, specifically isoquinoline alkaloids. The Victorians associated amaryllis with strength and determination because of their height and sturdiness. Thank you for your time & much needed information. What Is the Meaning of the Amaryllis Flower? Lilies are also flowers with meaning derived from color but generally signify refined beauty and purity. Amaryllis has bulbous flower petals in bright colors. Although amaryllis can be purchased at any stage of development, for many, the real fun is growing the flower from a bulb. Amaryllis originates from the Latin word, and its name in some translations means a plant of beauty. The amaryllis flower does not have a particular legend as a large number of flowers, but it is frequently used to express the two elements of human character. You can care for amaryllis flowers in garden beds or in household pots, planting in spring or fall. Origin. Amaryllis can also mean success, and are commonly given as gifts of hard-won achievement. The Victorians associated amaryllis with strength and determination because of their height and sturdiness. What is the Meaning of a Purple Amaryllis Flower? The better known of the two, Amaryllis belladonna, is a native of the Western Cape region of South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest area between the Olifants River Valley and Knysna. For the Victorian gentlemen, an amaryllis means a strong, self-confident and very beautiful woman. Amaryllis is the common name for flowers of the genus Hippeastrum. Amaryllis can also mean success, and are commonly given as gifts of hard-won achievement. These big bulbs are easy to bring into bloom, and even a … The Romans, who often spoke Greek for informal occasions, borrowed the Greek word and turned into the Latin Amaryllis. Red: Means passion, love (whether requited or unrequited) and beauty. My question is that I don’t know what to do An amaryllis bulb can live up to 75 years. Red: Means passion, love (whether requited or unrequited) and beauty. That’s why amaryillis flowers are often a deep red. Amaryllis is a monotypic (consisting of only one species) genus of flowering plants containing the Belladonna Lily, popularly known as the Amaryllis … They produce fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers on top of tall stems. Unlike many other decorative flowers, there is no tradition of medicinal cures attributed to amaryllis flowers or any products made with amaryllis bulbs or plants. In his poem “The Daisy”, he calls out the beauty of the amaryllis. There are numerous varieties of Amaryllis available for you to purchase and grow in your own garden. The name Amaryllis is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "to sparkle".. Amaryllis is the only genus in the subtribe Amaryllidinae (tribe Amaryllideae). Amaryllis Meaning. The leaves are still upright & have there green color. There are even variegated types where all the colors of the amaryllis are found in one blossom. Pink amaryllis; The meaning of pink amaryllis is more general than any other colors. The yellow lily signifies gaiety, the white modesty, and virginity while the orange lily signifies passion. Pink: Not just for girls, but also for love and friendship for both genders and for people of all ages. Native to Central and South America, the amaryllis (hippeastrum) is a bulbous plant belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family.. Perched at the top of a long pole, the amaryllis flowers can brighten up your interior with their bright colors. The Greeks called these beautiful flowers Amarullis, which means “splendor” or “sparkling.” The word seems to come from a character in a popular poem by Virgil. Amaryllis plants should be brought indoors before the first frost in the fall. All About the Amaryllis Flower The amaryllis is also known by the names Belladonna Lily and Naked Ladies. Some varieties are multi-colored. Flowers & Their Meanings Here’s a list of the flowers and their meanings. Yellow: They are a symbol for happiness, luck and good times ahead. Amaryllis symbolizes pride, determination and radiant beauty. Amaryllis (Αμαρυλλίς) is a female ancient Greek name and means "sparkling". Prideful women were often thought to be beautiful. The amaryllis flower is a monotypic genus, meaning there is only one species in its genus, Amaryllis. However, it is also available in colors like white, yellow and pink. In antiquity, amaryllis symbolizes the blood of the love-struck nymph Amaryllis. Once the bulbs have fully bloomed & show themselves off for several weeks, I am sad to write that they have wilted. The amaryllis is a bulbous plant that has green leaves that are shaped similarly to straps and six … Amaryllis Flower – Etymological Meaning. Each plant has 6-10 inch trumpet shaped flowers that grow on on 1-2 food stalks. Etymological Meaning of the Amaryllis Flower. Other common names for amaryllises are naked ladies and belladonna lilies. >>Click Here To Learn More And Find Out About Organixx Essential Oils. For many years there was confusion among botanists over the generic names Amaryllis and Hippeastrum, one result of which is that the common name "amaryllis" is mainly used for cultivarsof the … Larger bulbs produce more flowers. Those who bring orange amaryllis to their home wish that the flower can surround the house with a positive vibe all the time. It’s most common species is the naked lady. Modern English just picks up where Latin left off. The amaryllis commonly means determination, beauty, and love. Amaryllis, a maiden, fell in love with the shepherd Alteo. The nymph Amaryllis had a dramatic way of declaring her love for a gardener named Alteo. The Amaryllis Flower Symbolism And Meaning. However, the genus Amaryllis still exists today. Unfortunately, the flowers, leaves and bulbs are poisonous not only to people but to dogs and cats. Not all of the flowers known as amaryllis in nurseries and florists are considered true amaryllises by botanists. Amaryllis Quick Tips: Planting Period: October until the end of April. Indoors amaryllis prefer bright, indirect sunlight, while outdoors they prefer partial sunlight or full shade. Hippeastrum alkaloids help with depression, seizures, and anxiety. In China, red is a lucky color. It symbolizes man, with all its achievements and its contradictions. Amaryllis are best known for sporting red or red and white blooms, but they also come in other colors. Give someone a purple amaryllis flower, and you will be telling them that you think they are worthy of all the riches in … In China, red is a lucky color. Acacia Amaryllis Ambrosia Amethyst Azalea Belladonna Bluebell Calla (Lily) F. Amaryllis-One of a Kind Of all flowering bulbs, amaryllis ar Amaryllises are distantly related to lilies, which explain why many are shaped like lilies. According to Greek mythology, the amaryllis originated from the love Amaryllis had for Alteo. Amaryllis is a Greek female name that means “to sparkle”. Continue to fertilize monthly with an all-purpose houseplant or indoor plant fertilizer. Amaryllis Flower. The language of flowers (Hanakotoba, 花言葉) is fading. This genus was separated from genus Amaryllis in the early nineteenth century. These two species belong to the Amaryllidaceae family and are native to South Africa. Bees are needed by the flowers for pollination. The Desire variety of Amaryllis produces flower blooms that have a sunset orange color. This will help build up nutrients in the bulb for flower production the next year. The Amaryllis symbolizes building harmony with self and others, on a personal level it signifies to proclaim your personal magic, the magic of your spirit and soul that makes you unique and beautiful. Spiritual Meaning Of Amaryllis. If you love both unique baby names and flower names for girls, Amaryllis might be a perfect choice for you. A star-shaped or trumpet-shaped amaryllis also symbolizes pride. It is not necessary to remove the amaryllis from the pot. Amaryllis flowers in bloom are spectacular additions to any garden or bouquet. Each flower is presented with information about: Main flower meanings Flower color meaning Flower symbolism in different cultures and history Interesting and fun facts Meaningful botanical and medicinal properties Gift giving tips and special occasions Ever wondered whether you should offer a […] Some species of amaryllis grow flowers up to six inches in diameter. Flowers are used to make essential oils for perfumes and aromatherapy products. It is native to tropical regions of South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. This is a flower that actually was named after a shepherdess years and years ago. Grown from bulbs, each plant produces from two to five flowers which stay in bloom an average of a remarkable six weeks. Flower Image Flower Name and Meaning View Collection; Alstroemeria flower is symbolic … Hippeastrum and Amaryllis have similar shapes, though the Hippeastrum has a hollow stem. with it?  |  |  |  |  |  | Any suggestions please will be much appreciated. Amaryllis is a genus of two species of flowering bulbs – Amaryllis belladonna and Amaryllis paradisicola. By Albert K James on December 26, 2018 0. However, flower meanings do make occasional appearances in modern popular culture such as manga and anime. Though red and white are the most popular colors for this flower, it also comes in pink, orange, yellow, and purple. Although they are similar and belong to the same family, they are not the same. The Amaryllis plant, or Hippeastrum, is a tropical flower that is native to South Africa. How to Take Care of an Amarillas Plant; How to Trim an Amaryllis. The genus Hippeastrum has about 90 species and over 600 hybrids and cultivars. ... What a beautiful flower meaning! There are only two flowers in the amaryllis species, and both are native to South Africa. click here to get your free personalized numerology reading. The word “amaryllis” comes from the Greek word “amaryssein,” which means “to sparkle.” Often associated with the holidays, amaryllis are commonly used in festive centerpieces or within a wreath. Amaryllis are tropical plants, so they grow best in zones 9-11. Alkaloids are organic compounds that have physiological effects on humans, so they are beneficial for creating medicines. He was strong and handsome, and had a passion for flowers. Some common types of Amaryllis include the Clown type, which features a white flower with bold, red stripes. No wonder why it caught the attention of European gardeners in the 19th century. To learn how to win his affection, Amaryllis went to the Oracle of Delphi for advice. Meaning of amaryllis flower. Name meaning: The name “Hippeastrum” is a combination of the Greek words for “horse” (hippeus) and “star” (astron), which means “horseman’s star” or “knight’s star”, as the flowers have a star-like shape.. Hippeastrum symbolism: Hippeastrum is a symbol of determination, beauty, and love. Alfred Tennyson was one of the most popular Victorian poets. A modified form of the amaryllis is used as the symbol for Huntington’s disease. The other flowers are in the genus. The amaryllis is a very unique flower that is stunningly beautiful. Give Amaryllis flower as a message of harmony and personal freedom. The amaryllis is a popular flower, used in a variety of contexts. The September birth Korean flowers meaning. Amaryllis belladonna is a very, very colorful and showy flower and hence the flower is symbolically used to represent the meanings - splendid beauty or pride. This double factor has been directly linked to its shape. In those times, pride was a positive thing, and if someone called you proud, you should have accepted that as a compliment. On the thirtieth night, a beautiful flower grew from her blood and helped her win Alteo’s love. Amaryllis plants are commonly given as potted plants, and are popular indoor plants because the bulbs can bloom inside. The amaryllis is a large flower that is shaped like lilies or bells. Red amaryllises are often sold as alternatives to poinsettias around Christmastime. How does one look after the bulb once it has flowered and keep it to flower again next seaso. The amaryllis commonly means determination, beauty, and love. They first came to the attention of European gardeners in the 1800s. Amaryllis fell deeply in love with Alteo, a shepherd with Hercules' strength and Apollo's beauty, but her affections were unrequited. According to mythology, the name of the flower Amaryllis derived from the nymph Amaryllis.. Amaryllis is a gorgeous plant and it starts to grow during December or between April and May. Amaryllis is not a very popular name in Greece, nor in other countries. Purple: Some shades of purple amaryllis varieties are quite dark. Amaryllis Varieties. Most people associate the bright red amaryllis with the holiday season, because it is frequently gifted during this time. The nymph Amaryllis had a dramatic way of declaring her love for a gardener named Alteo. Name: Amaryllis; Color: The amaryllis is most commonly found with a bold crimson hue. Amaryllis flowers are amazing addition to any floral bouquets and stunning flower arrangements. Some varieties are multi-colored. Giving a musician a lot of amaryllis flowers is stated to urge both their creative muse and their success and stamina in the arts. Amaryllis flower meaning, origins, and other interesting facts. However, calling someone “full of pride” was often a compliment in Victorian times. Unfortunately, the gardener was unimpressed with Amaryillis’s bloodlettings and ignored her. Color symbolism for the amaryllis can also be applied to many other decorative flowers. They seemed awfully grand to the Victorians, so they became associated with pride. On the Oracle’s orders, she stood in front of Alteo’s house for thirty nights piercing her heart with a golden arrow. White: Means purity, femininity, children and innocence. As with most other flowers, the color purple is typically used to represent spirituality and nobility. During the Victorian Era, they were a symbol of pride.
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